Antlers on the walls

 Antlers aren't just for cabins.  They have found their way into contemporary and Old World designs alike.
I've admired trophy mounted antlers for some time as decorative wall accents and recently took the plunge into the world of decorating with them.
Check out these great rooms by some of the world's best designers who've used antlers in their homes and homes they've decorated.

Below, a paneled wall houses a pair of antlers on either side of an antique oil painting over a French chest in an entry hall.

  See the antlers over the arched wall to the right of this pic?  

2 pics below: Charles Faudree uses antlers in some of his fantastic French Country designs, including his own home.

 One of my favorite things, English transferware, combined with roe deer antlers 

Tracy Porters take on antlers

As seen in Country Living, this antler collection hangs over a Victorian burled wood bureau.

Antlers find their way around the bedroom walls of a turret

A more contemporary look 

 An eclectic blend of furnishings, including the use of antlers as artwork

So castle-esque

This dining room is filled with antlers, on the wall and at the table....including the antler handled flatware

 Here, in my dining room a set of antler with a date of 1927 hangs over an oil painting. 
My toile wallpaper depicts a hunt scene.

In my family room, a vintage set of mounted antlers becomes the crowning point over an antique French armoire with attached bookcases on either side.

So, what say you?  Do you like antlers used in decorating?

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  1. Oh, this is good Nancy! I have been seeing these tings everywhere! It makes me smile because I grew up in KY where everybody had antlers somewhere! But, they are a major fashion statement lately. I saw a huge grouping of them in some mag and they were all white, mounting and all. I am going to have to go home and take a pair or two of the less than trophy size antlers and put them up in my dining room. Yours look Great!!! Now you have me wanting some!:)

  2. Well, I personally love them! My parents and grandparents have always had them. My husband hates them. I don't think that it's something they do in Puerto Rico, lol! I saved a magazine from the old Woodward and Lothrop in Washington DC in the 1990s that featured very old world rooms with antlers everywhere, and I still love all the photos. I love yours, and the toile wallpaper really sets them off. I think the look says "old money."

  3. I live in a part of the country where people will have two or three deer heads with antlers on every wall. They are so tacky around here so I have to say no, I don't like them! Even in the beautiful homes they just look out of place.

  4. I was just waiting to see if YOU had antlers - - - I see you do, and I really like the way you've used yours.

    The way to a man's heart is through his antlers, I always say - - -

  5. Personally, I love them! I'm not a big "deer head" fan for my house...BUT

    I have a pair of "sheds" that I display on my entry table... If I understand correctly, the animal looses these naturally

  6. I have to love them as they are a part of my husband and his family. I am trying to decorate around them right now in our family room so your post came at the perfect time for me! Thank you! I can now see promise that a room can be decorated with them and still look good. However, I have to fit in a complete deer head, four sets of his own antlers and two fish mounts!!! Luckily we have a two story family room so the deer is up above the picture above the fireplace!!

    I have to say, if you meet a hunter, you usually meet a really good person!! Contrary to what most people think, I am sure! Have a great day!

  7. You have really used yours well in your family room. Our Son has a few of the ones that he got in the last few years hunting. My nieces husband displayed his deer head above the weddding cake at their wedding reception. (It's supposed to be the thing in a Texas wedding).

  8. Noooooo! They look far better on the animal. Why would anyone want bits of dead animals on their walls? I find it very unpleasing to the eye. Everyone one of those rooms would have been prettier without the antlers.

    1. They do shed the antlers naturally, you know.

  9. I love your house and your furniture and the way you decorate Nancy!! I love antlers and have some in my house but they are fake! I would love to snag a real pair some day. I have an antler lamp too! Guess I am in good company.

  10. I have been searching for antlers for a few months now. I was so happy to see your post. Now I'm even more determined to find them.

  11. Nancy, My sister Sharon told me about your blog. We both love it. I think this is funny. In fact, I just commented on another blog displaying antlers. It's funny to me because after years of having bull horns and cow skulls on my walls, I've asked my husband to take them down. Now I guess we will put them back up. They really are cool. Thanks for sharing. Kathi

  12. Fun to see all these photo examples, but we don't have any in our home. It's not unusual though for homes here in TX to have antlers or trophy heads hanging somewhere. A little goes a long way for me! LOL
    I think you antlers look great with the toile. ~ Sarah

  13. Sorry, but even though you've shown some beautiful rooms here, I have to say I HATE them! They spoil a room for me. We're all different, eh?

  14. Hi Nancy, It seems people either love or hate antlers! I have one set of them and I really like how they look with my vignette. I first saw antlers used in design by Charles Faudree and loved the French country look. Both of yours are wonderful but I especially like the ones set against the toile wallpaper. xo, Sherry

  15. Your home is beautiful, as are many in the photos shown, but no ~ cannot take the antlers. I think I'm probably in the minority on this but that's ok.

  16. I love them! I think they add a rustic touch. Yours looks great!

  17. I have a few sets of antlers, and lots of smaller broken ones that I use. I really just don't have space in this house - but one day, they'll be showcased beautifully! One day! :) Thanks for linking up this post too!

  18. Absolutely beautiful. Your home is wonderful.

    J has antlers in his "room" on the lower level of our home. I've thought about bringing one or two up to the living room.

    Fabulous inspiration in this post!

  19. Hey Nancy, Great minds think alike! I saw those white trophies at Z Gallerie last week and I knew I had more to say about the antler fad going on right now. It does bother me a little since I've alway been around deer antlers, tastefully displayed. And now the craze has even hit Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware, Z Gallerie and Ballard Designs. I personally hate the white antlers that Ballard and Z Gallerie are featuring. Not good.
    You did a great job on this post, with the lovely ways that antlers can be displayed. Yes, you either love them or not. I always have and always willl. My first antlers were bought 15 years ago. But even growing up in Oregon, we had antlers on the wall. I do know how to skin and cut up a deer even--although not proud to admit it. It just was what we did to eat. Enough said....xo Delores

  20. I like them in moderation as a decorating accessory in the appropriate place, not as a trophy wall for a "Good Ol' Boy." LOL
    I used a set in one of my last vignettes and thought they added some nice pizazz. I like your placements of them, Nancy. They tie in very nicely with the decor. Thanks for sharing all of your inspirational pictures with us.
    ~ Sue

  21. Hi Nancy! These are 'elegant' antlers and not attached to a cute little animals head! :) Have a friend who is a big time game hunter and he has all of these stuff creatures all over his house and it's rather creepy.
    Your headless antlers look very nice and I am coveting all over the place your gorgeous cabinet! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  22. OH GORGEOUS! I love getting to see more pics of your beautiful home and I really need a few hours to sit down and go through all of your past posts! You are very talented and I got so much inspiration here today! Thank you!

  23. Very beautiful inspiration and photos Nancy!

    Thank you very much for your kind visit and for following along. I understand how that happens. I've done that before as well. I'm following and you are now on my blog roll sweet friend. I look forward to getting to know you better.

    Have a wonderful weekend.
    ~Melissa :)

  24. Great round-up. I never knew antlers could be so classy!

  25. Fun post~ love Tracy Porter's holiday take on her antlers & Charles Faudree is the gold standard in design for me, whatever he does is exceptional. Love yours over your painting with your toile wallpaper :-)

  26. If there are antlers on my wall they will be attached to a jackolope.

  27. My brother, a dedicated hunter, used antlers extensively in his home -- it used to freak out my girls and their cousins to sit beneath them in his den!
    He did take them down when he sold his house!
    Lovely selections of antler decor.

  28. Have you seen the new Restoration Hardware catalog? They have a whole 2 pages of mounted antlers! Cool post.... I love trends... but I might pass on this one. :)


  29. I am seeing these things everywhere! I had to laugh because my father was a hunter, had several sets, and Mama made him hang them in the basement. He had planned on a grouping over the fireplace mantel, but she said no way. Guess who won?


  30. I've none in the house, but like them nevertheless. It looks beautiful in your home, very chic and country stylish!

  31. Yes, I love antlers. They have always made a classy statement. Jackie

  32. When one person notices something like you have -it opens our eyes to see them everywhere! I love how the antlers have been combined in very different decor! Lovely,

  33. Antleres definately add a different touch!

    So sorry to be visiting so late. Thanks so much for being a part of Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper


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