I Found a Transfer Printed Cheese Shop Stand!

I have long wanted one of these old ironstone shop display stands.  Originally these English ironstone stands were used in markets and grocery stores as counter top displays for margarine, butter, lard and cheese.  Most were in use between the late 1800's and early 1900's.  

I love the look...oh, and did I mention that these are transfer printed wares?   Yes, they are transferware, so you know I like that about them too! ;-)  
My Cheese slab is about 14" x 14" x 2" and holds three transfer ware pitchers which contain my everyday cooking utensils.  

All of these I have seen have cutouts at the side for easier handling...at least that's what I've assumed they're for.

I about jumped out of my skin when I found mine on Etsy for a mere $38!  What's even better than paying $38 is that I traded something I already had for it so it didn't really cost me a thing! Yeehaw!  That's my kind of deal!

Mi display has this mark on the back which reads:  G Rushbrooke Ltd. (Smithfield).  I don't know enough about these to know if this is a true antique or a reproduction.  Do any of you know?  I'm guessing it's a repro.

I do know that Joanne Hudson makes some reproductions made from original molds, like these:

This 9" round is currently on sale for $103.99 + shipping at Joanne Hudson.  

Joanne Hudson pieces have the makers mark on the top of the slab.

   Parnall & Sons was a shop fitting manufacturer in Bristol, England who had slabs made for them by Wedgwood.  Here are photos of an original, rectangular shaped dairy slab with the Parnall & Sons 'Justice' stamp on top.   This one has no wording on its sides.

This original Pure Butter slab by Parnell & Sons is currently listed at an online antiques store for $1599, with damage noted.  And, that is $1599.00 not $15.99.  Holy cow!
If you see one like this on Ebay, be wary as there is a seller who lists these as 'original' when they are not.  The price is much less of course, but be careful about buying one and what you pay for it if you want only an original.  The reproduction looks identical to this (less the chip) because it is made from the original mold.

Here is an old round Margarine slab (online for about $1600.00),
and a rectangular, Pure Lard, slab.  This one, if at my house, would be a constant reminder that I need to shed some poundage.

My utensils were previously held in this wicker tray and now are on the cheese slab. 

These old, or new, dairy slabs are great for display or serving.  They add so much character and have tons of vintage appeal and charm.

Tomorrow I'll announce another CSN giveaway, so come back and enter then!


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  1. Hi Nancy, how exciting to find something like this. I don't know if it's a repro or not - the Chinese are making some very nice repros these days - at least in my opinion! Whatever, your piece looks great with the gorgeous transfer ware pitchers full of cooking utensils. I love changing things up in my kitchen, especially with antique or vintage pieces. Take care! Ciao, bella! PS I still need to send you a photo of some transferware I purchased last summer.

  2. Great find. Love your comment about the Lard, I know where you are coming girl!!

  3. Wonderful! I love it. Thanks for sharing the history of it. I had no idea about these things. Enjoy your find.

  4. That is a great find. I enjoyed learning more about them.

  5. Love that cheese stand... so cool! Makes a great base for those pitchers too...

    New England Style

  6. Nancy, how exciting to find one of these for such a fabulous price. I've admired these on others blogs. I think they are totally charming. ~ Sarah

  7. I didn't know of these! You did good!
    Those reproduction items that trick us make me crazy. Some things are so hard to tell.
    I LOVE your pitchers on your piece.

  8. Interesting post Nancy, I had no idea what these things were, but I know of a blogger, Sherry, who has these on her blog header. I am happy for you to find a treasure that rings your bell at such a great price~~that makes it even better.

  9. Hi Nancy, I love these slabs. Yours is a reproduction but you got a really good deal on it. There are a lot of reproductions, especially Parnell & Sons, being passed as originals. These even have crazing to make them look old. Love your pitchers on top of the slab.

  10. Wonderful! You have grabbed another great treasure. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge. I always take away a treat for my eyes and a nugget for my brain when I stop by!

  11. Every time I see the word "cheese" I smile like Pavlov's dog! LOL!
    Lovely pieces, my friend!

  12. What a great find..repro or not..it looks fabulous!! I've never seen them before...I'll have to keep my eyes open for one of these!! Love how you are using it!!

    Miss Bloomers

  13. What a super awesome find! I love the way it looks with your transferware pitchers on them too. Blessings <3 Paula

  14. Love that cheese stand...great find!!!
    I just love the look of them on a kitchen counter!!

  15. I love your blog. You show us such wonderful items, and share information too. Amazing!

  16. Nancy, I have always wanted one of those too and what hefty prices. You lucky girl. I will keep looking. Thanks for joining WUW.

  17. Your cheese slab is the perfect complement to your utensil holders! What a great find. :-)

  18. Oh I absolutely love it. I found a butter slab on ebay, but I would love one of the cheese. Were there perhaps anymore at whatever etsy shop you found? Hugs, Marty

  19. Very pretty, Nancy, and I love your pitchers! I am also loving the peek into your family room from the kitchen shots. It looks lovely and I'd love to see more. Off to visit some of your past posts!

  20. I Love your cheese slab. Would you mind telling us which etsy shop you got it? I really don't care if it is a reproduction. I just like it and need it for a function during which I'm serving cheese. I'm new to your blog. I came via SSS today. I love all of your transferware.

  21. Hi Jane,

    I can't remember which Etsy shop I got this from, but I'll look through my messages to see...we traded so I don't have a sales record. It was the only one that the shop had and she didn't know where she'd gotten it, or if it was old or not. You can get one at Joanne Hudson and there are a couple of them listed on Ebay (all reproductions). Good luck!

    Thanks for stopping by!


  22. These are so hard to find these days, I just listed a near mint original Butter Slab on eBay. Wish me luck.

    Best regards,


  23. Hey nancy I like cheese and by the name of food, this is really tasty and good to eat

  24. I recognize your granite counters. The name is violetta. Pretty!

  25. A couple of years ago (2012) Williams-Sonoma had two of these, a round and a rectangular. Both said "Fromage" and were part of a collection called Bistro Francais. Sometimes they show up on eBay.


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