Spode Continental Views Yellow Transferware Table (by Jonah!!!)

Last summer I purchased a rickety picnic table with benches at a yard sale for $10.  Shawn about croaked since he'd have trashed this thing in a heartbeat.  He could not believe I bought such junk, but I couldn't resist the price or the thought of how I'd use it for outdoor tablescapes.   That's the main reason I bought it!  It's so bloggable!   It's warped and wobbly as can be with badly chipped paint (which I happen to like).  Well, before we moved I packed up a box full of things just for this table knowing it would be the first one I'd do at our new house.   Then, when we moved to the new house, as you might have imagined, Shawn 'accidentally on purpose' forgot to load the picnic table and benches.  Needless to say, that didn't work out like he had planned.   Thank goodness for teenage boys that are willing to sneak over to the old house and load it up while Dad is gone, and a Mom most willing to drive the getaway van!  My rickety, rackety, chippy, about to fall to pieces picnic table is in the back yard now and soon will be premiered on my blog.  After that it might be firewood.  We'll see.

 So you are wondering why I'm telling you about the picnic table?  Because all week I've had the box of dishes and items for this table sitting by the door... but alas, I did not get it done in time for Tablescape Thursday, or even begin it.  That seems to be so like me these past few weeks.  I really do have a zillion ideas floating between my ears, but trying to execute them all, or any of them, has not been a strong point for me lately.   So instead, I'm going to share a table that my son Jonah helped put together as a display while we still had the shop.    If you know Jonah, you would know this is so not something he would ever do, but he really did the majority of it.  All I did was tell him what plates to use. 

 The plates are a rare yellow polychrome transferware (yellow is the rarest of all transferware colors) by Spode-Copeland.  The pattern is called Continental Views and was first produced in 1844-45.  These plates date to about the 1930's and have a Gadroon edge.  These are also polychrome, meaning they have hand painted touches of color over the transfer.    I have some for sale in my Etsy shop HERE.
 I love the elaborate detail of the border around the scene, the way the floral garland dips down onto the face of the plate.

Napkins were laid at an angle with one corner hanging over the edge of the table in place of placemats.  Green marbleized flatware by Barenthal was used to pick up the greens from the plate.  Jonah rolled up napkins and placed them in silver filigree rings above the plates at each setting.

I offered Jonah a little guidance along the way, but not much.   The centerpiece full of tulips (I think these are called Parrot tulips), hydrangeas, and apples.  The colors in the arrangement picked up the colors on the face of the plates. 

And, here's my JoJo at his Junior Prom last month:

And here he is when he found out I posted his tablescape for all the world to see.

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  1. Busy? Well, I guess you've been busy....I'm impressed that you even had time to post anything. Love the Spode plates with the parrot tulips. Welcome back, and thank you for sharing your lovely transferware. Cherry Kay

  2. So cute! He made his momma proud! I love that transferware pattern, it is so cheerful and different.

  3. charming son and charming table!!! Love the transferware. Wow the yellow is gorgeous. I totally understand the chippy table thing going on.. glad you went back to get it. ;-)

  4. Awesome table - and even better story!!! Love these plates. I don't think I've ever seen anything like them.

    Hope you're settling in. Moving and unpacking don't cync well with tablescaping. But I like you always have a bunch of them floating around in my brain, regardless of where I am or what I might be doing.

    Looking forward to more, once you're settled in.

    - The Tablescaper

  5. Beautiful table...beautiful dishes. I love hearing that your Jonah is the one that did the table...something young people, say nothing about a young man, gives two hoots about...usually they are just looking for what goes on those dishes!
    Have a wonderful weekend, Nancy.

  6. Such a cute post, Nancy! Those dishes are very unusual and just beautiful. I'll be eager to see the alfresco tablescape, chippy paint and all.
    Have a great weekend. ~ Sarah

  7. Gorgeous table and china and handsome son! Congrats on his graduation too! I can't wait to see your alfresco table, chippy and all! Very unusual Spode dishes, but great. Happy Pink Sat., I'm celebrating too.
    Have a nice weekend Nancy.

  8. I have never seen yellow transferware. I always learn something new when I visit. You son is very cute -- hope he is not scarred for life! LOL

  9. Nancy, The plates are stunning...absolutely beautiful! I have only seen a couple of yellow transferware pieces EVER. Jonah did a great job with the table and he looks very handsome in the photos.

  10. Wow! Your son did a great job, like mother, like son! The table is gorgeous and very elegant. Love the yellow Spode transferware. Thanks for the visit, Nancy. Are you all settled in your new place?..Christine

  11. I do believe you have him trained very well. A fine looking young man doing a fine job.

  12. that was too much fun. Wow. He did a lovely job!

  13. Gorgeous table!! Great job! Oh they look so good!!!
    Love it!

  14. What a lovely table! It is so nice when our children do things like this. I love the transferware with the tulips - a lovely combination.


  15. Nicely done, Jonah! And tell Mom those plates are like none I've ever seen before...

  16. How funny. He is a bit surprised! He did a wonderful job! Love the Spode! So glad you are getting settled, picnic table back home and all! Thanks for joining me Nancy!

  17. Hi Nancy, these plates are just too amazing!! I've never seen anything like them. Darling son and friend all dressed for Prom! Thanks so much for linking up with VIF! xo Debra

  18. Happy Pink Saturday, Nancy. I am so glad you are here today. I've missed you, and I hope things are going better. Thank you for making Pink Saturday special.

    This transferware is right up my alley. I love the color and pattern.

    And, your son is a cutie!


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