Johnson Brothers Harvest Fruit Tablescape

For those of you who've been around for a while you know that I've snuck in some oldies, but tonight I have finally got a new tablescape to share with you.  It's the first one I've put together in quite some time as I've recently reposted tables from the past.  

Mind you, it took me a couple of days plus a couple more days to put it together, but I did it.  Woo hoo!  Now, my family just needs to enjoy it together….so I'm hoping Sunday evening might be the night.  It's hard to get all my kids around the table at one time anymore.  
Don't look to closely around my dining room because I've done nothing in here except stack dishes and straighten up when I know we're expecting company.  I've hung a few things here and there but for the most part it's as it was when we moved in.  It's not bad, just not me…yet

Anyway, I recently acquired a large set of some of the most beautiful, collected and perfectly Autumnal brown transferware plates.  They are by Johnson Brothers and often called Harvest Fruit or Fruit Harvest.  They've got a chocolate brown border decorated with scrollwork, fruits and flowers and a face radiating a rich, bountiful harvest of fruits and flowers, each with hand painted color, under the glaze.  I have them listed in my shop HERE along with matching cups and saucers.  I'll be listing a huge, matching 20" turkey platter this week as well.

I wanted to bring out the colors in the plates so I chose glassware to compliment them.  Tri-color goblets found at TJ Maxx a few years back which have an orangey-brown base, aubergine stem and green glass and some pressed glass Lavender tumblers work nicely with the colors in the plate.

I have used these Bark Pillar candles in lots of tablescapes, in all seasons.    They are from Zest candles.

The centerpiece is simple, a brown transferware compote with my favorite Fall facorns (fake acorns) and one of the bark pillar candles.  On either side is a bundle of cream colored roses, hydrangeas, greenery and pheasant flowers with small ceramic pumpkins tucked around the base.  Further out and to each side of the flowers is a tall brown and white transferware candlestick and more bark pillar candles.

Interjection 1:  As I was snapping photos of my table, I noticed something outside the window. 

I found it to be a most opportune time to spy on Ashton and her boyfriend.  lol  This is her first serious boyfriend.  She's pretty picky, no she is very picky, so he must be as nice as he seems.  

Back to the table…

I should have mentioned this first, since it is what, besides the plates, I began the table with…a pretty Pashmina paisley wrap in shades or a deep eggplant, burgundy, and rust.  I may carry these in my shop so I'll keep you updated as to whether I do or not.  I have several of them and love to use them as table coverings.  I used two in this setting to run more than the length of the table allowing it to hang over the sides.  The wraps add a warm, rich, colorful and textural element to the table, which I think is always needed.

The wraps serve as a wide runner on our narrow table, allowing some of the wood to show, which is a look I'm also fond of.  Spode Woodland flatware seemed so appropriate for this Fall table setting.

Interjection 2:  I have to brag a bit on Trevor.  He had just come home after spending the day at OSU (Oklahoma State University / Cowboys) when I shot these pics of him.

  Last year, Shawn and I received this note from Trevor's Algebra teacher saying that he'd figured out a way to factor binomials that she had never even considered.  I still have no idea what a binomial is.  He was recommended for both the Math club and the Academic club which he is a member of this, his Senior, year of high school.  He was chosen as one of 16 kids to  go to OSU and compete for a Math scholarship.

Trevor spent the day at the University competing and being tested.  He did not win the scholarship however; it was given to the top 3 scorers, but what a wonderful experience for him it was.  His participation and experience will help him as he was also chosen to compete in another competition at another university; OU (Oklahoma University / Sooners) which will be in a month or so.  We are so proud of him!

He was given the t shirt he's shown wearing while at the competition and afterwards the Math team ate at Eskimo Joes, a famous burger joint in Stillwater.  Oh, and for all you who read my blog regularly, you know Trevor is a humongous Boise state fan…he wore one of his Boise shirts to the competition.  yikes.  

Thanks for indulging me while I talk about my kids, well just a couple of them for tonight. =)

I'll leave you all with a few photos taken at dusk which I think turned out nicely.  Isn't dusk such a pretty time of day?

Have a happy weekend and enjoy Autumn, for as Samuel Butler said, it "is the mellower season, and what we lose in flowers we more than gain in fruits"

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  1. G'day Love this! Thanks for sharing at our #SayGdayParty; pinned
    Please feel free to stop back and say G'day to the hosts and another person at the party! Cheers! Joanne What's On The List?

  2. What a gorgeous fall table! I love every bit of it. I just love me some Johnson Brothers. I've never seen this pattern before. Perfect for Thanksgiving. Wow to be a math whiz! I can't imagine. I hope he does well at OU. Good that he is enjoying the experience whether he wins or not. That is what it is all about.

  3. Hi Nancy! Oh, your table is just beautiful and looks like a wonderful fall tablescape. The new dishes are so lovely!
    You're funny spying a tad on your daughter and her boy friend. I remember doing the same thing with mine. I know your so proud of your son. What a nice note from his teacher. Let's face it - you've raised great kids and you should be proud of them! :)
    Hope all is well in your world.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  4. Nancy, first off, brag all you want on your kids - we love to hear, esp when we can celebrate their highs of life! Oh my dear goodness, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this pattern! I was fortunate enough, several years ago, to score a HUGE platter of this pattern at an estate sale (you can see it in this post: I'm so tempted! But, I see another variation of the pattern rim on your website (it indicates sold out, an 8" plate - does that mean all are sold out?). My platter is rectangular, not oval. I have a fall table post I've prepared for this week, but I am so in love with all your details. Keep us posted on the pashminas - gorgeous!
    Have a great weekend!

  5. I love seeing your kids, Nancy! What amazing news about Trevor & his Math gift...May he win a scholarship. My son is touring campuses hoping to play baseball. The dishes are dreamy!!

  6. Nancy,
    Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful talents with all of us. You are a delightful, warm woman and your lovely photos are so uplifting. I enjoy hearing about what's going on with your family and keep "braggin" on those kids. We need more families like yours!

  7. Beautiful fall tablescape Nancy! I was fortunate enough to obtain a full set of this pattern around 15 years ago - you've inspired me to do a table of my own. I LOVE the purple glasses with these plates!

  8. Beautiful! I love the table runner! I am a fabric lover and this just ties it all together so beautifully. I loved shades of purple in the fall. Such a pretty table! Congratulations on your super bright son!

  9. Stunning tablescape Nancy...I LOVE your table and chairs too!! Way to go Trevor!!

  10. Lovely tablescape....and kids!

  11. Nancy, your fall tablescape is perfect for our weekend here in TX. It is wet and cool. Loving these temps!
    Congratulations to Trevor! What a fantastic accomplishment.
    Hope you'll start carrying the paisley shawls. I love this look!

  12. Your tablescape is just beautiful!! Love the china pattern and the table runner! Your son is very intelligent...kudos to him!
    Warmest regards,

  13. Oh Nancy your table is Fabulous and perfect for the Fabulous Fall linky party! Thanks for sharing it with us! And thanks for being proud of your Fabulous boy! What a precious moment! Thanks again for sharing. Please feel free to link any Fall post. The party goes through the end of the month. November we will feature Thanksgiving!
    Have a great Sunday!

  14. Oh it's gorgeous! The mixture of the transferware with the purple and green is just PERFECT! I wish it was all mine! You son is cute -- bravo for his brains!!

  15. Your table setting is beautiful. I love all things vintage but I never thought of collecting these kinds of plates to use. I may not have to start because I do not like the ceremic plates they make these days. They are way to heavy, horrible in the microwave..they take all of the heat and then take longer to heat the food. So you take it out and your food is cold and the plate is burning hot. I use my grams old plates from the 70's because they are thing and never chip and are great in the microwave! They look kinda funny because of how dated they are, but now that I see these vintage plates I may go even older!! Ill be on the look out for sure!
    That is amazing about your son! My daughter is 6 and her preschool teacher told me at end of the year reviews that they did for kindergarten that in the past 4 years of her being there that Kenleigh has scored the highest on everything. I started to tear up and was so excited and proud of my baby. I cant wait to see what she becomes as each year passes. Her kindergarten teacher is already sending me messages about how she has to challenge her because she is getting bored doing all of the review stuff and is working on reading with her and only her. So Ill be proud of you and your son. You for being an awesome mom teaching him how to be a young man and him for being amazing for helping others and being so smart!! Beautiful family!! Thanks for linking up at Totally Terrific Tuesday. Make sure you come back Monday night at 10pm to link up any new posts!!

  16. A beautiful autumn tablescape, Nancy, rich with those wine coloured accents and hits of orange. Your dishes and petite pumpkins are adorable! Kudos to Trevor!

    Happy Tuesday!


  17. Wow- what an awesome well-planned gorgeous tablescape! I totally adore that Johnson Bros pattern for autumn - you've placed everything so perfectly together!

    I ♥ your spy cam pic of your daughter and her beau from the window, and your handsome math genius too. I think it's fun to interject personal things when tablescaping to share. : - )

  18. Beautiful table and I love the eclectic chairs. You kids are cute. I treasure my youngest sons high school years. He was a math whiz and I learned a ton. I miss those times.

  19. What a beautiful pattern Nancy! Thanks for sharing!

  20. What a wonderful tablescape, Nancy! Love everything: pashmina, plates, cutlery, glasses... absolutely perfect!

  21. Hi Nancy, this tablescape is gorgeous! Love, love the Fruit harvest and the pops of orange and green are just perfect! Fun to hear a little about you cute kids! Thanks for sharing with SYC. I will be featuring you this week.

  22. Love the richness of this table scape. It's my Pick of the Week for Share your Cup. Pop by and grab my featured at button. See you at SYC

  23. One of my favorite posts of yours was the house before this one, I think, where you and your Mom completely "did" the living room in one day!!! Such spunk and inspiration!!! I have forgotten the title of that post, could you possibly remind me? I am a transferware tramp, love your kids, pray for your son in the service and just delight in your posts, thanks so much. Donna in Brea, ca.

  24. Wow! Nancy, This is my favorite tablescape this Fall. The transferware is exquisite and so beautifully arranged with the stemware, flatware, and the gorgeous table runner in your tablescape. Beautiful. Love the log candle too - it is perfect for this table.


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