Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Ridgway and the Temple of the Sybil

This early, c.1830's plate from William Ridgway in the Italian series depicts the Temple of the Sybil (Temple of Vesta) at Tivoli, Rome, Italy . This temple is one of the earliest surviving examples of concrete construction and considered to be one of the most fascinating of the many monuments of the period. It was built in the 1st century BC. The plate is bordered with delicate roses and flowers amongst scrolls and urns. The color is unusual, a pale pinkish-lavender.

This plate measures just over 9"
Marked on back in an ornate scrolled cartouche: Sybil's Temple Tivoli WR ITALIAN

William Ridgway operated the Bell Works in Shelton and the Church Works in nearby Hanley from 1830-54. Ridgway were the potters to Queen Victoria. The WR marking on the plate is indicative that this was made at the Bell Works, which since 1956 has been The Potteries Musuem at Bethesda Street and houses the largest and most important collection of North Staffordshire pottery in the world.

Landscape with the Temple of Vesta in Tivoli, by Adam Elsheimer, c. 1600

Waterfalls of Tivoli, Christian Wilhelm Ernst Dietrich, 1745–1750

Now you can have your box of chocolates, AND eat it too....literally:
I know I would like this for Valentines day...a heart shaped box, made of edible chocolate!

A Poem For Your (love) Thoughts:
"For Those Who Dare to Love"

Love is possessed by two kingdoms of forces
Which of times cross through bewildering courses
Giving of gladness or wracking despair
Unto passive souls with hearts unaware.
Its paths are varied in depth and height
And merge with darkness or forge into light.
Love can slowly and softly steal into a heart
Or strike with the boldness of a swift, whizzing dart.
It can free grand inspiration influencing life's fate
Or it can clutch with sacred passion beneath ways of hate-
It can mold tallest mountains or claw deep valleys
It can crumple smooth highways or pave rough alleys.
When love is received it can be life's finest glory,
And given for naught, it is love's kindest story.
Love might bring joyous smiles and enchanting days
Or tears falling forlorn if clouds obscure with haze
A love that only sunshine can see mature,
But given a little rain cannot long endure;
Though: When lives are joined from love's firm foundation
Where there is friendship and determination,
For all its time it can sing onward and resound
The soft echoes springing forth of a sweet mellow sound;
Or, if love does not flourish after tried romance
Perhaps with another there will be greater chance,
For where one love takes another might give;
And where one live dies a second can live
And know lasting beauty and memorized mar
Through gold deeds that polish or thorns that leave scar.
Thus, for some, love will hold an enriching reward
And unto others will cast pain and wretched discord.
There is life's real wonder neath earth's marveled sun-
Its challenge is there with a victory to be won.
There's kingdom far below or one high above...
Awaiting those searching souls who dare to love.

©1977 Marilyn Stubbs Robinson (my Mother of many talents)

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  1. I am so in love with that platter! Happy Pink Saturday!

  2. What a gorgeous plate! Love the history and the poem too. Happy Pink Saturday, Nancy.


  3. What a nice post, love the poem and the pictures took me far away. Happy Pink Saturday.

  4. Beautiful plates and painting, Nancy. I love history - it makes things so much more interesting.
    Happy PS~


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