Wednesday, September 30, 2015

First Dessert of the Season: Pumpkin Crisp

I wake up during the night quite a bit, and after rolling around for 15 or so minutes trying to get back to sleep I usually give in, 
 reach to the bedside, pull my phone off the charger and begin catching up on the news, looking up information on lots of things I'm interested in, catch up on one or all of the several games of 'Words' my Dad and I have had ongoing for months and read emails. Or I look at food.   A few nights ago I wound up reading recipes and bookmarked 5 pumpkin recipes I hope to try this season.   I've now got one down, four to go and I hope the others live up to being as good as this one did!

 It's a keeper, winner,  gonna make it again soon - like this weekend soon (for my own birthday lol) and maybe for Thanksgiving too.  It's that good!  And, it's super easy.  It is a simple concoction of  creamy spiced pumpkin, butter crumb topping and crunchy pecans. 

  I found the recipe on Southern Living (by the way, you might check out the upcoming November issue…I think I'm going to be in it because they interviewed me this summer about turkey transfer ware), and their introduction to the recipe noted that one of the food staffers there ate half the pan.  Some of us at my house can relate to that.  I pulled this wonderful dessert out of the oven last night at around 9:00.  This morning when I got up it was more than half way devoured.  There's not much left now and it's still less than 24 hours after it was made. Five of my family members have tried it and each of us give it two thumbs up, even Trev who is the pumpkin fanatic in the family. 

Pumpkin Crisp

1 15 ounce can pumpkin (not pumpkin pie filling)
1 cup evaporated milk
1 cup sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon (I probably used a tad more than this)
*1/2 egg, optional.  When I made this I chose to add 1/2 an egg to the pumpkin mixture after reading reviews that mentioned the pumpkin was runny.  With the addition of the egg I did not have this problem and yet it was still very creamy and held together.  I will do this again when I make it, which I absolutely will.
1 box moist yellow cake mix
1 cup chopped pecans (I probably used 1 1/2 cups)
1 cup melted butter, unsalted
Whipped cream or vanilla ice cream (we think ice cream is better with it)
Sprinkle of nutmeg

Stir first 5 ingredients (6 if you opt to use the egg).  Pour into a lightly greased appx 13 x 9 baking dish.  Sprinkle cake mix evenly on top of pumpkin mixture, then sprinkle with pecans. Drizzle the butter as evenly as possible over the top.

Bake at 350 for an hour to one hour and five minutes.  Remove from oven and let it stand for 10 minutes before serving, if you can stand it.  We couldn't. We dove in. But, having now eaten it piping hot and at room temperature, I think I may like it at room temperature better because the crust on top cooled and became crisper.  Serve it with a ginormous dollup of whipped cream or a chunk of vanilla ice cream and garnish with a sprinkle of nutmeg, cinnamon or pumpkin pie spice.

                      Try it, I am pretty sure you will love it!


Monday, September 28, 2015

Tartan Tidbits ~ Pocket Books

Shawn and I have been married for 29 years!  How many 47 year olds can say that?   We didn't make a big to do out of celebrating, but instead we chose to have a relaxing weekend free of work.  I stayed off the computer all weekend (well, for the most part!) and we leisured about, ate out a few times and spent Friday and Saturday antiquing at some of our favorite antique shops and malls in small towns around Tulsa.   When I say antiquing, I really mean I bought stuff to resale!  =)   I can't help it.  I find things that I love but I really don't need to add one more thing to my own collections so instead I buy them for those of you who like what I like.   Sometimes though, I keep some of the pieces in the house until they sell.  This Herme's plate is one such find. 

  I spotted this as I was looking at a single piece of purple transferware I'd eyed from a couple of booths away!  I bought the purple piece too, in case you're wondering.  It's a cigar ashtray made by Clarice Cliff in the Tonquin pattern.  They are hard to find!  It is listed for sale in my shop, as is the English Setter Hermes plate which I'm looking at as I type and keep thinking to myself how nice it looks in here.

Don't laugh, but do you see the very faded  blue ribbon hanging from the picture? 

 It's one that I won at the State Fair in, I think, 3rd grade for some of my art work.  Somehow I managed to salvage the ribbon but the artwork is nowhere to be found.  I thought the ribbon would make a nice substitute for a horse ribbon since I've got a bit of an Equestrian theme going on in here.  I know, I know.  I'm such a dork.

But, honestly the main reason I'm writing this post is because, as I usually do, I enjoyed putting a vignette together in my office and thought that you all might like to see it to.   It's a small vignette on the mantle and it encompasses not only the plate, but these teeny tiny tartan cloth covered books as well, which I am crazy about.  Did you notice them?  I bet if you are Alison from The Polo House you did.

  They are miniature or pocket books, sometimes called midget books and have cloth coverings in a plethora of tartans and plaids. As you can see, I have a few of these books.   Most of the ones I own are Poetry books dating to the late 19th / early 20th century.  There are a number of books from the Thistle Library containing works from Scottish writers like Robert Burns and Sir Walter Scott.  

This collection sold for $650 on Live Auctioneers.  Most of the value is in the Mauchline ware box but it isn't uncommon for these little books themselves to bring $25-40 a piece.
I'm really not changing the subject, but…
 I have a nice sized figurine of a boy and his dogs.  I keep it on the mantle in my office almost all the time but sometimes he works his way into tablescapes as you can see below when I placed him amongst a pumpkin patch in a Spode Byron tablesetting I did a few years ago.

When I got my first miniature tartan covered book I wanted to display it, but where?  Sometimes I will walk around the house, room to room, with a tiny little thing like this pondering about how to display it.  As I did this, it struck me.  I'm gonna wedge that sucker into that boys hand if it kills me because that's where it is going to look perfect!

And, I do think it looks perfect.  He looks like he's taking a walk with his dogs and contemplating where he's going to stop along the way to read his book that he's brought along, maybe in the shade of an old Oak tree.

 I love to decorate with plaid and tartan any time of the year but is there a better time to do so than in the season now upon us? 


Thursday, September 24, 2015

Styling my Buffet for an Autumn Dinner & Giveaway WINNER!

I didn't forget about the giveaway, I promise!  I'm just a little late in announcing the winner, which is at the bottom of this post.   

 But first I thought I'd show you some of the touches of Fall I've added to the dining room buffet.   I put this little vignette together quickly last Saturday afternoon before my kids all showed up for a birthday dinner.

 I get a lot of questions via email asking about how I put things together and create vignettes, so while I was arranging this buffet  I remembered to take a few pics in the process to show and share.   

My process begins with a 'clean slate'.  Some sort of plaid is always a good choice for an Autumn vignette so I went with a drapery panel folded up and laid lengthwise across the buffet.

Next I like to work from the center out and as I almost always display a large transferware tureen at the center of the buffet as a focal point.  I pulled out a turkey platter  and placed it behind the tureen as a backdrop.  

I like symmetry as well, so I opt to use florals, greenery of some sort on either side of the focal point; here some dried wheat bundles are perfect for the Harvest season.

I play around with other items to soften the edges, add textural interest and a splash of color.  Kalyn brought me the huge Coulter pine cones last Summer back from a hike in California.  I LOVE them!

I like a little antler decor here and there and added them, again for more textural interest and a woodland feel.

I add the same items to the opposite side though at slightly different angles and positions to give a more natural look because I'm decorating with natural elements.

I spread the items out and away from one another so they aren't too clumped together then sprinkle facorns (one of my favorite Fall decorations!), bark tree candles, votives and smaller tureens at either end for a symmetrical yet uncontrived look.

I love the look of my red transferware mixed with Fall foliage and decor!

Here are a couple of shots taken after the sun went down

On this particular eve, the tureen served its intended purpose as we hosted dinner with a few family members in celebration of Jonah's birthday.  I made his favorite meal on the planet, corn chowder (click for recipe).

Here's the birthday boy and his sweet little lady.  We love to tease them because Jonah is 6'4".  I'm not sure how tall Kas is, but I know Jonah is at least a foot taller than she.  The 19th was Pirates Day in case you all didn't know so my sister n law brought pirate things for everyone to wear.  Ha.  My two youngest, my niece and nephew loaded up and went to Krispy Kreme in their pirate attire where they were each given a box of a dozen donuts for being dressed as a pirate.  I'd never heard of pirate day, but boy did the teenagers in the bunch jump all over the free donuts!  

Drumroll, the winner of the $100 gift certificate is Phil Atkins, aka "The Dude Who Loves Transferware".  I got a complete kick out of him signing off that way!  Please contact me to claim your prize!  


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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Decorating with Brown Transferware & $100 GIVEAWAY

Brown was introduced as a transferware color around 1829-30 and is the least expensive of colors to make. Therefore it is fairly common, so far as transferware goes, to find.  It is also one of the most collected colors and it is probably the most versatile of colors in my opinion.  Brown is neutral and looks good with any color scheme from pastels to rich jewel tones, but it is with the ushering in of Autumn that I see it popping up in home decor and vignettes the most.  Though, most of these rooms and vignettes are decorated with brown pieces year round, it just seems the perfect time to share them.  I may have to do another post because there are so, so many more equally beautiful spaces that have incorporated the use of displaying brown transferware and I can't fit them all here.

So, check these lovelies out and then stick around for the giveaway at the bottom of the post.

This vignette just stole my heart the first time I saw it.  So many of us have vintage luggage in our homes as decor but not many display it grouped with early transferware pieces like this.  One of my faves for sure!
(source- Atlanta Homes Mag)

This is the upper portion of a huge bookcase I was using in the dining room at our last house.  Now it lives in my breakfast room with a different collection of brown pieces, but I'll save it for another post.   This pic was from a previous post I shared after I'd gotten a wild whim to take everything off and paint the back a mossy green color.  It really made the transferware pop and I like it.  

Okay, this room.  This room-  I want to move in to this room.  It's a perfect mix of numerous patterns and textures, and furnishings, and built ins, and window treatments. 
And transferware.  
Yes, perfection indeed.

These are actually mulberry, but couldn't resist showing this collection against the striking shade of green on the walls and the touch of red in the shade.  So lovely!

(source- The Cottage Journal)

An antique needlepoint in an ornate harvest themed carved frame adds just a bit of color to this arrangement.  Love the symmetry and every detail here!

Keeping it simple.  With exception of the platter over the stove these pieces are mostly pattern free, with just the borders having decoration.  
(source Erica George Dines for Atlanta Homes Mag)

Here's another white kitchen but with pieces having a little more pattern.  I really like this one!

A wall arrangement in my previous guest bath.  One of my most pinned images. 

This lovely bedroom has just one single transferware platter on the night stand.  Beautonomous!

Did I already mention I'm ready to move in to this room?  This is the other side of the photo above with the trundle bed against the wall.  And the antelope rug is to die for…on my bucket list of decor for the home!  Gosh, I love this room so much!

  Below is one of my favorite wallscapes in my house.   Just behind it is our fridge (you can see it sticking out) and the kitchen to the right, the bar/butler pantry to the left which leads to the dining room.  Here I have four of my favorite, and sort of prized brown transferware pieces which I plan to post more on later.  I want to find a cow bell for the bull head but since taking this pic, I did take an old leather belt of the girls and put it around the cows neck.  I'm pretty sure I am the only person who has noticed it, and who ever will, but when you are an ocd - detail oriented person like me it's just something you have to do.   But seriously, wouldn't an old cow bell be cute hanging from this bull head? 

I adore this buffet amassed with a collection of Aesthetic Movement pieces.  The framed botanicals above it create such a cohesiveness as many Aesthetic pieces reflect a love of nature.
(source Tone on Tone)
 Yaaaay, I'm not the only one who hangs plates in the bathroom!  Don't you love the shelf with the open bowls just below? I spy a brown transferware canister by the sink.  I sell these and always say how perfect they are for holding things like cotton balls, q-tips, etc.  
A large brown transferware platter is the crowning point over the window in this guest bedroom.  Aren't the pieces flanking the window wonderful?  What a serene place to stay.

 I about fell out of my chair the first time I saw Lisa Luby Ryan's breakfast room.  What an awesome collection of Aesthetic Movement pieces, and what an awesome display!

Charles Faudree.  I am enamored with this look.  So rustic, so refined.  So stunning!
(source Traditional Home) 
The subtle touches of red in this dining room by Betsy Speert are the perfect amounts of color.  This room is inviting and cozy.  I want to have at least one meal here, if not 37.  I'd like to set a table at this table too.
(source Traditional Home)
A fellow blogger, Alison at the Polohouse, never fails to delight me with her sense of style and amazing  home.  Here's a shot of her built in with ironstone and brown transferware displayed together in perfect harmony…love the greens and browns together.
(source The Polohouse)

Pure delight!  I spy some transferware across the mantle.

Transferware and buffalo checks.  You just can't go wrong!
(source The Cottage Journal)

Now, isn't this a unique idea?  I love the look of the framed plates.

You may have seen this around here before.  

Be still my beating heart!
(source Southern Accents)

A perfect wallscape!
(source Horton Designs)

In this vignette, I made a large topiary and placed it in an antique slop pail.  One of the caged stands has a smaller topiary I made which is in a brown teacup.

And finally, what loveliness brown transferware with a fresh floral arrangement in traditional Fall color brings to the Autumn season!

Now, for the giveaway!  After seeing all this wonderful brown transferware, don't you think you might need some?  Or some red, or green, or teal, or blue, or purple, or yellow, or black transferware?

Well, now's your chance to get some.  I'm giving away a $100 gift certificate to my online shop! 

 The giveaway is open to readers of my blog, and/or those who follow me on any of these platforms.   I post different things on each so feel free to follow on all!

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Good luck everyone!  

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