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Maple Cinnamon Sugar Cookies w/ Brown Butter Maple Glaze & Toasted Pecans

Do you like Sugar Cookies? A sprinkling of Cinnamon? What about Maple syrup? And toasted Pecans? Y E S Then I have a scrumptious recipe combining all of these ingredients for the best of Autumn cookies lovely enough for your Thanksgiving dessert table.

Last week after a long day of running errands with my Mom and sister, out in the cold, drizzling rain I came home and was so ready to get out of my clothes and into my comfy pajamas.  I did just that and then got to break out the bad boy; my Kitchen Aid 7 qt mixer, for a big batch of homemade cookies.  I love maple bars, maple cake, maple just about anything and as this is the best time of the year to enjoy this wonderful flavor I tweaked a sugar cookie recipe (modified from a recipe in Cooks Illustrated) to have a Maple flavor.

I made the batch above first, and topped each with a toasted pecan halve.  I posted the pic above on IG and FB and had a lot of requests for the recipe but I had wanted to make them again...some chewy with slightly cri…
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Turkey Plate Displays and a SALE!

I'm sharing a few displays with turkey themed plates and platters.  And, did I mention they are all on sale in my shop right now?  It's time to gobble up the savings! Click HERE to visit my shop, and SAVE 20% when you use the code TURKEY at checkout!  
I took this pic below last year.  The things we do to get a picture!  I carried several big stacks of turkey plates and platters out to my front yard and laid them out on the fallen leaves (not yet raked, or when I'm real lucky blown down the street...hehe..).  I dragged a ladder out there and climbed upon it with camera in hand and after several goings up and down the ladder and to and from my computer to download images I finally got a decent pic.  The older I get the more scared of climbing a ladder I get!  I can tell you I got some real strange looks from the passers by!  Anyway, some of these have sold but there are lots more and many of the same ones in my shop.

This was a display with a Clarice Cliff turkey platter I d…

Nancy's Artichoke Chicken (or Veal) Piccata

Well over a year ago Shawn made lemon chicken and felt that he had put too much lemon in it.  The over-doing of the lemon ruined anything with lemon for him.   I had been craving chicken or veal piccata for what felt like the looooongest time and even with the slightest mention of it Shawn would begin to mutter about not wanting that or say he'd just make a sandwich, grab a burger or eat a bowl of cereal...all because of the lemon!   Ever since he overdid it with lemon juice (at least in his opinion) in the lemon chicken he has had this aversion to any and all dishes calling for the juice of a lemon.   Well, after several months, I felt I could no longer resist the craving and decided to make chicken piccata.  I surprised Shawn with it and now, I am happy to report that he is no longer averse to a little lemon here and there. Woo hoo!  In fact, he asked for this very dish  just a few days afterwards and it was a total hit with all of our kids who were here to eat it with us that ni…

Halloween Dinner Party Tablescape

I'm feeling a bit nostalgic today and was going through some of my past posts.  I decided to share an old post today as Halloween is just a couple of days away.  

On Halloween the thing you must do
Is pretend that nothing can frighten you
And if something scares you and you want to run
 Just let on like it's Halloween fun.
 ~Author Unknown~

Dinner will be served in the dining room this evening by my friend, Bonehead Bob.  Come on in, pull up a chair and dig right in...if you dare.

On the menu we'll be having Cranial Crunch, Bob's specialty stew he simmers for two weeks in a Cauldron of fresh let blood given to him by his Grandmother back in 1644. 

Bonehead Bob helped me set the table.  We began with these black Heritage Lace placemats. We layered them over white dinner napkins, placed at an angle, so the scene on them would really stand out.
As Bob has carefully planned our evening, he has opted for non traditional flatware at each setting.   He says skewers will be needed for …