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Memorial Day Sale - Save up to 25%

There's Still Time To Order for Christmas + 25% OFF!

If you're still looking for Christmas gifts for someone on your list, yourself included of course, there's still time to place an order so that it arrives for Christmas.  Plus use the code GREEN18 for 25% off!  
I thought I'd share some pictures of some of my favorite things that I've recently put in my online shop. 
Vintage Rose Prints with Floral, Plaid and Toile (not pictured) mats inside distressed real bamboo frames on hard board.  They're stunning!   RARE Clarice Cliff Holly Barrel S & P Shakers
Vintage Wicker Foot Stool with Plaid and Stag Design in Needlepoint 
Ralph Lauren and April Cornell Linens

 Cavaliers dressed in Bow Ties!  I had these Custom Painted just for my shop!  MORE to come including custom portraits of your pooch!

Hand Blown & Painted Glass Spaniel Ornament  and Vintage Spaniel Planter English Platter with Deer / Stag
Christmas Tree Transferware Mugs (plates too)

Perfect Christmas Potatoes & Sale

I don't know if I've ever told you this, but potatoes are one of my very favorite foods.  Baked, fried, boiled, mashed.  It matters not.  I have never met a potato I didn't like.  However, some stand out more than others and this dish is just that.  We call them Christmas Potatoes because I generally only make them on special occasions, such as Christmas, because they have bits of red and green which makes them look so Christmasy.  They are chock full of yummy ingredients and they are downright scrumptious!  I've served these to no one who has not commented on how good they are.   

Perfect Christmas (or any special occasion) Potatoes 
 (a recipe adapted and tweaked by me from The American Country Inn and Bed and Breakfast Cookbook, Volume One)

About 3 lbs potatoes, cooked and mashed 
1 1/2 sticks butter
8 oz cream cheese (softened makes blending easier)
4 oz jar diced pimientos, drained
1 bunch green onions, thinly sliced
1 cup grated medium Cheddar cheese
3/4 cup grated Parmes…

My Biggest Sale Ever... 30% Off Cyber Monday Sale!

All day, Monday November 26th my entire site will be 30% off!  This is the biggest discount I've given to if you've had your eye on anything and been debating about it, this is the best time to make a purchase!

Below is just a tiny portion of the things included in the sale.  I am head over heels about these hand painted, mouth-blown glass Cavalier King Charles Christmas ornaments!

This is a very rare, Circa 1881, Copeland Spode Samovar  You just don't see these made of ceramic or with a transfer pattern often at all!

There is a pair of these dimensional cattle breeds framed in a shadow box.  They are sold separately and each framed set has 9 different breeds with brass nameplates below.  SO cute.  I displayed these for a long while in my kitchen!

I've got hundreds of blue and white pieces...and who doesn't love a little blue and white?

I have quite a few pieces from one of my faves, Rural Scenes
A complete service for 8 of this vintage Johnson Brothers dinnerw…