Thursday, March 21, 2013

Woodland Easter Table w/ Purple Transferware

It doesn't seem like it should be Spring to me and Easter being in March this year makes it seem like it's here even faster!  I haven't posted many tablescapes lately but was so excited to create something when one of my sponsors sent me a set of 8 tree slice chargers to work with.

I have had my eye on these tree chargers for the looooooongest time, so when Kimberly Congdon, owner of Roxy Heart Vintage, sent me a box full of them I was more than excited to put them to use.  When I first came across these on Etsy, almost two years ago,  I thought they'd be so pretty paired with my brown Rural Scenes dishes or even my Spode Byron for a Fall tablescape but I couldn't wait that long to use them!

The chargers are all unique in size and shape from one another since they are cut from real fallen trees.  I love that!  Kimberly works with lots of brides for special weddings and will engrave and personalize your chargers if you wish.  I kind of wish that I'd had mine personalized because you could always flip them to the other side if you didn't want that to show...of course I had that great idea after I'd received them! 

(photo courtesy Roxy Heart Vintage)

I decided to use purple transferware for my Easter table and I went with Rural Scenes...just not the brown ones you all have seen me use before.

On top of each plate is a grapevine basket filled with paper mache' Easter eggs and silk flowers.

An estate sale find, these pastel pink, Damask napkins are placed inside hand made burlap covered napkin rings each adorned with a hand sculpted birds nest filled with Robin eggs.

French pressed glass tumblers by Luminarc in purple.  I don't see these very often but try Etsy or Ebay if you're looking for some....that's where I found mine.

My centerpiece was very easy to create with things around the house.  Well, mostly made from things around the house.  I asked Shawn to go on a walk today, and he kindly agreed, but when I pulled out the needle nose pliers he knew I had an ulterior motive.  Our mid day excursion was really a ploy to get him to cut some of these flowering branches off a tree in a nearby field to be used on the table.  He's still cursing in the next room, but who knows, he might of stubbed his toe (haha).  

  I don't know if these are Apple Blossom or not but they are so dainty, so pretty....
...I used these same kind of flowers, cut from the same tree in fact,  in a post last year that you may remember...The Poetry Game of 1898.   Pretty they may be, but they stink.  Literally.  They look like they would smell so fresh and flowery, but upon returning home with them I kept smelling something funky and when Jonah came upstairs and said it smelled like dead fish that confirmed it.    I wound up having to take them off the table and put them out on the back porch to get the smell out of the house!   I don't remember the stink last year when I used them. 
 I wondered why Shawn jumped in the shower so quickly  after we'd gotten back to the house, because he'd just taken one.  He'd cut the branches down and carried them for me so I guess the stench rubbed off on him!  Now you know why he's in there cursing! lol.  My sweet lumber-jack.

Oh well, back to the centerpiece...I thought the table needed a natural, woodsy look since I was using the tree chargers and grapevine baskets and wanted to keep with the 'natural' theme.

I laid out sheet moss and several branches of the flowering tree.  Tucked amidst the blooms and branches are garden bunnies with  weathered finishes and some over sized lavender colored Easter eggs.  That's it!

Now, I just need this huge tree slab cake stand, with an equally huge piece of cake, for Easter dessert...

Happy Spring, Happy Easter!

Kimberly Congdon

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