Friday, January 7, 2011

Everyday Storage Solutions with English Transfer Ware

It may come as no surprise to many of you, but I use an assortment of my transferware collection as storage containers.  

Next to the stove, three graduated sizes of transfer ware pitchers hold everyday cooking utensils.

*Tip:  If you use any type of breakables for storing utensils in, it's a good idea to add some padding inside to prevent damage to your storage container.  Just stuff and old towel or wadded paper into the bottom to provide some cushioning.

I learned this the hard way.  After so many times of carelessly 'dropping' the utensils into the pitcher that the stress was too much and it now has a large crack running from top to the underside. :-(
I use some of my transferware collection to store and display the flatware I use in all those tablescapes.  

I use this covered dish to store tea bags

This little egg cup is used to store tooth picks (this is a type of transferware called a sheet pattern that is applied to the entire surface of the pottery body)

In my bathroom/dressing area I use this nearly 200 year old soup tureen to hold washcloth's. This is one of my most favorite pieces of transferware.  If you like history then check out my Soupefying Treasure post about this wonderful find.  It's fun and interesting!
 In the dressing area I also use miscellaneous transferware pieces for storage.  Here, pretty bobby pins are displayed in a salt cellar.
*Tip: bobby pins make really cute paper clips!
...sunglasses are stored in this gravy boat (that jade necklace is the first gift my husband, then boyfriend, ever gave me.  That was Christmas 1985)...
barrettes and hair clips are stored in, and on, this creamer.
I store perfume bottles on a purple transfereware plate and on the perfume bottle caps I store my fun rings.  Sometimes I remove the cap and store the rings directly on the spray nozzle. 

I store most of my make up in creamers and pitchers too...eyeliner, lip liner, mascara and foundation
Near the closet entry I display a collection of purses on the wall and inside each is where I store gloves and some scarves.

On my desk, I store lots of everyday office supplies.  This toothpick or cigarette holder could have just as easily been made to hold business cards.

 This vase is called a Corinth vase and it holds a collection of antique letter openers.
This round butter or cheese dish conceals the stickers marked 'fragile' that are placed on all outgoing shipments of transferware.
 I just love storing stuff like this that you don't want to look at in something you do like looking at!

 I keep rubber bands in a transferware shaving mug, paper clips in a jam pot

pens in a hot water/child sized coffee pot 

and deposit slips (not that I get to use them much) and bills (I do get to pay these a lot) in a toast rack.

I use my transferware to store other things too, but that will have to wait for another day, another post.  Here, it is late and I began this post only after reading Donna's over at Funky Junk Interiors about her storage ideas and decided I wanted to join in the fun.

...However...the storage solution I think of most was my Mom's solution to storing cash.  It's also the funniest.  Perhaps it was a generational thing, or a fear of misplacing what precious dollars she had, but my sister and I still giggle about the old days when Mom would cautiously, politely turn her back to the store clerk and withdraw funds from the 'bank' as we called it. The bank of cleavage. No, Mom didn't go around wearing low cut, revealing blouses or anything improper.  She was quite modest. She truly felt that the safest place to keep her cash was between her bosom, tucked into her bra!
Gosh, I hope you're not reading this Mom! 

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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Black and White Table For Two

Nothing but black and white.  This little table is set up in the corner of my shop displaying a romantic little spot for two.

Transferware from some of my favorite potters...Spode, Ridgway, Johnson Brothers and Meakin...sets the scene...

Layers of black and white...geometrics, florals, paisleys and scrolls

 These individual, covered soups are some of my favorite Spode pieces...aren't they wonderful?

 with just a touch of gold (ooops...I forgot about this plate having that so I guess so much for black and white only!)

Black flatware with ornate, silver detailing

Ralph Lauren Paisley Table Linens

Evening shots...elegant...cozy...romantic....
soft candlelight...flickering glow...

Care for a glass of wine?

Sources (click highlighted word to go to source site):
Linens:  Personally by Pat
Pillar Candles:  Zest Candles
Transferware / Black & White Dishes:  English Transferware
Flatware:  Hampton

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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Breathe in a Carefree Day

Today begins my work week and honestly all I want to do, or feel like doing, is curl up in bed with a good book and have my breakfast there. 
Do you have these days every once in a while too? 

I'm currently reading David Baldacci's book, The Christmas Train, and I'd  love to slip under the covers and pick up where I left off...
Surrounded by pretty things,

while sipping a hot cup of tea,

and nibbling on toast with homemade rasberry jam,
 with a single, yet simple, concern....
Breathe in a carefree day.

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