Sunday, April 27, 2014

Displaying Advertising Transferware in the Kitchen & Family News

 When we first walked through this house immediately I imagined using the portion of the kitchen with glass front cabinets for displaying my advertising transferware.    This house has so many little nooks and crannies which suit my decorating style perfectly because I have always loved creating little vignettes, displaying various collections here and there.

These cabinets were the first thing I organized (well, the first thing I organized that was mostly for decorative purposes!), and now that they've been here a few weeks I'm tweaking them a little here and there but overall this is how they'll stay for awhile.

Notice the latest addition to my collection below?  Over on the left, you can spy it there in the back.

It is a rare, unique bank personalized with an awesome name on it =) and dated 1929.  This piece was probably given as a gift or reward of achievement to a child as this was a common practice in Victorian England.   I saw this piece and figured I'd probably never find another one, especially something with my name on it, so Shawn got it for me.

Since my shop inventory is ever revolving I like to let some of the pieces live in the house with me so I can enjoy them myself until they are sold.  I actually do this quite a bit.   The Spode Blue Room platter, the big James Carberry Marmalade crock, the Lemon Marmalade jar and preserves pot are a few such pieces.  They are listed on my website along with some other advertising pieces.

This is the left side of the cabinets…

and here is the right side….

These old crocks are great for kitchen utensils, flatware, pencils or flowers, even rolled up tea towels stored upright look cute in them.  I think this marmalade crock is so pretty filled with dried roses.

Some of them are just plain and simple fun.  They stand out regardless of whether you add anything to them or not.  This big handled mixing bowl is one of those pieces, although I did use this as a planter for awhile and think it looks great filled with trailing ivy.  I found two of them, so one is for sale on my website. 

One of my favorite pieces still is the Millennium Mills flour canister.  You can read more about it here.

My collection of advertising transferware includes an array of utilitarian pieces, shortbread and jelly moulds, flour, tea and coffee  canisters, condiment jars for things like pickles, mustard and anchovy paste, marmalade pots and store shop display signs.  Some of these are pieces you'd find in a Downton Abbey style kitchen.  In fact, every time I watch that show I'm looking out for some of these pieces and quite often I spot them in the kitchen scenes.  I get excited seeing things some of the same pieces I have being used on the set.  Though most of them were designed for practical, everyday use they are nostalgic little bits from a time gone by and make attractive but cozy kitchen decor.

I did want to mention one of the big changes in our lives recently.  I might have touched on the fact that besides moving both business and household that we had some major things going on with a couple of our kids.  One of those things is that Jonah has decided to join the Army!  He leaves for basic training on May 18th.   He scored very well on his ASVAB test and was able to qualify as a crew chief for an Apache helicopter.  His end goal is to be a Black Hawk pilot.  It will be a big adjustment not having all of my kids so close by and I will  miss him greatly, but I have a feeling that military life will be an even bigger adjustment for him. =)   Please wish him well and keep him in your prayers.

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