Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Feeling a little lonely, update on Jonah and Andrew Jackson Transfer Ware

  One thing most anyone can say about the Roberts' household is that it is never, ever quiet.  That was, until yesterday.  You all know that Jonah left for BCT (Basic Combat Training) recently.  Jonah is definitely the kid of ours who makes the most noise.  Constantly, he hums, thumps, sings, taps and talks.    Literally, we have woken up in the middle of the night to hear Jonah thumping his hands or feet against the wall like it was a drum.   He sings out loud in the shower and I stress the LOUD part.   Sometimes I can hear him from inside the house as he sings (or raps!) outside, in his car, with the windows rolled up.   He is usually completely oblivious to the fact that he can be heard by anyone else.   When his best friend, Robert, tells about meeting Jonah in the 7th grade, he says, and I paraphrase, that Jonah sat down by him in football (or weight class, I can't remember), started talking and has never shut up since.   Robert told me at the end of the class he was able to mutter the words, "my name is Robert" and that was his part of the conversation!  If I had to count how many times I have wished for a quiet house, I simply couldn't do it.   I never, ever, ever  imagined that I would miss the sound of Jonah that normally annoys me to no end.  Both Ashton and Trevor left for church camp yesterday, which in their words is "the best week of the year" and Kalyn left in the wee hours yesterday morning for California where she is spending her summer with her boyfriend and his family at their home.  Though Michael and Ethan are currently living here with us, they are both working and/or out almost all of the time so it has been unusually quiet at our house.  

So, while Ashton and Trevor have 'the best week of the year', Kalyn vacations her heart out in beautiful Northern California,  Jonah is probably having a hate- love - hate relationship with basic training, Michael and Ethan are both out and about with friends, and Shawn is busy working on another project, I am feeling a little lonely.  

I guess I'll eat a big bowl of crow for dinner and wish I'd never wished for so much silence.


I was, fortunately and very thankfully, able to locate some pictures of Jonah on the Facebook page:   
2nd Battalion 13th Infantry Regiment 
which helps keep family members in the loop as to what their SIT (Soldier in Training) is doing.  I was elated!  Photos are taken randomly and posted to the page under specific companies on Sundays, all done so by volunteers.   If one is particularly lucky then one might spot their loved one amidst the hundreds of SIT's.  I found mine.  I feel so proud of him, so I have to share the photos:

Jonah is on the left in this pic and the one directly below it.

And, here he is after being issued his rifle.  He is the tall one on the right.

Jonah is doing his BCT (Basic Combat Training) at Fort Jackson, in South Carolina.  Fort Jackson, first called Camp Jackson is named for 7th President Andrew Jackson / United States Army General and was created in 1913 as the United States entered into WWI.  The fort was shut down and abandoned in 1922 and later reactivated for WWII where it was to have been deactivated again at the end of the war.  However, when the Korean War broke out this caused the post to remain active and it functions today as the largest, most active IETC (Initial Entry Training Center) in the country training in excess of 45,000 basic and advanced training soldiers each year.   (It seems the military has initial abbreviations for everything. I feel like I'm learning a new language but it's sorta fun!).  

Now, you know I can't leave here without sharing some transferware that is somewhat significant to my post.

  The first plate depicts Andrew Jackson as General,

while this plate by Adams depicts President Jackson's home at Hemitage, in TN.

Have a great week,

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