Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Crazy for Cow Butter Barrels

Butter tubs with cows on top.  How cute!  These are part of a new curated collection I'm posting in my online shop.  I adore these vintage butter tubs and dishes.  What each of them has in common (besides being originally used for holding butter or cheese) is that they have a cow resting on top. They come from all over the world.  My collection contains butter tubs from Germany, France, Japan, Portugal and England.  Some are hand painted, some are Majolica and of course some are transferware.  Let's check them out!

I found this one pictured below sometime back and I liked it so much that I decided to keep it for awhile and display it on my Pure Butter slab.  It is Portuguese majolica and dates to about the 1950's.

Then I got this one, almost like the one above, but a little taller.  I displayed it on the opposite side of the kitchen. Then I put the one above up for sale in my shop.

This all white German one sold the day I posted a picture of it to Facebook.   

But then I found this one, it's really cute with a grayish colored body and a little larger cow.  I'd never seen the gray body before so I thought that was unique to these dishes.  So I then put the big one two pics up for sale.

But wait! Then along came this one.  It's English dating to the 40's-50's and the little green band around the rim stole my heart because I've been working on adding green touches to my I thought I might have to keep this one...

...until this one had to come along and it stole my heart as much as the last one did...

Do you see what's going on here?  lol

 I wound up with all of these + a couple more + more on the way!  Most of them are now for sale in my shop and you can see them and others HERE  I'll be listing more as they arrive.

  I'm expecting a big shipment of transferware any day and it includes some more of the cow butter dishes.  I love the ones that have the type of cow transfer printed on the lid like this Guernsey one has. 

I still have my two cow transferware butter dishes too! I may be listing these soon as well! Who knows?

I think each one has its own unique charm... which is probably why I have trouble deciding on just one.  Do you have a favorite?