Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Warning: Graphic Images, Viewer Discretion Advised

So... I have told you all that my family is moving to another house, a house that has been abused by previous tenants and is filthier than any home I have ever seen.   I would definitely, after one walk through of this place, believe that it could easily have been featured on one of those television programs like Hoarders or How Clean is Your House.  The house is so dirty that a national cleaning company I scheduled to give me a bid on cleaning it declined the job after walking through it.    

Would you like to step in and take a look around? Grab your haz-mat suit and come on in.

I am going to show you some gross images, but I will spare you pictures of the toilets.   I'll just say that a plumber had to manually remove a bucket, an almost full 5 lb bucket that is, four letter word comes to mind.  I'm sure you all are glad I decided to forgo that photo.

Below is a random example of the dirt that along the baseboards.

This is every cooks dream kitchen here.
Kitchen sink (these were taken after a plumber came out and manually removed some of whatever it is into a bucket)

Kitchen Flooring...a vintage, worn and weathered look that must have taken years to achieve.
(including a shot of one of the many gifts left by one of what I imagine were their many animals)
Wouldn't you love to lick the knife that came out of this drawer...

or to stir your morning coffee with this spoon left on the counter?
Hey kids, want a snack from the pantry?

Rat poisoning in the pantry????where food is kept???? I missed this my first time through the house and then cried when I saw it and the open bait tray full of more of it on the opposite shelf.
And speaking of foodstuffs, I can hardly wait to prepare our first meal at the new house on this stovetop.
I was just informed today that the dishwasher door does not close.  It doesn't look like this ever cleaned anything.
Shawn is out in the garage for spray down number three with a high pressure sprayer.  First he sprayed with straight water.  Didn't work.  Next he bought a gallon of commercial cleaner for garage floors.  It helped.  Third was a commercial degreaser.  It helped more and removed a lot but after a day of drying it out it still stinks.  Hopefully bleach and the fourth cleaning will do the trick.
I even got to practice my limbo skills because the little crack you see in the garage door is all that it will open (new garage door has since been installed) and when I walked out to talk to him I closed the door to the house behind me and it locked.  I got to squeeze under the garage to get back into the front door.  That's another photo you would not want to see.

How do tire marks this large get on interior doors?  Forget about that...take a look at the door itself.  Can you see everything that has been spilled, splashed, smeared and splattered here? SSSScary

Do you need decorating ideas for your teenagers room?  How about  posters of Little Wayne and glow in the dark marijuana stickers with correlating burn marks on the wall and an open vent full of cigarettes and trash?  I admit I didn't know who Little Wayne was until Michael walked in the room with me and immediately ripped a picture of him off the wall telling me the rapper is a satanist.  

Are you feeling you need to wash up after this?  No worries, I have the perfect spot and it is all inclusive of everything you'll need to feel completely pampered, renewed and squeaky clean.  
Let's take a quick stop by the guest bath. 
What's this you say?   Well, this is the wash basin complete with a bar of soap floating atop.  Don't worry, you'll have another chance to wash up before the house tour is over.

After I saw the above bowl of water and soap and the state (overflowing) of the commodes, I had a gut wrenching feeling that people may have lived in this house with no running water for a few days, a week...longer????   This is just as we found it.

The main living room is a large room, about 50 feet long by maybe 15-18 feet wide and is slightly divided with partial walls.  There is not a lot going on here except that there are holes, very grimey, sticky walls and it just really needs some patching, cleaning and a decent paint job.

I was a little baffled as to why a fence post was in the living room.

Might I mention the quality of the paint job...

One thing..haha... I don't like about the house is that the laundry room is just a big closet.  It seems more suited to an apartment or condo, but things could be worse.  Or could they?  

 Ashton and I wound up cleaning the laundry room out ourselves. Shawn pretreated the floor with a disenfectant cleaner and we let it soak overnight.  I mopped the floor here 7 times.  The first three buckets of water (mixed with bleach) were almost black. Absolutely filthy!  After I got the floor clean I scrub, scrub, scrubbed it.  Once I finished scrubbing I realized just how dirty the walls, interior of the door frame and the shelving were.  Ashton and I got a chair and ladder and washed the walls from the ceiling down to the baseboard.  It took us about an hour and a half just to get this little room clean.

Feeling dirty again?  How about a nice soak in the tub?

While Ashton and I cleaned the laundry room, my other adventurous daughter, Kalyn, took on the Jack and Jill bath above.  This tub had standing water in it when we looked at the house.  The above photo was taken the day after Shawn poured straight bleach into/onto it to let it soak.  Believe it or not, it already looked better than when we saw it.  Kalyn had to use one full bottle of scrubbing bubbles to completely cover the walls around the tub/shower.  You could just see all of this grimey dirt washing down the walls and into the tub.  I didn't take pictures of the sinks in here but one is completely stopped up and full of muddy looking water.  The no way could I post a picture of that.

  These are just some random pics taken around the house, showing the general condition it is in:

I don't even smoke but I could use a cigarette about now.  Oh, I'm in luck...someone left me a butt by the sink.

I think we should have some refreshments out on the deck just off my bedroom.

Comfy seating is only a flip away...

I meant to tell you to bring your kids...lots of bicycles to choose from here.

Well, I think I'm going to wrap up the tour for now.  Going back inside the door....

...for a nice, hot shower. 

No kidding around now.  I just met a neighbor who told me that the people who had lived here were running a day care center out of this house!  Can you imagine dropping your child, any child, off here to be looked after? 

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