Thursday, September 24, 2015

Styling my Buffet for an Autumn Dinner & Giveaway WINNER!

I didn't forget about the giveaway, I promise!  I'm just a little late in announcing the winner, which is at the bottom of this post.   

 But first I thought I'd show you some of the touches of Fall I've added to the dining room buffet.   I put this little vignette together quickly last Saturday afternoon before my kids all showed up for a birthday dinner.

 I get a lot of questions via email asking about how I put things together and create vignettes, so while I was arranging this buffet  I remembered to take a few pics in the process to show and share.   

My process begins with a 'clean slate'.  Some sort of plaid is always a good choice for an Autumn vignette so I went with a drapery panel folded up and laid lengthwise across the buffet.

Next I like to work from the center out and as I almost always display a large transferware tureen at the center of the buffet as a focal point.  I pulled out a turkey platter  and placed it behind the tureen as a backdrop.  

I like symmetry as well, so I opt to use florals, greenery of some sort on either side of the focal point; here some dried wheat bundles are perfect for the Harvest season.

I play around with other items to soften the edges, add textural interest and a splash of color.  Kalyn brought me the huge Coulter pine cones last Summer back from a hike in California.  I LOVE them!

I like a little antler decor here and there and added them, again for more textural interest and a woodland feel.

I add the same items to the opposite side though at slightly different angles and positions to give a more natural look because I'm decorating with natural elements.

I spread the items out and away from one another so they aren't too clumped together then sprinkle facorns (one of my favorite Fall decorations!), bark tree candles, votives and smaller tureens at either end for a symmetrical yet uncontrived look.

I love the look of my red transferware mixed with Fall foliage and decor!

Here are a couple of shots taken after the sun went down

On this particular eve, the tureen served its intended purpose as we hosted dinner with a few family members in celebration of Jonah's birthday.  I made his favorite meal on the planet, corn chowder (click for recipe).

Here's the birthday boy and his sweet little lady.  We love to tease them because Jonah is 6'4".  I'm not sure how tall Kas is, but I know Jonah is at least a foot taller than she.  The 19th was Pirates Day in case you all didn't know so my sister n law brought pirate things for everyone to wear.  Ha.  My two youngest, my niece and nephew loaded up and went to Krispy Kreme in their pirate attire where they were each given a box of a dozen donuts for being dressed as a pirate.  I'd never heard of pirate day, but boy did the teenagers in the bunch jump all over the free donuts!  

Drumroll, the winner of the $100 gift certificate is Phil Atkins, aka "The Dude Who Loves Transferware".  I got a complete kick out of him signing off that way!  Please contact me to claim your prize!  


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