Saturday, July 14, 2012

A Pretty Pitcher ~

I wanted to share a pretty picture today of one of my favorite Aesthetic Movement transferware pieces.  This huge ewer has the sweetest image of a sparrow in flight at the front.  I keep this in my guest bath filled with silk roses and hydrangeas.

I've been using more and more white, and off white, colored flowers in my decorating and arrangements.  They brighten and lighten instantly, even if they are not real.  

Someday I will fill this ewer with fresh flowers from the cutting garden.  

And, someday I will have that cutting garden!

Happy weekend all~

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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The North Ship ~ Purple Transferware Tablescape


I saw three ships go sailing by,
Over the sea, the lifting sea,

And the wind rose in the morning sky,
And one was rigged for a long journey.

The first ship turned towards the west,
Over the sea, the running sea,

And by the wind was all possessed
And carried to a rich country.

The second ship turned towards the east,
Over the sea, the quaking sea,

And the wind hunted it like a beast
To anchor in captivity.

The third ship drove towards the north,
Over the sea, the darkening sea,

But no breath of wind came forth,
And the decks shone frostily.

The northern sky rose high and black
Over the proud unfruitful sea,

East and west the ships came back
Happily or unhappily:

But the third went wide and far
Into an unforgiving sea

Under a fire-spilling star,
And it was rigged for a long journey.

~Philip Larkin~


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Royal Staffordshire Purple Transferware in my Etsy shop HERE or email me (I have a service for four, plus teapot, sugar and creamer).  Each piece depicts a different ship/ship scene
Flatware:  Hampton Bamboo
Tablecloth:  Fishing Net (can get at craft stores)
Lavender Aroroc Glasses:  Ebay
Purple Footed Tumbler: World Market
Sea Shell Napkin Rings: Ebay
Clipper Ship Centerpiece:  Hobby Lobby
Seashells:  Trev brought them back from Oregon
Dinner Napkins:  Walmart Fall 2010

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Bee Skeps, Rural Scenes & Transferware GIVEAWAY

I know you know that one of my favorite transferware patterns is Rural Scenes. 

Whether it's red,





 or my personal fave, polychrome brown
I am enamored with pastoral scenes on transferware and these so fit the bill.
(click the photo to see the full tablescape with my Rural Scenes)

One thing I fell in love with about this set was the unique border.  It consists of various farming implements including a bee skep tucked back behind the tools and sheath of wheat. 

The bee skep has intrigued  me for the longest time because I've never seen one in person so I decided to google around and found some great images of collections and use in gardens. 

Bee Skeps are hand woven basket housings that were popular in Europe

Set out on a lush lawn these antique French Bee Skeps have got a perfect backdrop with the brick wall and English lavender.

This one has the perfect backdrop with my favorite flowering shrub, Hydrangea.  

How darling is this collection outside a barn, each on it's own antique stool?

Okay, these are obviously for sale but aren't they nice all lined up on the shelves?  Fun choices they are!

This pair looks perfectly suited amidst a Spring perennial garden.  

And how about that one behind the twig frames? Charming!

This antique French one was for sale at 52Flea...such a unique one being square.

Here is a collection of miniature bee skeps each on little stools which all set on one long bench amidst a garden.  I love this!

My blogging friend and customer from my long ago Ebay days, Delores of Vignette Design, has this skep in her garden.  

I like this one on the post!

A bee skep looks great just sitting out on the lawn

Bee skeps look great indoors too!

Source: LaCaze
Source: Pottery Barn
They even make great lighting cover.

I could easily start a collection of bee skeps...but I'll never quit collecting transferware...which brings me to the giveaway!  My blogging friend, Courtney, who writes the uber popular and beautiful blog French Country Cottage, is graciously hosting a giveaway for $50 to my Etsy shop, English Transferware.   Courtney loves transferware too and has a gorgeous green transferware collection of Ridgways Oriental that I just love!

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