Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Red Transferware and Snowflakes Christmas Hutch, a Winner and Decorating Motivation...or Not

I know you've seen my kitchen hutch a bazillion times but for what it's worth, here it is decorated for Christmas 2012. 

Snowflakes are a recurring theme in my Christmas decor this year, especially here on my breakfast room hutch which is chock full of red transferware.
This antique lace piece that hangs over the top of our hutch has always reminded me of snowflakes.  Now especially.

I like to tuck little bits of Christmas amongst the hutch, in the pitchers, ladles and teacups, like this
bottle brush tree set amidst pinecones and faux snow...

...and this glass bird ornament with a pheasant feather tail nesting in the recess of a soup ladle...

...like pinecones nestled into and amongst the red transferware creamers...

...or just a lone little snowflake resting atop a small pitcher.

I like seeing Santa in a suit of snow white.  

With Etsy being here to film during October,  I never really got to decorate for Fall like I'd normally do.  I did pull out these little squirrel figurines and since I had not yet tired of seeing them I kept them on my hutch as part of my Christmas display, mixed with some natural elements like pine tree sprigs, pine cones and my favorite bark pillar candles.  

I even put a few snowflakes on the wall and hung them from the cabinet handles across the front of the hutch to carry the theme.  Have I ever told you all that this hutch was from Shawn's bedroom when he was a little boy?

I work a lot and it seems that most of the time my work day begins as soon as I get up and ends when I call it quits which typically is just before midnight.  I am having some medical issues and have taken a few trips to the Dr. and lab both last week and continuing into this week.  The combination of these things has made seasonal decorating seem like somewhat of a task this year.  I feel a little guilty for thinking that, and more guilty for admitting it.   Our main Christmas tree still stands stark naked.  
Shawn works hard to, though he has been in more of an Archie Bunker mood than a Clark Griswold one lately so his attribution to the Christmas decorating has been this:

It has been a little difficult for me to find motivation for much of anything lately, except maybe to wear one of Shawn's big t-shirts and a pair of his baggy house pants.  At least wearing loose clothes makes you feel skinnier.  Now, that's motivating, right?
I'm glad I can wear his clothes if I want to.  I am more glad that he cannot wear mine...that would be worrisome.

 What will the future of our Christmas tree be? Will I find some motivation to do anything to it, other than what I've already done which was decide I did not like where it stood, and so crawled underneath it and carefully (barely) slid it to a new location thus covering myself and the living room floor with an inch thick layer of flocking.   Tune in later to find out...will it go back in the box, stand as is, or be strung up...with lights that is?

p/s The winner of the $40 Novica gift certificate giveaway from last week is Comment #2 Constance Person. Please contact me asap so that I can provide you with the gift certificate.  


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