Thursday, November 3, 2011

A Brown and Aubergine Tablescape for Fall with Pheasants and Transferware

I have long admired the Game Series plates by Palissy but until recently had never had any of them.  I think these have a quintessential Fall look.   The combined colors of aubergine and  brown is one of my favorites.  

 I thought these plates, having the pheasants depicted on them, would be great paired with some natural elements.
I like to blend patterns and textures and sometimes I will begin pulling the things from around the house that I feel will pair well with the plates I'm tablescaping with before I begin setting the table.

I purchased a Ralph Lauren wool Euro sham on clearance a few months back and with the subtle dash of purple interspersed within the brown houndstooth, this I decided, would be a perfect table covering to pair with the plates.

Natural and rustic, grapevine wreaths are used here in lieu of traditional placemats.

  You all may have dubbed me the Transferware Queen, but for those of you who follow tablescapers then you know that Yvonne at Stone Gable should most assuredly be dubbed the Dish Layering Queen.  She skillfully piles a stack of plates into a work of art like no other.  I decided to copy her a little bitty bit and layer my dishes.  Mine was more out of necessity because my plates, measuring just shy of 9",  were just a tad small for the opening of my wreaths.
I chose some Ridgway plates having a purple polychrome border with rust and gold accents.  These colors compliment the colors found on the face (the center decoration/scene) of my pheasant plates.

Next came some Spode plates with a wide, white Gadroon rim.  This adds light to the table and is a good contrast between the grapevine and colored border plates.  The grapevine wreaths have dried leaves in them and this subtle hint of color and texture pairs well with that of the plates.  

I'd planned to use these tea towels in the place of napkins a few times this season.  They are a rich shade of aubergine with a deep, eggplant colored border and embroidered with pumpkins.  Tea towels are a great choice for table settings, either as napkins or placemats, as the variety of styles is endless and prices are quite often less than that of cloth napkins.

Pheasant feathers were placed at an angle on each napkin.  Mixing it up a little more, I decided to use two sets of flatware; Spode Woodland and vintage Japanese ceramic handled pieces in a deep purple.

I couldn't pass up an opportunity to use these glasses again.  I am crazy about them, and they were so inexpensive to boot!
I don't think I could find stemware that matches the tea towels turned napkins any better, do you?

I've got all the essential elements, plus a few, gathered and set at the table.  What this table needs now is a centerpiece.  I have a collection of purple transferware in my bedroom and pulled from it this antique, Sporting Series pitcher in keeping with my theme and color scheme.
To this I added a bouquet of aubergine and lavender silk mums,  green and gold berries and a few pheasant feathers.  If ever I'm rich again, my splurge would be on real flowers in all my tablescapes and throughout my home...tis faux for now.

I always like to have at least one candle at the table.  Zest candles has a wonderful selection of candles including themes for each season, like this maple leaf pillar candle
I set it on top of a purple transferware ashtray and scattered some small wood slices around it, bringing in more natural elements.

My table is set for dinner.

We will be having Pecan Crusted Pork Tenderloin Cutlets with a Blackberry Vinaigrette Sauce for dinner.  This is one of Ashton's favorites, and as you all might know, we always let our kids pick any meal they wish for us to make for their birthdays.  Ash's birthday was the 30th and this was her choice.  No one got their fill though, so we're having it again.   You can find the recipe HERE at my very first tablescape I ever posted.  In advance,  I apologize for the pics as they aren't so good but I promise you this is an impressive looking, company worthy dish and more importanly (in my book) delicious meal. Guess what else?  It came from a low cal, heart healthy menu plan.  Beautiful, tasty and healthy?  You can't go wrong!  We serve it with a Spinach salad and seasoned mushroom rice.  One other thing to consider about this dish is that it makes a wonderful Fall dinner, or substitute for those who don't like turkey.  The pecan mixture is infused with sage.  It would be equally good served with all of the traditional side dishes that accompany turkey...mashed potatoes and gravy, stuffing, sweet potatoes, cranberry get the picture.

A few other ideas for serving and decorating the table.

Pretty ceramic gourds.  Colors are just too perfect not to at least take a picture of them at this table.

Yvonne would have stacked this plate here if she'd been at my house setting this table.  Don't you just know it?
I'm going to use them in another table this Fall.

My four youngest kids are at a nursing home tonight visiting elderly people. They don't have school tomorrow.  Knowing that they are out of school tomorrow, I've allowed myself to slip into the mind set of staying up late, watching a good movie and not having to get up early tomorrow fully set in.  
Today feels like Friday. 
Fridays just feel good.
 I'm putting on my pj's, preparing our late dinner and hoping someone will make a big fat bowl of overloaded with butter popcorn to accompany the movie. 

Happy weekend everyone! 

Monday, October 31, 2011

3000 Jack O Lanterns Plus A Few


Over 3000 pumpkins are carved each year and displayed on this Victorian home in West Virginia.

pumpkinway Art of Jack O Lantern

Pumpkin Scary Halloween House Design 300x282 Pumpkin Scary Halloween House Design

Not Your Average Jack-O-Lanterns

Cookie-Cutter Halloween Pumpkins

Here's wishing you a full, Harvest Moon!