Saturday, July 10, 2010

Watery Way

I have been one no dwelling could contain
When there was rain.... 
Robert Frost

July 8, 2010
Swiftly fell the rain.......

Michael rushing to get his car to higher ground

What a time for a loose battery cable..... (note the water in the yard across the street!)

Trevor going to fetch some of our neighbors pool supplies that floated out into the street
This was about as deep as it got.
KK & Ashtonista...always time to strike a pose
The rain makes still pools on the sidewalk. The rain makes running pools in the gutter. The rain plays a little sleep-song on our roof at night— 
Langston Hughes

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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Spode Copeland Two Color Transferware Tablescape

I don't know the pattern name I've used here, which is commonly the case with Spode/Copeland. Many of the Spode/Copeland patterns were given numbers only, each piece having a hand written number on back often preceded by a letter or a number above.  In fact, there are over 70,000 of the Spode factory patterns which were allocated with numbers corresponding to designs recorded in their pattern books.  
Spode and Copeland used more marks than any other pottery manufacturer.
This set is hand numbered with 2 over 8330, the number 2 specifically indicating an earthenware pattern as opposed to other Spode china types and the 8330 telling us what year this pattern was produced. This set can be dated to 1930, according to Robert Copelands book entitle Spode And Copeland Marks And Other Relevant Intelligence.

I've come across this pattern only twice, here a rare two color, black and red transfer with hand painted, polychrome centers and previously in a lavender and green transfer with polychrome centers. 
I was fortunate to find 11 place settings consisting of dinner, salad and bread plates and cups and saucers which I've had stashed away for a couple of years.  I've saved this set with the notion that one of my kids will decide they want it someday, that's if I don't decide to keep it first.  The biggest boy says it's his favorite, that's Shawn, my husband, by the way. ;-)
  Although there is no pattern name that I'm aware of, this particular shape is named.
  It is called Charlotte, named after a silver service owned by Queen Charlotte. I love the swirled effect and the edges soft pointed tips.

Each piece has a different scene.

Dinner Plate
Salad Plate
Cup (inside)
Bread Plate

I began my tablescape with a handmade needlepoint rug runner laid lengthwise across the table.   Since I am a huge fan of layering and combining textures I like that some of the wood top is left showing.  This table isn't old, it looks that way because it's seen a LOT of use via our 6 kids, many family gatherings, card and poker games.  I like the rustic look it's taken on over the years.  If you look close enough you can see all the worn edges and scratches here and there.  There's even a spot rubbed away by the girls nail polish remover.  Nice.

Again, mixing up textures I added some hand beaded chargers from Always Elegant.  These are a pretty gold, adding just enough sparkle and bling with not going over board.  These will be fun to work with at Christmas to!
At the host and hostess settings I laid the curtain tiebacks down the center, slightly hanging over the tables edge. Sometimes I do something a bit different at these two settings...mainly because I don't always have 8 of a particular item.  The colors work great and adds a little extra texture splash.

Hand beaded coasters that match the chargers and my napking rings take their place underneath each goblet.

Napkin rings hold a layer of two napkins, the gold organza napkins are also from Always Elegant.  If you follow my blog or tablescapes you've seen other items from this online shop.  They carry a nice selection of hand beaded chargers, napkin rings and coasters in an array of colors and can handle orders for anything from a table for 2 to a table for 200.  

My centerpiece is a simple black, painted tole pot with mixed greenery.

Large candle holders at either side of the greenery...these are usually on my mantle.

For fun, I draped a single panel sheer over each  host and hostess chair and tied an organza garland ribbon around each.  These garlands match the napkins from Always Elegant. 
"Casting warmth of fragile glow" from my poem Writing Abode...the table is finished off with a few ruby red tea-lights scattered amongst the place settings.

ok, almost finished...Bumbles had to pop in with a tray of chocolates...I can't wait for Trevor to realize they're not real. hehe

Better a little which is well done, than a great deal imperfectly. ~Plato~

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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Carve me a river.....

A river of furniture, that is.  Here are some of the pieces we just imported.  They're all hand carved.  They are also  my excuse for not posting more the past couple of weeks.  
We've got the entire front room painted and one side room painted and papered.  
When I get it all put together I'm going to post some pictures.  
Exciting times.

Lion Tub Chairs
We always sell these as a pair but I envision a set of four around a game table.  I'm not really a huge fan of lions but these are my exception.  They're comfy to!

I love this bed.  Flame mahogany, four posters, rods all around for curtains or sheers.    Can't you imagine it with pillows piled high and a pretty fabric wound around the poles or drapes across the back?    One of my sponsors, Ma Jolie Maison Fabrics and Drapes  sent me some custom chintz drapes I'm thinking of using around the back of the bed, against the spiced orange wall on the left.

We've got several benches in but this is my favorite.  Love the carving, love the button tufted top.

French Country Wheat Back Chairs

Irish Trestle Table

One of my favorite armoires we carry...

You've seen these chairs in lots of my tablescapes.  I have four of these around my breakfast table, upholstered in a different fabric.
These French Country footstools / ottomans come in a set of three sizes, which we sell individually.  I've got a set with blue fabric and another set with a gold fabric.  Love these to!

I think this fireplace surround / mantle has an Art Deco feel.

I'll have to dress this tea trolley up one day for Lady Katherine.
'Strange how a teapot can represent at the same time the comforts of solitude and the pleasures of company. ~author unknown~

The top of this torchere stand comes off, revealing a hidden storage area below.  Not sure what I'd hide inside it though.

I've always liked this mirror.  It's got doors that open.  I really like all the filigree carving around it to.

Who doesn't like Collie dogs?

I like anything and everything barley twist,.

And this, I want.  I love the octagonal shape and filigree carved sides.

This piece is so's accessible from either side. 

Big Horn Sheep Plant Stand and while I'm on the subject....

but more because I felt like being totally random....
Ashton, Shawn and me feeding Rocky Mountain big horn sheep in Colorado Springs, four years ago.  We had a wonderful, and very rare, opportunity through the Colorado Division of Wildlife to take part in this daily event of feeding that only park rangers normally get to do.  The Colorado Division of Wildlife 
 has ongoing research with the decline of sheep and how bighorns fall prey to pneumonia, parasitic lungworm and other diseases.  The food we gave them was treated with medications to help fight and prevent disease.  It was an amazing day!

What's your favorite piece of furniture?  

At length, however, there was no room in the galleries for another table; no room on the tables for another cabinet; no room in the cabinet for another rose-bowl; no room in the bowl for another handful of potpourri; there was no room for anything anywhere; in short the house was furnished.  ~Virginia Woolf

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