Friday, October 19, 2012

Etsy Documentary Day 1 - Tara Young Arrives

Oh my, the past few days have been so fun, exciting, nerve-wracking and flat out exhausting.  Who knew that having someone come into your home to interview you, film and photograph could be so draining?   I surely didn't, and yet I think I'm still floating around cloud 9 somewhere.  

Last time I posted, I was waiting for Tara Young to arrive at my house.  Tara is the Senior Video Producer at Etsy and has also edited and directed other arts-related programming for The Criterion Collection,  Vice's VBS, and the Sundance Channel, where she worked with Beth Levison.

When Tara arrived at the house we gave her a tour through each room and the garage where I store almost all of my transferware that's for sale.   We chatted a little about possible shots and places she'd like to film inside as well as some of what she'd like to cover and for me to talk about.  

Shawn and I took Tara around Tulsa and showed her a few of the local hangouts and landmarks and then went on to lunch.  I snapped a couple of pictures of Tara taking photos of possible things she may start the video with...though I'm pretty certain that none of these particular spots I'm showing here will be what she ultimately opens with.  

This little blue domed building was a gas station in the 1920's and is what this area is named after.  It's called the Blue Dome District and has slowly been rejuvenated over recent years to become a hot bed of Tulsa nightlife, fun eateries and eclectic shops.  We took Tara to lunch at one of the well loved pubs in the area called McNellies.  The tallest building to the left with the greenish roof is called The Mid Continent Tower.  It is acclaimed as one of the nations most distinguished office's also where Shawn headquartered his company, Capstone, during the 1990's.  His business took up most of the 21st floor.  I know a lot of you all love architecture so a) it is worth just stepping into the lobby of this building if ever you're in Tulsa, or b) click the link above and you can see some of the beautiful interior.

These are the famous Praying Hands which are housed at the entry to the Oral Roberts University campus.  Tara really got a kick out of these!

We then took her  to what I think is sort of the icon of Tulsa and that is the Driller statue.  I believe it is the largest free standing statue in the world... I know it was at one time anyway.   I didn't get a shot of it but if you live here you absolutely know it and if not I have a feeling it will be in the video, so you'll know it then.  We also took Tara to a local Western Wear place...that there New York girl wanted herself a pair of cowgirl boots! (so do I actually but just to wear with certain dresses!)  Then it was off to a place most all of us decorator and DIY types are way too familiar with...Hobby Lobby.  Tara chuckled at the name.  
By then, it was late so we did a quick go-over about what would happen the next day and then said our good nights.   We would meet Tara and a local photographer/cinematographer at our house at 8:00 a.m. on Tuesday to begin filming.

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Monday, October 15, 2012

Waiting on Tara Young & Blue Turkey Transferware

It is Monday morning and I am anxiously waiting on Tara Young, Etsy's in house producer to arrive at my house.  I've pulled out some transfer ware she requested to see and/or feature in the documentary and thought I'd show you these blue turkey plates I just recently acquired.

  I've got a full set of 12 plus the ginormous matching  platter.  I think this is the first time I've had so many turkey plates in one pattern.  

You don't often see blue at Thanksgiving.  I'm looking forward to creating a tablescape with these, using orange and browns as accents.  Orange and blue are complementary colors.

The plates are in my shop now, but won't be available for shipping until after the 18th when Etsy's done filming.

I hope to post something tonight and let you all know what's happening.   Wish me luck!