Thursday, January 27, 2011

Pink and Sage Tablescape for Two + CSN Winner

This table for two is set up in my shop, The Vintage Abode.
 It's a sweet mix of sage green transferware with cream and pink accents.
 Because the table is small, and I wanted a little wood to show (this table has a lovely grain) I decided to place the place mats at an angle, allowing them to drape over the table.  They are a light taupe color with rose, sage and aqua accents. 

The sage / olive transferware plates are by J & G Meakin.  
The border to these plates make them easy to pair with other colors and patterns.
(Why is it that I don't notice how crooked I placed the flatware until I'm inserting the photos into my posts and it's too late, too dark, too something to go back and take more pictures? )

 I changed this setting up a bit, here and there.  First, I double up my napkins and stuffed them into the wine glasses.  One napkin is the same pattern as the place mats and the other a pink and sage stripe.
 I kind of felt like it was a bit much with using the cloches and that the height of each competed with each other, so I removed the napkins from the glasses and used only the striped with some vintage, ceramic rose napkin rings. 
First, I placed them to the left of the plate.

 Then I placed the napkins on the plate.  I think this is my favorite.
 Aren't the napkin rings sweet?  I have a set of four.  They are $16

I moved the bird cloches to the upper left side, where a bread plate would be.  Wouldn't a roll be cute in these?  I think these are the sweetest bird cloche's.


The centerpiece is a simple candle ring, which I added extra flowers to.  The colors are soft and the fabric on the flowers gives them an almost iridescent look.   

The flatware is San Remo by Hampton.  I think. Oh looks straight in this pic.

The cup and saucer is also by J & G Meakin but has a foral motif ', whereas the plates have a vine and leaf border.

I love the muted pinks and greens.   I think I have a bit of Spring fever.  Today, it actually got warm enough out to open my shop door this afternoon.  That was nice, especially since I've been freezing my fanny off with no heat in there.  That's right.  No heat.  I had three space heaters and they simply could not warm 4000 square feet.  You should have seen how I dressed some days.  Just think layers.  And fingerless gloves so I could use my computer.  Must have computer access.  No computer, no can function. 
Ok, now that you're all feeling sorry for me because I had no heat, it wasn't all that bad, really.  Well...the point I'm trying to make is that I had it fixed yesterday...just in time for warm weather today. :-) 

Here are a few more photos of the table and then I'll announce the CSN winner!

And now, for the winner of last weeks $40 CSN giveaway...Comment #2 chosen by
I'll be sending you the CSN gift code to use towards any purchase at one of their 200+ stores!
More giveaways coming up soon!

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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Master Bedroom Tour - Pt2 - Seating Area at the Foot of the Bed

Last week I showed you all the armoire in our bedroom which 
which houses our tellie (tv), and some of my purple transferware collection.   You can view that, part 1, HERE

This week, I'm sharing the seating area I created at the foot of the bed, which faces the armoire.  Though small, we use the area all the time.  We even have movie nights with the kids in our bedroom...half of us pile on the bed, a couple of us in the chairs and someone might stretch out on the floor.  In fact, we're doing that tonight and I have a feeling Shawn will be calling me in there before I'm done with this post!

At the center of this seating area is this game table.  It swivels open to reveal storage for game pieces and then folds open, revealing a green leather top. 

I laid out some accessories I thought I'd use on the table.

Because I have dark furnishings, drapes and bedding in my room, I like to use pretty white linens to brighten and soften spaces. 
This is a pillow sham placed at an angle so that it partially drapes over the table, leaving some of the green leather top showing. 

Of course, I gotta have me some transferware in my vignette.  This huge, Aesthetic Movement platter is by W T Copeland (Spode), circa 1880.  (The matching tureen is for sale HERE)

I sometimes like using these enormous, 20-22" platters as trays or table tops.  You know I love layering and mixing patterns while introducing varied textures in my designs.

I added books, figurines, candles and photos on and around the platter and table.

This vintage brooch belonged to my Grandma.  I pinned it on a ribbon tied around a candle holder.
I love decorating with vintage jewelry, but even more I love being able to see and enjoy the things that have special meaning to me.

I played around with a few pieces...this silver box didn't make the final cut (I did use it elsewhere though).  Shawn really likes this and  bought it long time ago from an antiques dealer here in town.  It came from the Waite Phillips estate.   I think it's ug (my short for ugly).

Well, actually I do like the side...reminds me of the Aesthetic Movement....hmmm...may be?

I really like this painted tole-ware box, but decided to also move it to another location for may be back soon though.

Instead, on top of the books I went with a couple of antique/vintage loving cups/trophies paired with a hand painted pin dish that had always been in my home growing up. 

Now it's all done...until I change it again! ;-)
My bedroom has a warm, cozy, English Country feel to it.  I love the Gainsborough chairs on either side of the table.  The fabric is a heavy chenille blend and it works for now.   

So, when sitting in the chairs, you see my armoire and purple plates shown last week.  Here is an update.  I added some greenery to the crate at the top.  I loved Amy's idea from Maison Decor but the top is open so I couldn't put the lights there.  Still, the greenery makes a difference.  I don't know why I didn't do that to begin with.

Well, guess who has been calling my name for the past half hour?
It's movie time for us.  Hope you all had a great weekend!

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