Sunday, January 23, 2011

Master Bedroom Tour - Pt2 - Seating Area at the Foot of the Bed

Last week I showed you all the armoire in our bedroom which 
which houses our tellie (tv), and some of my purple transferware collection.   You can view that, part 1, HERE

This week, I'm sharing the seating area I created at the foot of the bed, which faces the armoire.  Though small, we use the area all the time.  We even have movie nights with the kids in our bedroom...half of us pile on the bed, a couple of us in the chairs and someone might stretch out on the floor.  In fact, we're doing that tonight and I have a feeling Shawn will be calling me in there before I'm done with this post!

At the center of this seating area is this game table.  It swivels open to reveal storage for game pieces and then folds open, revealing a green leather top. 

I laid out some accessories I thought I'd use on the table.

Because I have dark furnishings, drapes and bedding in my room, I like to use pretty white linens to brighten and soften spaces. 
This is a pillow sham placed at an angle so that it partially drapes over the table, leaving some of the green leather top showing. 

Of course, I gotta have me some transferware in my vignette.  This huge, Aesthetic Movement platter is by W T Copeland (Spode), circa 1880.  (The matching tureen is for sale HERE)

I sometimes like using these enormous, 20-22" platters as trays or table tops.  You know I love layering and mixing patterns while introducing varied textures in my designs.

I added books, figurines, candles and photos on and around the platter and table.

This vintage brooch belonged to my Grandma.  I pinned it on a ribbon tied around a candle holder.
I love decorating with vintage jewelry, but even more I love being able to see and enjoy the things that have special meaning to me.

I played around with a few pieces...this silver box didn't make the final cut (I did use it elsewhere though).  Shawn really likes this and  bought it long time ago from an antiques dealer here in town.  It came from the Waite Phillips estate.   I think it's ug (my short for ugly).

Well, actually I do like the side...reminds me of the Aesthetic Movement....hmmm...may be?

I really like this painted tole-ware box, but decided to also move it to another location for may be back soon though.

Instead, on top of the books I went with a couple of antique/vintage loving cups/trophies paired with a hand painted pin dish that had always been in my home growing up. 

Now it's all done...until I change it again! ;-)
My bedroom has a warm, cozy, English Country feel to it.  I love the Gainsborough chairs on either side of the table.  The fabric is a heavy chenille blend and it works for now.   

So, when sitting in the chairs, you see my armoire and purple plates shown last week.  Here is an update.  I added some greenery to the crate at the top.  I loved Amy's idea from Maison Decor but the top is open so I couldn't put the lights there.  Still, the greenery makes a difference.  I don't know why I didn't do that to begin with.

Well, guess who has been calling my name for the past half hour?
It's movie time for us.  Hope you all had a great weekend!

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  1. Hi Nancy! Oh, your bedroom is gorgeous! I love the sitting area at the end of your bed. The chairs - so lovely! You certainly can set up some pretty displays!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. Nancy, it's fun to see your little table vignette come together. Your sitting area looks comfortable and inviting.
    Enjoy the movie. ~ Sarah

  3. GORGEOUS!!! I love the seating arrangement and I love the chairs just how they are! Very cozy and beautiful job!! :)

  4. What a super seating area - cosy and comfortable, it all works so well together. I especially love the Staffordshire dog needlepoint pillow, oh, and the dragon box!
    Your Grandma's pretty jewelry in green, purple and white stones looks like it's a piece of sufferage jewelry to me - green for hope, purple for dignity and white for purity....certainly a lovely historical piece to be treasured.

  5. What a lovely cozy area and how sweet that your whole family gathers there for movies. That is a memory you will cherish for a lifetime once they are grown and gone.

  6. I love this bedroom. I could have made my bedroom over like yours. I guess mine is more of a English country summer house bedroom! Everything is amazing, with your attention to detail. You should work in Ralph Lauren's flagship store and be in charge of all the visual merchandising. Thx for the mention, but you didn't need any advice on this room, its beyond gorgeous! I love the trophy cups. Not so much the UG box! lol

  7. What a great space filled with all your treasures! I had a white slipcovered couch at the end of my bed but we moved it into the bonus room for more seating in that room. I like the idea of two chairs!! Love your space

  8. Love your new beuatiful!

  9. It does have a warm coy English Country feel. Love your choices in accessories,

  10. I first noticed those chairs! I love the fabric...and the rug under them. I'm like you on that box...the sides are beautiful!
    I also love the table setting below :)
    It would make me very happy to sit there and eat :)

  11. What a great seating area. I bet many happy movie nights are had there.

  12. I love your brown transfer ware! I have found my self drawn to creams and browns lately!! I don't know why! yOur table vignette is so pretty!

  13. I LOVE that silver box!!! ESPECIALLY the top!!!
    If you decide that it is for sale, please let me know. Such a pretty vignette!!! Thanks for sharing!

  14. Your home is gorgeous and this sitting area is stunning. LOVE the chairs and the upholstery is wonderful. The table with the little bench under is perfect for lovely vignettes. Your new display is lovely. Using the sham is such a great idea. Everything looks beautiful. Thanks so much for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  15. Nancy, your bedroom is gorgeous and the sitting area adds the finishing touch. Thanks for sharing and for the inspiration.

    Have a wonderful day,

  16. Nancy I love your bedroom! Your bed is so much like mine! And I couldn't believe it when you showed the picture of your armoire that houses the tellie... we have an old suitcase on top of ours too that was from somebody in Paul's family! That's where the similarities stop though because my bedroom is such a mess that I can't enjoy it anymore. But I'm going to get to it someday and do a post about it like you did. Oh, I LOVE that fabric on your chairs, I think you should go with it and not try to cover it up or hide it with contrast. I'm noticing that you have repeated the chair color on the bed pillows, they go with the rug - I think it's all very cozy. And what you did with grandmas broach on the candle is priceless.

    I enjoyed your post, haven't been here in a while - I'm going to look at the pics one more time after I sign off here ;)

    New England Style

  17. Hi Nancy, I have the honor of being your "linky" neighbor over at Faded Charm's White Wednesday. I think that brown and white platter is just divine! I have been looking high and low for the right kind like that for a while, and not found it, yours is fantastic, and Copeland is simply the best. Wonderful Vignette, xoxo tami

  18. This post took my breath away - SERIOUSLY! SO beautiful - the brooch from your grandmother ROCKS! Happy White Wednesday - Tanya

  19. Nancy, you never cease to amaze me! Everything you create is so beautiful!!

    Susan and Bentley

  20. Beautiful bedroom and the sitting area at the foot of your bed is gorgeous. Such a warm and relaxing room. ~~Sherry~~

  21. Your bedroom is beautiful and the sitting area at the foot of your bed is so warm and relaxing. ~~Sherry~~

  22. what a great arrangement! I love it, thanks for sharing such awesome inspiration.


  23. Love the look of the table, whole room looks so lovely and the chairs do make a statement. Oh so pretty

  24. That table is wonderful! I can remember seeing one...years ago! I love your pretty display and that you left the top so you can see some of it and enjoy it! ♥

  25. I love it, I want a sitting area at the end of my bed! Thanks so much for linking up to Beyond the Picket Fence.

  26. I love it, I want a sitting area too! Thanks so much for linking up to Beyond the Picket Fence.

  27. What a gorgeous, comfy spot. The game table and accessories really do say English Country. Great place for relaxing! Thanks for linking up for the party,

  28. Hi Nancy~ Absolutely beautiful! I love your little sitting area and the gorgeous plates around that armoire! Sooo pretty! Thanks for sharing at Feathered Nest Friday! :)
    *My comment on your pink and green table didn't appear to go thru & was gone- so I commented again- sorry if it double posted! :)

  29. This is lovely. You have a great blog. I look forward to seeing you at My Dream Canvas:-)

  30. Oh Nancy, this is just gorgeous! I adore those trophy/loving cups -- so beautiful! And omigosh, I'm drooling over the display of dishes around the armoire! You bedroom is a dream!


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