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A photo Shoot With Iris & Arundel

My Mother in law came to Easter dinner with an absolutely breathtaking bouquet of freshly cut Iris's from her garden.   She has always grown the prettiest flowers!   I've recently been enjoying photographing fresh flowers with some of my transferware and I've been a little in love with the color combination of teal, lavender and blue lately.

I couldn't resist taking some photos of a few of the Iris' together with these antiqueRoyal Doulton plates which had just arrived. 

The name of the pattern on the plates is Arundel and they over well over 100 years old, dating from 1890-1902. 
(photo via Arundel Castle)
 The pattern is named after Arundel Castle, where there are about more than 10 outstanding gardens which have been open to visitors since 1854.
(photo via Arundel Castle)

Iris, Most Beautiful Flower Symbol of life, love and light' Found by the brook, and the meadow, Or lofty, on arable height. You come in such glorious colours, In hues, the rainbow surpass; The chart of…

God's Love Gives Endurance

I am sharing more than just a pretty table this Easter.  I'm sharing a poem my Mother wrote in 1977.   It is called, " God's Love Gives Endurance" and I think its sentiment speaks much about the love God has for each of us.  I hope you enjoy it!  
GOD'S LOVE GIVES ENDURANCE ©Marilyn Stubbs Robinson 1977

Unto each life torrential rains will fall Rolling their grief-ladened clouds all about;

But, for each storm is a protecting wall Of powerful strength in God's love enroute,

For there from His mighty throne upon high Comes with them a majesty all God's own

Of grace and comfort for those who are nigh The precious caring that His love has known.

In mercy He keeps each dark cloud of gloom Unto His compassion which then is cast

Before each one who by faith will assume Forbearance whenever His help is asked.

Life's storms seem foreboding without God's love, Very close to the heart and near at hand;

But, they who trusting in Him from above Find endurance though they not u…