Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Help Choose My New Logo, A Giveaway & Bragging About & Thanks to My Famous Niece!

By now, most of you know I've moved my shop from Etsy to my own website, Nancy's Daily Dish.   Temporarily the website is set up with a basic template but the new design should be installed around the middle of the month.   I feel like a little kid waiting for Christmas while anticipating its launch. 

I asked (sent a weepy FB message to) my advertising executive niece, Tiffany Rolfe, partner at Co:Collective for some much needed direction on web design, etc.  She has a background in web design and is now an industry leader in the advertising world so I thought who could be better to ask?    She is doing more than advising me, but helping put the whole website together in her spare time, while she's at home with her new born baby Myla…the newest addition to our family, born on Jonah's birthday!  Isn't she so precious?  I am obsessed with her name, Myla Pearl.  Too sweet.

Tiffany is very well known throughout the advertising world.  Her work has been featured on the covers of major publications like The New York Times, The Huffington Post, the Wall Street Journal, Salon, Advertising Age, Adweek and others. 

You've probably seen many of my nieces ad campaigns on television as she works with Fortune 500 companies like Google, You Tube, Old Navy, Microsoft, GE, Victorias Secret, American Express, BMW, Mini Cooper, Volkswagen, Ikea, Virgin Atlantic Airways, and more than I can possibly name off the top of my head.

Here is Tiff looking very mannequin-ish for a magazine shoot about her Old Navy ads for which she was creative director.  She also led the pitch on this $200 million account!  (image credit Kevin Knight)

 In addition to her uber impressive slew of clientele, Tiffany has not only served as juror for most major awards shows, but she has herself garnered nearly, if not, every major advertising award in the world from several Grand Prix's to the first ever given Titanium Lion at Cannes, the most prestigious international annual advertising and communications awards in the world.  Advertising Age named her as "Women to Watch" in 2009 and Young Guns named her as one of the top 10 Creatives of the Decade in 2010.  I could go on and on about the dozens and dozens of accolades she has won or been named for or the famous ads she has directed.  Most recently, she moderated a chat at Cannes with David Karp, tumblr. founder!

Here is my 6 month pregnant niece, Tiff,  this past June at Cannes in a sit down chat she moderated with tumblr. founder, David Karp. ( image credit )

So you get the picture, basically I'm saying she is the rock star of the advertising world.   Like I said, Tiff does work for Fortune 500 companies so when she jumped in to help me with my website; my itty bitty, more like an In The Red 500 company =), I could not have been more excited, or proud, to have her help.  Nor could I be more in need because I have no idea what I am doing.  I am truly grateful, Tiffany!

My daughters, Kalyn and Ashton, and some of my nieces including Tiffany (turkey head) at Thanksgiving one year.  Tiffany decked all the girls out with Old Navy duds.  I can't remember how the mustache's got brought out.  All I can say is that it's not unusual for my family to do this sort of thing! 

When I first discussed my website with Tiffany she logged onto my site and said, "I'm not judging" which is her polite way of telling me how crappy it looked.   I mentioned my logo, my homemade logo, and asked her advice on what I should do with it.  I didn't want to change it too much because I feel I've established the transferware hands to the blog about transferware.  Tiff agreed, saying that she thought the hands were "iconic and they say to your readers that this is your offering".  She summed up exactly how I feel about those hands and why I chose them in the first place.  They are my small offering of what I know about transferware and want to share with everyone.  So, we agreed that the design really just needed to be freshened up.  I call it updated vintage.  I like that it's simple, fresh and clean but still easily recognizable as Nancy's Daily Dish.  I would really appreciate your two cents worth as well.  So, my question to you all is which logo do you like best?  

Do you like the first one with the hands inside the frame and excluding the tag line 'with an emphasis on English transferware'?

 Or do you like the second one below with the hands overlapping the frame and including the tag line? 

Or would you choose the first one with hands inside the frame but WITH the tag line below?   

I thought it would be fun to have a giveaway to my shop as part of the voting so I've decided to give one gift certificate good for up to $50 at my website,  We are still in the process of listing everything to the new site and have about 900 pieces thus far, so lots to choose from with lots of English transferware finds added every day!

First entry: Just leave a comment with your logo choice, 1, 2, or 3 and/or any other suggestions you'd like to see on the site.  
Second entry:  leave an additional comment on what you'd spend the $50 on from my shop along with the link to it. 
 Third Entry: either blog, facebook or tweet the giveaway and post  the link to your blog post, FB, Tweet, etc.  That's it.  I'll close the giveaway in a week and announce a random winner then. 

Thank you so much for participating and giving your opinions which I value greatly!

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