Thursday, October 14, 2010

Halloween Tablescape by Bonehead Bob and Me!

On Halloween the thing you must do
Is pretend that nothing can frighten you And if something scares you and you want to run Just let on like it's Halloween fun. ~Author Unknown~
Dinner will be served in the dining room this evening by my friend, Bonehead Bob.  Come on in, pull up a chair and dig right in...if you dare.

On tonights menu we'll be having Cranial Crunch, Bob's specialty stew he simmers for two weeks in a Cauldron given to him by his Grandmother back in 1644. 


Bonehead Bob helped me set the table.  We began with these black Heritage Lace placemats from Priscillas Lace and Linens. We layered them over white dinner napkins, placed at an angle, so the scene on the placemats would really show up.

As Bob has carefully planned our evening, he has opted for non traditional flatware at each setting.   He says skewers will be needed for the eyeball roast over an open fire, and miniature pitch forks for each guest to catch a rat, snake or any vermin they desire.  He'll bake our catches, if we wish, with special seasonings purchased from Cryptomart.
The big serrated knives, Bob says, are to get every last bit of gristle left on our carcasses.

Bob and I both chose these cute orange beaded coasters and matching napkin rings from Always Elegant, to add a bit of bling-a-bility to the table.  The orange organza napkins came from the same place.

At each setting we've included themed tealight candles from Zest Candles  and  RIP tombstones.   Bonehead Bob was so excited to give these as party favors to our guests.  He said, 'It's the gift that lasts at least several lifetimes".

The black transferware dinner plates were stacked on an old iron fish bowl stand so as not to obstruct the view of the placemats.  

On top of the plates is a big jack o lantern pumpkin luminary candle.  We kept switching between the orange and black.  Which do you like best?

I love these Spider luminary candles...they're my favorite.  There is a pattern of webs and spiders of cut black wax over white so that they cast an eery glow.

We're ready, we've set the table and the stew is still bubbling as the fire is burning.  We're just waiting for you to come and join us.

When black cats prowl and pumpkins gleam,
May luck be yours on Halloween.
~Author Unknown

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Why I Like Halloween

Like most people, I love seeing the transition of colors as leaves turn and begin to fall from the trees.  I love the sound of the wind, the crispness in the air, putting on the first sweater of the season and the cool days and nights that Autumn brings...but it's much more than the reprieve of Summer why I've  loved the month of October and Halloween.

I am an October baby.  My sister, Lauri, is also an October baby and often, as children, we celebrated our birthdays together.  Sometimes they were Halloween themed parties.  Lauri and I are the only girls in the family, with six older brothers and have always had a special bond and been very close to one another.  

We grew up in a neighborhood that seemed to be the trick or treating capital of the universe.   I remember one woman who dressed as a witch and sat out in the cul-de-sac in front of her home with a huge cauldron of punch over dry ice so it appeared that she was brewing up some poisonous stew of sorts.  Another house always left a big bowl of candy on their porch for the trick or treaters.  I've never really understood that concept of leaving a bowl of goodies out for the kiddos.  Not that I speak from personal experience or anything but it was always a First Come, Only Served type of deal.  You can bet there was always a race to see who made it to that house first.   And of course there was the lady who handed out apples every year.  We never ate apples for fear of chomping right into a razor blade, but we did have a fun time seeing whose apple rolled furthest down the street.  One year Lauri had a broken foot, but no way did that keep us from trick-or-treating. My Dad, with Lauri in costume and in the back seat,  drove alongside me as I walked house to house carrying two pumpkins so I could collect her treats for her.
So, for me, October is a special month, a special time of year, a special season of sisterhood.  

I have fun with Halloween decorating. Today I'm sharing some fun Halloween candles and a sneak peak at my Halloween tablescape I'll post tomorrow along with a few pics of my outdoor decor.

I love candles any time of the year but it's fun to have some themed for the season.  I got a slew of Halloween candles from Zest Candles.    On one side of my buffet I used two skull taper candles and a big skull candle placed in a skeleton hand stand I got a few years ago.   The skeleton tapers are only $15 for a box of 12!  I saw a pair similar the other day for more than that.  

 The lamp shade on the right of my buffet is also a pendant you can hang and comes with an attachment to include a bulb.  I love this!  It's a Heritage Lace piece which you can get at Priscilla's Lace and Linens.  Click Halloween Linens to see her fun collection.

Love these 'drip' candles below.  Zest Candles carries them in several colors.
These Spider luminary candles are my favorites!  

If you've been around here much, then you've already met Trevor, he is part of my Halloween display.

Now, let me introduce you to Marcus the Carcass. He resides at the Dead End Cemetery in front of the house.  I hope he likes the special treat I gave him for supper.

Hope you all will come back tomorrow to see my dining room decorated for Halloween and a I'll introduce to two more ghoulish Halloween friends.

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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Shawn would have trashed this too!

Do you remember the dining table I fashioned from a bird cage my husband had trashed?  Read/View that post HERE.  Well...if you do remember that table, then you may remember me telling you how Shawn will throw anything out with the most minute of flaws or simply because he hasn't a use for it and I, lacking any pride, admitted that I've dumpster dove in my own trash. 

A few months ago we got a container of furniture in which included a large secretary desk.  Behind the doors there should have been an insert with divided spaces and drawers for letters, stationary, etc.  It was not included.  Fortunately we sold the desk for what we'd expected to get out of it had it come with the insert.  The following month another container arrived from the same place and the insert was put on this container.  I could tell Shawn was going to take it right out the back door and toss it in the dumpster but I sweet talked him out of it.  For all of you amazing DIYer's in blogland and beyond, this isn't a spectacular re-do or makeover so I hope you're not too disappointed, but simply taking something that was intended for one thing and using it as another.  Immediately upon seeing this desk insert I knew what I'd do with it:

1) Add some hooks to the back and hang it on a wall in my store.  

2) Fill it with transferware

3) Anxiously await the arrival of a like desk so I can swipe the insert for myself.

 A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to beat others. 
~Ayn Rand

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