Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Inside My Curio Cabinet & a CSN $50 Giveaway

A few weeks ago I shared some photos of my curio cabinet full of red glass, silverware and transferware.
Here's a closer peek at some of the things I store inside.
A pretty swan shaped, crystal vase that was given to Shawn and me as a wedding gift by family. 

 My favorite things in here are the pierced, silver plates and heart shaped bowls that belonged to my Great Aunt and Uncle.  Some of these pieces are engraved with their initials.  I lined the back of some of the shelves with these.  They are tarnished and obviously could use a cleaning...but I kind of like the worn and weathered look against the sparkle of glass and crystal.

In front of the pierced plates stands a row of Waterford wine hocks paired with a row of vintage Ruby Flash thumbprint glasses.  At the center is a decanter that also belonged to my Great Aunt & Uncle.  I draped a beaded bottle cover over it to add a little extra sparkle.

 Almost all of the red glassware in here belonged to my Mom and/or her Mom, my Grandma Stubbs.

 This heart shaped dish had actually belonged to my Great Uncle Art's parents.  It is one I used at my Valentines Day table this year.  It's my favorite piece.  I love the heavy detailing of the flowers around the border.

All of the transferware pieces are some I've collected over the years.  This toothbrush holder is a favorite. I know, your'e probably wondering what the heck an antique toothbrush holder is doing in here?  It's short, looks good and doesn't obstruct the view to the I love cramming as much stuff as I can in here!

What about these transferware pieces that look like vases?  These are all lamps...well without the electrical wiring and such.  I don't know why but I love these things.  I have 7 or 8.  The white bride and groom are old Avon bottles.  My Mom made a floral arrangement with these at the center first for my cousins wedding shower and then for mine.  They must be at least 30 years old.  Anyway, more sentimental stuff I can't get rid of. 
The bottom shelf holds a tea service, also belonging to my Great Aunt Anna Lee & Uncle Art.  The rocking horse was one of my children's first coin banks.

  Some of you asked me what the brass tag (at the top of the curio) reads.   My curio was a gift from my hubby on our 2nd wedding anniversary.  This was a MAJOR purchase for us at the time.   Like most young (I was 18) married couples we were b-r-o-k-e.   Some things never change. ;-)
Shawn had a tag engraved for the curio...and, well, here is what it reads:

 One final look inside.... let's close the curio doors and get on to the giveaway.

 CSN Stores contacted me once again and offered one of my readers a $50 gift certificate good towards any purchase at any of their 200+ stores. If you've been around blogland you are probably familiar with CSN and probably already have a few things picked out you'd love to have...I know I do!     Whatever you're shopping for, you're sure to be able to find it here. Two of my boys have been saving money for a
 flat panel tv stands to hold their tv and video game consoles.  CSN has lots of styles to choose from, be it traditional or completely contemporary styled. There are tons of finishes, painted or stained, and options such as corner tv stands!  If you're in the market for one, click this link and look around. 

All you need to do is leave a comment on this post and you're entered.  Become a follower and enter again with an additional comment.  For a third entry, fan me on Facebook and leave another comment here on this post.

Winner will be announced next Wednesday, March 9th.

Monday, February 28, 2011

I Found a Transfer Printed Cheese Shop Stand!

I have long wanted one of these old ironstone shop display stands.  Originally these English ironstone stands were used in markets and grocery stores as counter top displays for margarine, butter, lard and cheese.  Most were in use between the late 1800's and early 1900's.  

I love the look...oh, and did I mention that these are transfer printed wares?   Yes, they are transferware, so you know I like that about them too! ;-)  
My Cheese slab is about 14" x 14" x 2" and holds three transfer ware pitchers which contain my everyday cooking utensils.  

All of these I have seen have cutouts at the side for easier least that's what I've assumed they're for.

I about jumped out of my skin when I found mine on Etsy for a mere $38!  What's even better than paying $38 is that I traded something I already had for it so it didn't really cost me a thing! Yeehaw!  That's my kind of deal!

Mi display has this mark on the back which reads:  G Rushbrooke Ltd. (Smithfield).  I don't know enough about these to know if this is a true antique or a reproduction.  Do any of you know?  I'm guessing it's a repro.

I do know that Joanne Hudson makes some reproductions made from original molds, like these:

This 9" round is currently on sale for $103.99 + shipping at Joanne Hudson.  

Joanne Hudson pieces have the makers mark on the top of the slab.

   Parnall & Sons was a shop fitting manufacturer in Bristol, England who had slabs made for them by Wedgwood.  Here are photos of an original, rectangular shaped dairy slab with the Parnall & Sons 'Justice' stamp on top.   This one has no wording on its sides.

This original Pure Butter slab by Parnell & Sons is currently listed at an online antiques store for $1599, with damage noted.  And, that is $1599.00 not $15.99.  Holy cow!
If you see one like this on Ebay, be wary as there is a seller who lists these as 'original' when they are not.  The price is much less of course, but be careful about buying one and what you pay for it if you want only an original.  The reproduction looks identical to this (less the chip) because it is made from the original mold.

Here is an old round Margarine slab (online for about $1600.00),
and a rectangular, Pure Lard, slab.  This one, if at my house, would be a constant reminder that I need to shed some poundage.

My utensils were previously held in this wicker tray and now are on the cheese slab. 

These old, or new, dairy slabs are great for display or serving.  They add so much character and have tons of vintage appeal and charm.

Tomorrow I'll announce another CSN giveaway, so come back and enter then!


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