Friday, April 1, 2016

A Tartan Kind of Morning

Good morning all!  
Decidedly, this is my favorite spot in the house for a cup of morning coffee.

Mornings here are still a bit nippy so I've been keeping a large tartan shawl that doubles as a throw over my favorite chair. 

I've had National Tartan Day on my mind for a few weeks now and it is quickly winding down to the day itself, April 6th.  I decided to spend a little morning time perusing through my collection of Scottish clan books.

I figured I may as well indulge my part Scottish, tartan loving self and have my coffee in what I think is a fitting cup and saucer.

And while I'm at, I'll tuck a few pieces of my Mother in laws homemade biscotti (which is the bomb, btw) into this Scottish butter dish....a perfect fit! 
 Note to self:  vintage butter dishes make adorable biscotti holders and would be great for gifting!

Mmmm...a yummy combination!

I think my impromptu 'Scottish' themed morning is going to be a nice one, and I have needed it for a looooong time.

 Now, I'll settle in with a sip, a dunk and a good read.

 I hope you have a lovely morning!