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Dream Yourself A Fairytale

I would like to be a princess, If but only for a day Pretending life's a fairytale Casting all my cares away
I'd like to live in a place where all I ever needed Appeared before my very eyes, And where every person embraces honesty, Where there is no knowledge of betrayal; of lies.
I'd like to live in a place where everything holds beauty Beyond all I can compare, Where sorrow is but a gentle mist That swiftly vanishes in the air.
Oh, can't I live in a place where there is no need for accolades- For life is the most awesome prize, A place where no person ever hid his feelings; No reason for a masking disguise?
Indeed, I would love to be a princess Or a damsel who knows not distress No pretending life is a fairytale, For all lives are lived with zest.
I want to live as if pain is just a thought That left us all far, far behind, Where love is an arrant right No person is ever denied.
I muse a place where honor is to all A quiet, unadorned truth- Where character is a revered virtue Instilled upon ou…

Prosciutto, Sausage, Spinach & Smoked Gouda Stuffed Pork Tenderloin

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Emeril Lagasse said, "food that is beautiful to look at seems to taste better than food that isn't".  I have to agree, and say that this tenderloin tastes every bit as delicious as it looks...and do you want to know what the best part about this gorgeous dish is?  The tenderloin came pre-cooked and packaged which tremendously cut down on prep and cooking time.   Actually from my vantage point, that may be the second best thing...the best thing is I didn't have to do anything but watch my hubs put this together and tie some butchers twine around the tenderloin.  Shawn did it all! I like, I like!
 This is really easy to prepare (or in my case, to watch it be prepared) and will easily fool your guests into thinking you've been cooking over a hot stove all day long!

Prosciutto, Sausage, Spinach & Smoked Gouda Stuffed Pork Tenderloin
2 1/2 lb precooked pork tenderloin 1 1/2 lbs cooked, drained &…

Spoon Rests as Salad Plates Tablescape

I just love using things in ways they were not intended to be I've used these cute flower spoon rests as appetizer plates.  

 These brown polychrome transfer ware plates by Wood and Sons make the perfect backdrop for the oversized spoon rests .  The pattern name is Hyde.

The napkins holders are square shaped, with a rusty bronze finish and decorated with leaves across the top.
Galvenized buckets make cute napkin holders too

Last year, I posted a similar table using the same plates and spoon rests.  It was more of a Garden Themed setting, which you can see HERE.
I served my chicken salad from the spoon rest plates.  

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A Dress Giveaway from Shabby Apple

I was recently contacted by an online dress boutique that I simply adore..Shabby Apple, to give away a dress to one of my readers. If you've been around blogland much lately you may be familiar with this wonderful company and the beautiful, timeless line of women's dresses they carry.
Shabby Apple offers an array of lovely, time inspired, wholesome designed dresses for women and teens as well as little girl's dresses and maternity dresses.  They also have a lovely collection of jewelry, shoes, and accessories.
Here are some of my favorite dresses from Shabby Apple...what's yours? Penelope and Odysseus from theGolden Gatecollection  (love the dress, love the flowers, love her hair, love the photo!)
Le Neche Negra Black, military style dress (love the shoes too!)
Freshwater Pearl (I love white dresses and I love boots with dresses)
Atlantic Fog (t-shirt material, ruffles, suitable for any time of year...and love the boots!)
This Side of Paradise (love the ruffles and love the plum co…

Pretty Ways to Store Cooking Utensils (yes, using transferware!)

I used to store my everyday cooking utensils in brown transfer ware pitchers.  Now that we've moved, I am decorating with red in the kitchen and have decided to use red transfer ware pitchers for utensil storage.  It is so convenient having our most used utensils in sight and close at hand, and it's a great way to show off a small collection.  

Isn't this rooster pitcher darling?
No, you don't absolutely have to use transferware pitchers to store your utensils.  Below, Martha Stewart uses white ironstone pitchers to house some of her cooking utensils as well as.... vintage crocks to hold other cooking utensils (I'm guessing these are two different houses or props)
Chez Larsson uses a flower pot to hold utensils
Toni, at A Bowl Full of Lemons, also stores some of her utensils in an old crock.  I love this!

If you choose to store your utensils in any kind of breakable containers I highly suggest that you stuff some old rags or napkins into the bottom of each container as t…