Saturday, June 18, 2011

Dream Yourself A Fairytale

I would like to be a princess,
If but only for a day
Pretending life's a fairytale
Casting all my cares away

I'd like to live in a place where all I ever needed
Appeared before my very eyes,
And where every person embraces honesty,
Where there is no knowledge of betrayal; of lies.

I'd like to live in a place where everything holds beauty
Beyond all I can compare,
Where sorrow is but a gentle mist
That swiftly vanishes in the air.

Oh, can't I live in a place where there is no need for accolades-
For life is the most awesome prize,
A place where no person ever hid his feelings;
No reason for a masking disguise?

Indeed, I would love to be a princess
Or a damsel who knows not distress
No pretending life is a fairytale,
For all lives are lived with zest.

I want to live as if pain is just a thought
That left us all far, far behind,
Where love is an arrant right
No person is ever denied.

I muse a place where honor is to all
A quiet, unadorned truth-
Where character is a revered virtue
Instilled upon our youth.

Oh, to live where dreams are reality
And all to each are kind
Where suffering is bygone-
Not anyplace that I can find...

I contemplate a place where every child knows a smile
Of joy which has no self control-
I only crave this as the truth,
Facts we could all behold.

I know, you cannot be all merry,
Just some glorious fable...
But still, dream yourself a fairytale.
Believe that you are able.

It would be so nice, just for a day...
To live my life with much laughter.
I will dream a fairytale anyway,
Endeavoring to live happily ever after.

~Nancy M Roberts~

Photo Danish photographer Ditte Isager for Bloomingdales

An Invitation to my other blog:
where writing is silent vocalization,
where words give life to life...

From time to time I publish one of my poems here at Nancy's Daily Dish.  My poetry, if it can be called such, is mostly derived from the more serious side of me...a part of me that I don't often reveal.  

Some of you have sent me such complimentary and kind messages and  with them, a handful of you have asked about me publishing more of my poems to this blog.  Several months ago I decided to start another blog solely for that publish some of my poems.  That blog is called Writing Abode (I am seriously in like with the word abode!).
 So, please consider this an informal invitation to visit, or follow, me at my other blog, Writing Abode.  
I welcome you there.


  1. Oh, Nancy that is one of your best poems! I really liked that. I started another blog just for my photography. I am much better with pictures than words. I am so happy you are writing for a blog your very talented. I'll hop over there.

  2. Nancy, you know I admire your talent. I'm one who has suggested you publish your poetry. So thank you for the invitation. I'm flying on over to Abode as soon as I hit publish comment. ~ Sarah
    Have always loved the sound of the word, abode. ;-)

  3. nancy, such beautiful thoughts. Thanks for being a part of Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  4. Beautiful poem, beautiful bed and beautiful person! Thanks for sharing with us!!

    Miss Bloomers

  5. What a beautiful poem, Nancy!!

    I love the word Abode too. I usually call our home "Our Humble Abode".


  6. Wouldn't we all love a nicer world.
    I think starting a blog where you can share your poetry is the best idea.

  7. Your poem is beautiful Nancy! My wedding band is inscribed with Happily Ever After. It is a lovely way to dream.

  8. Nancy,

    Such lovely words (and I love the fairytale bed!). Dream on! (And write on).

  9. Beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing that with us, Nancy!

  10. Nancy -- love this poem and this sentiment. Make sure your work is copywrited :). Love the pic too -- that bed is to die for. Joni


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