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My Autumn Entryway & J F Wileman Sporting Scenes

Do you ever get to where you're sick of your decor' and think nothing looks good?  I sometimes do and recently it lead me to taking all of the pictures and mirror off of my entry wall.  I hung two different paintings/pictures over the entry table and left them up for a day or so only to decide that I missed the mirror hanging there.  So, I hung it up right back where it had been and decided to rearrange the table top vignette for Autumn.  I've still not hung anything else but the mirror back on the wall, hence the reason you won't be seeing it today, but I am conjuring up a few ideas for the space.    Here is the Autumn themed entry table.
I usually have a piece or two from my red transferware collection displayed here but lately I have wanted to bring in more greens and browns.   I brought out a couple of the reversible houndstooth blanket scarves  I sell in my shop.  I just love these because they are so versatile...they are tartan on the opposite side and come in seve…

Columbus on Transferware

Considered Historical Staffordshire,  English transferware pieces first began documenting scenes of America  battles, discoveries, treaties, landmarks and the progression of transport and trade in 1825.  They are highly collectible and sought after wares.
In honor of Columbus Day today, I'm sharing a pattern from the William Adams & Sons potteries dating to about 1830-40. 
There are several scenes in the series, each depicting the arrival of Christopher Columbus and his ships to the American shore. The Native American tribe stands on the proper right, against a backdrop of mountains and rich vegetation. The four corners of the plate decorated with rectangular cartouches with alternating scenes of prancing deer and grazing bisons against foliate backgrounds, unified by a scalloped border with a floral chain interlaced with scrolled floral motifs. Four elaborate flower garlands on a grey ground decorate the spaces between the cartouches. The whole is encircled by a thin border of …

1st Autumn Tablescape 2018 w/ Spode Byron

Hi everyone!  Well, it's sure been quite a while, hasn't it?   Your consistently inconsistent blogger here is back, at least for a few posts.   I hope you're all doing well and have happy, smiling faces!  Here in Tulsa, we had a few beautiful days just cool enough to know that Fall weather is on its way, so I decided to set the table with some of my favorite dishes, Spode Byron

 This tablescape really began with some roses I picked up at our local Sams Club.  I bought two bunches of them along with some carnations.  The edges of the roses are tinged with an orangey - burgundy color and are so striking. I couldn't resist them.   I love having fresh flowers in the house and being able to use them as props when taking pictures of items going in the it's a good way to justify buying them ;-).  Some of these pieces just came in and they look so pretty together with greens, browns and touches of burnt reds.

I set the table with a long, blanket scarf using th…

Celebrating Valentines Day and a Tablescape

How do you celebrate Valentines Day?  We don't have any particular tradition here.  Of course I love a romantic dinner with Shawn but we are both such homebodies that going out on the busiest dinner date night of the year really isn't that appealing to either of us, not to mention he has some nightmares about Valentines Day in the restaurant business that I think he'd rather just forget.  More often than not, we stay at home for a low key, quiet Valentines Day and save our date nights out where there aren't big crowds.   The very first tablescabe I ever posted on my blog (or anywhere, for that matter) was our 2010 family Valentines Day table.  I also shared our Valentines Day menu and recipes.   I have to say that looking back at those first ever tablescape photos is a little more than embarrassing (hence the reason there is no link to it! lol). 
A few nights ago we were catching up on 'This Is Us' and Ashton asked Shawn and me about Valentines Day ideas for her…