Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Carve me a river.....

A river of furniture, that is.  Here are some of the pieces we just imported.  They're all hand carved.  They are also  my excuse for not posting more the past couple of weeks.  
We've got the entire front room painted and one side room painted and papered.  
When I get it all put together I'm going to post some pictures.  
Exciting times.

Lion Tub Chairs
We always sell these as a pair but I envision a set of four around a game table.  I'm not really a huge fan of lions but these are my exception.  They're comfy to!

I love this bed.  Flame mahogany, four posters, rods all around for curtains or sheers.    Can't you imagine it with pillows piled high and a pretty fabric wound around the poles or drapes across the back?    One of my sponsors, Ma Jolie Maison Fabrics and Drapes  sent me some custom chintz drapes I'm thinking of using around the back of the bed, against the spiced orange wall on the left.

We've got several benches in but this is my favorite.  Love the carving, love the button tufted top.

French Country Wheat Back Chairs

Irish Trestle Table

One of my favorite armoires we carry...

You've seen these chairs in lots of my tablescapes.  I have four of these around my breakfast table, upholstered in a different fabric.
These French Country footstools / ottomans come in a set of three sizes, which we sell individually.  I've got a set with blue fabric and another set with a gold fabric.  Love these to!

I think this fireplace surround / mantle has an Art Deco feel.

I'll have to dress this tea trolley up one day for Lady Katherine.
'Strange how a teapot can represent at the same time the comforts of solitude and the pleasures of company. ~author unknown~

The top of this torchere stand comes off, revealing a hidden storage area below.  Not sure what I'd hide inside it though.

I've always liked this mirror.  It's got doors that open.  I really like all the filigree carving around it to.

Who doesn't like Collie dogs?

I like anything and everything barley twist,.

And this, I want.  I love the octagonal shape and filigree carved sides.

This piece is so cool...it's accessible from either side. 

Big Horn Sheep Plant Stand and while I'm on the subject....

but more because I felt like being totally random....
Ashton, Shawn and me feeding Rocky Mountain big horn sheep in Colorado Springs, four years ago.  We had a wonderful, and very rare, opportunity through the Colorado Division of Wildlife to take part in this daily event of feeding that only park rangers normally get to do.  The Colorado Division of Wildlife 
 has ongoing research with the decline of sheep and how bighorns fall prey to pneumonia, parasitic lungworm and other diseases.  The food we gave them was treated with medications to help fight and prevent disease.  It was an amazing day!

What's your favorite piece of furniture?  

At length, however, there was no room in the galleries for another table; no room on the tables for another cabinet; no room in the cabinet for another rose-bowl; no room in the bowl for another handful of potpourri; there was no room for anything anywhere; in short the house was furnished.  ~Virginia Woolf

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  1. Wowzers! That furniture is amazing! You said you guys import it but where can I look at it for sale? I love the barley twist side table. What a neat business. You always have props.

  2. Hi Nancy! Wow you have some really nice furniture in your store! Do you only sell it from your physical store or do you also sell it through the Internet? I see you must be swamped with all of it, but don't forget your friends out here in blogland!! I have been vacationing but will be returning to real life shortly~and soon will be in my routine. But I have a few projects in mind when I return. Miss you! Xxoo

  3. wow!!! you got some beautifully crafted furniture! they are all amazingly beautiful! love most of them!.

  4. Oh my word! I am in love! I love the bench, the stair shelves & drawers and would love to see the ottomans with the blue fabric. I really want those shelves though!

    ~ Tracy

  5. Nancy this furniture is absolutely out of this world gorgeous!! It would all do wonders to dress up my old Victorian home here!!

    Love the Co pictures too! We are expecting rain here in CO today= looking forward to it - the flowers do so well after natures watering!

    bee blessed

  6. I commented on your beautiful furniture also. But, blogger has had problems with comments disappearing and I see mine has vanished. I will try again. My question was also, do you sell this furniture on the internet? It is absolutely gorgeous. Have a great week.

  7. THe CO pictures were wonderful. I enjoyed coming and visiting hope you can stop by my place soon. Debbie

  8. Ooo...I love the wheat-back chairs and the other set and the trestle table. Now I'm drooling! And dreaming! {{{sigh}}}

  9. Oh my goodness....what gorgeous furniture. The French stools are wonderful!

  10. The stepped piece would make a fabulous room-divider in my house.
    And don't let me start on the octagonal table- want it, want it.

  11. WOW what was my favorite...so many...I really liked the chairs too, although not a lion fan either, something about those are really special! We love antiques too...thanks so much for joining in on my party this week. I would love to see more from you!!~ Also, if you could add my link I would so appreciate that, so that people get to know about the party too. Have a good one:) Debbie

  12. That tea trolly is amazing. I've never seen anything like it.

  13. Nancy,
    OMG!!! You are killing me here with all of that magnificent furniture!! I just kept gasping as a scrolled down and then I thought I couldn't catch my breath!!!!
    The tea trolley is to DIE FOR!!!!!!!


  14. Wow what garage sale did you find these treasures at! ha! I love the tea trolley! Everything is beautiful!


  15. Just visiting from debbiedoos party! Those are very beautiful and unique pieces. I love that tea trolley and that armoire!

  16. I have several favorites and you are even inspiring me to clean house to make some room. (You are evil!) I would call the dog a pharoh hound, rather than a collie. Very Egyptian looking.
    How do you manage not to take everything home???

  17. OMG! Where on earth did you find all of this beautiful furniture! I would love to have all of it!!

  18. I now have your logo on my blogspot...big undertaking for me at this point. Also, I looked at your profile...oh my gosh!...we're neighbors! I'm at the other end of the Turnpike to the West. Small world!

  19. I am drooling over the step shelves. So many great things!

  20. Beautiful furniture! One thing, I think the "torchere stand with the hidden storage area" is actually a baptismal font (a stand at the front of the church to hold water for baptism). At one time There was probably a glass or silver bowl/dish inside the storage area that held water.


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