Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The North Ship ~ Purple Transferware Tablescape


I saw three ships go sailing by,
Over the sea, the lifting sea,

And the wind rose in the morning sky,
And one was rigged for a long journey.

The first ship turned towards the west,
Over the sea, the running sea,

And by the wind was all possessed
And carried to a rich country.

The second ship turned towards the east,
Over the sea, the quaking sea,

And the wind hunted it like a beast
To anchor in captivity.

The third ship drove towards the north,
Over the sea, the darkening sea,

But no breath of wind came forth,
And the decks shone frostily.

The northern sky rose high and black
Over the proud unfruitful sea,

East and west the ships came back
Happily or unhappily:

But the third went wide and far
Into an unforgiving sea

Under a fire-spilling star,
And it was rigged for a long journey.

~Philip Larkin~


Between Naps on the Porch for Tablescape Thursday
Ivy and Elephants for What's It Wednesday
Cuisine Kathleen for Let's Dish

Royal Staffordshire Purple Transferware in my Etsy shop HERE or email me (I have a service for four, plus teapot, sugar and creamer).  Each piece depicts a different ship/ship scene
Flatware:  Hampton Bamboo
Tablecloth:  Fishing Net (can get at craft stores)
Lavender Aroroc Glasses:  Ebay
Purple Footed Tumbler: World Market
Sea Shell Napkin Rings: Ebay
Clipper Ship Centerpiece:  Hobby Lobby
Seashells:  Trev brought them back from Oregon
Dinner Napkins:  Walmart Fall 2010


  1. Nancy, this is charming! I've been sitting here taking in all the details. Love this set of Royal Staffordshire. If I had a beach house, this is what I'd love to serve meals on. Your use of the fish net on the table is very clever. I'm going to copy that idea on a mermaid table I plan to create. Beautifully done with the images and Philip Larkin's words. Bravo!!! ~ sarah

  2. How gorgeous, Nancy! I don't think I have ever seen more than a piece of two of lavender transferware. Yours is just beautiful! Lovely setting all the way around- xo Diana

  3. Absolutely beautiful! Love this set!

  4. This is glorious! Are these in your store? The Larkin poem is perfect. Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

    1. Hi Cherry Kay,

      The dishes, with exception of the teapot, sugar and creamer (coming soon), are all listed individually my Etsy shop.
      It's such a beautiful pattern and so unusual to find in purple. In fact, I had never come across this in the purple before now. You are the third person to inquire about the set!


  5. Nancy, this is just lovely. I love the fish net on the table! Especially with such gorgeous china. just a sight to behold.. xo marlis

  6. Nancy, this is delightful! Love this set of Royal Staffordshire, and the fish net sets the mood!

  7. You always have the most beautiful china to share Nancy!! Love this tablescape ~ gorgeous!!

  8. Oh, this is gorgeous! I love the purple transferware! I am refollowing you because GFC has been acting like I don't follow anyone. You are still showing up in my reader though!

  9. Love purple, love the china, love the photos, love the poem, love your blog!

  10. Love the purple transferware and the nautical design. I love how the shells and the purple color work so beautifully together.

  11. Nancy, This table is exquisite! I am such a fan of purple transferware. The shells look so fabulous with the china! SWOON!

  12. I feel like I just went on a seafaring adventure! The dishes are just beautiful and the table you created is spectacular!

  13. Stunning NANCY, WHAT CAN I, my humble self, can SAY ABOUT THAT GORGEOUS TRANSFERWARE IN LAVENDER, I am so coveting!!!!!!! Your table with the sea theme is amazing!

  14. Nancy, I wish I had your experience in moving dishes. The purple transferware is so unique and the whole table is just fun. Love the purple footed glasses too. Joni

  15. Beautiful Nancy, love the pattern and especially the colors.

  16. Beautiful purple transferware! Thanks for linking and leaving a comment at Let's Dish!

  17. Love, love, love the purple! Just gorgeous.

    - The Tablescaper

  18. This is by far my FAVORITE tablescape ever, Nancy! Beautiful china, lovely poem, whimsical centerpiece, pretty and evocative accessories. Perfect in every way!


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