Sunday, July 8, 2012

Bee Skeps, Rural Scenes & Transferware GIVEAWAY

I know you know that one of my favorite transferware patterns is Rural Scenes. 

Whether it's red,





 or my personal fave, polychrome brown
I am enamored with pastoral scenes on transferware and these so fit the bill.
(click the photo to see the full tablescape with my Rural Scenes)

One thing I fell in love with about this set was the unique border.  It consists of various farming implements including a bee skep tucked back behind the tools and sheath of wheat. 

The bee skep has intrigued  me for the longest time because I've never seen one in person so I decided to google around and found some great images of collections and use in gardens. 

Bee Skeps are hand woven basket housings that were popular in Europe

Set out on a lush lawn these antique French Bee Skeps have got a perfect backdrop with the brick wall and English lavender.

This one has the perfect backdrop with my favorite flowering shrub, Hydrangea.  

How darling is this collection outside a barn, each on it's own antique stool?

Okay, these are obviously for sale but aren't they nice all lined up on the shelves?  Fun choices they are!

This pair looks perfectly suited amidst a Spring perennial garden.  

And how about that one behind the twig frames? Charming!

This antique French one was for sale at 52Flea...such a unique one being square.

Here is a collection of miniature bee skeps each on little stools which all set on one long bench amidst a garden.  I love this!

My blogging friend and customer from my long ago Ebay days, Delores of Vignette Design, has this skep in her garden.  

I like this one on the post!

A bee skep looks great just sitting out on the lawn

Bee skeps look great indoors too!

Source: LaCaze
Source: Pottery Barn
They even make great lighting cover.

I could easily start a collection of bee skeps...but I'll never quit collecting transferware...which brings me to the giveaway!  My blogging friend, Courtney, who writes the uber popular and beautiful blog French Country Cottage, is graciously hosting a giveaway for $50 to my Etsy shop, English Transferware.   Courtney loves transferware too and has a gorgeous green transferware collection of Ridgways Oriental that I just love!

   Pop on over to French Country Cottage and you'll also find a special 15% off discount code to use in my shop.  Tell Courtney I sent you and enter to win the $50 gift certificate to my English Transferware shop.


  1. Your transferware is beautiful!

  2. I love it every time I see it, Nancy! I believe I admired the platter to that plate in your shop for Courtney's giveaway post. I just love the scene and the border. I think it was the piece I said I'd get if I won!

  3. That purple transferware makes me sigh - so pretty!

  4. Nancy, this is such a fun and informative post. Love seeing all the images of the bee skeps. I've long been fascinated with bee skeps too. Don't have any, but I do have a few honey pots in the form a a bee skep. So many wonderful ideas for collections.
    I've been rearranging my kitchen cabinets and drawers today. The sweet little "juice" pitcher is now tucked inside my Irish Pine glass front cupboard holding flatware. It's such a darling piece. Thank you again and again! ~ sarah

  5. You know I've never seen this pattern except in the polychrome. I had a couple of dinner plates in my collection that I sold just before closing my shop. I loved the very detail you point out of the tools and skep. They went to a woman who loves both gardening and transferware. It's gorgeous! And the skep photos are terrific too. My son keeps bees and I always love to see the bee skep depicted on things. Nice post!

  6. I love ALL transferware! Just beautiful!

  7. I like all of the bee skep! Great pictures. I like the Transferware pieces too. I'm visiting from Seasonal Sundays

  8. This is the pattern that I have Nancy! I found a full set of dinner service for 8 in the purple on ebay last year...I was excited to see it highlighted here and to see what you had to say about it. Why I love it is because it has the gardening references and I love seeing the garden tools along the borders. I haven't ever owned a bee skep either...that was interesting to me to read about as well!

  9. What a gorgeous set of dishes. I used to have a wonderful old skep and when we moved it was supposed to go on the very back of the moving truck along with a few potted plants. SOMEONE forgot to put it on there and before I realized it was missing the new owners had moved in so I didn't dare go back and get it. I just love them, though- xo Diana

  10. Oh, my gosh, I've never seen these dishes!! And your table is simply gorgeous!! You certainly did them justice! And what a nice "coverage" of skeps--they're so earthy, or homey, or something warm and wonderful. Great post! ~Zuni

  11. Ah, Nancy, I always drool over your gorgeous collection of transferware. Great to have you be a part of Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  12. Love the tranferware in all the different colors. The skeps are always a great addition to any garden, I need one for mine! Thanks for sharing, Laura

  13. I had no idea transferware came in purple. So beautiful. Love the skeps. This has been a most enjoyable post.

  14. Gorgeous!! Now I must find a bee skep too!! lol!! Thanks for sharing the giveaway Nancy~ I love your tables and transferware ~ so beautiful!!

  15. So pretty. I just saw the purple transferware in Victoria! Love all of your transferware in your shop!! Oh la la!!

  16. Gorgeous! and those skeps, jeez I'm going to have to get one now! LOL

  17. Gorgeous..I just purchased a small bee skep this year...I have longed admired them and wanted one...finally found one. Not the easiest to find...a few places online..but I was able to find one at a craft mall. Your post is beautiful!
    Miss Bloomers

  18. Your table setting is gorgeous! Love your transferware. I have a few pieces but not enough. And now I'm intrigued with the bee skips! I could probably collect a few for our lake house and now I'm just thinking about where they could go...

  19. Bee skeps are one thing that I've always wanted, but never bought. I really need to look for one. Love the small ones on the stools and all in a row. Love your Rural Scenes transferware. too.

  20. Great post. Love learning about new things. I think those bees skeps are all fantastic! Great pictures!!

  21. Oh I do love skeps! And these examples in your photos are just so adorable, Nancy. A neighbor recently gave me a dear little skep for my garden. (Barely 6 inches high!) And your rural transferware is just so lovely. Those farm implements in the border are unique. Beautiful!


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