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Working with Transferware...a glimpse at my desk.

By now, you may have figured out that I like transferware. I like it a lot.  I’m OCD, so...collecting...for me, is…well…an obsession. I am a 'more is never enough' type of decorator and there’s never enough when it comes to transferware, especially if you're a little (lot) obsessed with it!  Of course I love to decorate with transferware, but I also love to use it in practical ways (plus it gives me some good reasons to keep buying it ;-). I use it in every room of the house, with exception to my kids’ rooms (their day is coming).  I've been asked how I use my transferware so I’m going to do a few posts showing the different ways I use various pieces in  everyday applications. 

I do the majority of my work at home so I thought I'd show you all my desk.  My Father in law gave the desk to Shawn and me some years back.

On the right I’ve got several pieces:

A toothpick holder serves as a perfect fit for my business cards:

I love this Jack in the Pulpit Vase which holds my pretty 1928 scissors and another pair of old scissors that were my Mothers. I remember her cutting my hair with them!
You can BUY one like mine HERE

I use this old scuttle mug (shaving mug) to hold rubberbands and the top is sort of a catch all for loose change, etc.

A miniature mustard pot holds my paper clips:

Here’s a stack of Staffordshire and Transferware books I frequently reference.  A sugar bowl sits atop, holding peppermints.

This is another piece I'm fond's a toothbrush holder by Spode dating to the late 1800's.  It has holes in the bottom for drainage and sits on a dish that catches the water.  I have some silk rose buds in it and hide my favorite pens behind the flowers ('s a secret....don't tell my kids or hubby because my pens will then suddenly vanish).

And on the left side of my desk... egg cup holds stamps

A childs (miniature) coffee pot serves as a pen holder

I use this little covered butter dish to conceal the fragile stickers I put on all my outgoing packages.

A toast rack holds and sorts bills and letters

You can BUY a Mason's Vista toast rack just like mine HERE:

And I just love this ball vase which I display a small collection of antique letter openers and magnifying glass in.

Ok, this isn't transferware but I do like my extra large mouse pad!  It's not really a mouse's a small needlepoint rug or pillow cover.  It works every bit as well as a mouse pad and I love the design of the girl I  like to stretch my arm out alot (due to a compound fracture a few years back) while I'm using the mouse so this gives me plenty of room to move around.

And, drum roll please, the best is last..... peeking out of this gravy bowl is my precious baby Ashton, when she was really a baby.  She is 12 now.

I hope you enjoyed this and will get some good ideas for ways you can use things for purposes they weren't really intended for!  It's fun to mix it up!

A Poem For Your Thoughts:

I love, I love it, and who shall dare
To chide me for loving that old transferware?
Eliza Cook
 (ok, I'm busted...the last word really says arm-chair but I couldn't resist replacing it with transferware)

Centsational Girl for the Where Do You Blog Party?


  1. Beautiful and practical ideas!


  2. You have some beautiful and unusual pieces of transferware. Your desk looks lovely!

    Thank you for stopping by my blog and saying such nich things about my mosaic transferware birdhouse I created. I use transferware alot in my mosaic pieces, because I love transferware too!

  3. Nancy, I am so happy you visited me and I was able to find your wonderful blog. 4000 square foot warehouse full of transferware... how amazing! I am absolutely in awe (and in love). I have just become your biggest fan and the newest follower.

  4. Wow, Nancy ~ I really love all your creative ways of using your beautiful collection to hide office supplies! This is my first time visiting your lovely blog, which I found via Ahrisha's JOYOUSLY LIVING LIFE blog, and I'm glad I stopped by. Now I'm going to check out some of your older posts:) Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. I enjoyed reading this very much Nancy! Your style is so "sure" and elegant. We share the pasion for red transferware but you mix your collection into daily use with elegance and style!

    Thank you for commenting on my blog. The trip to Greenland was fantastic and I feel blessed that I had the opportunity.

    I love the "new" look of your blog.

    Best, Eline

  6. Nancy...what a great post! I am definitely going to look for some of these books! I love your use of the gorgeous transferware for everyday since it keeping it all stored away in the cabinets. This way it can really be used and enjoyed! :-)

  7. What a collection, so many pretty things.

  8. Hi Nancy~ ~
    It's so nice to meet you. Thanks for stopping by for a visit.
    You have some unique pieces but still I love the shape of your suger bowl. I believe I need to follow you.

  9. Nancy, I love seeing how you use your different pieces in everyday life. And your baby girl is gorgeous!

  10. What a lovely desk... no wonder you write such a beautiful blog having an atmosphere such as this to write at! I'll tell you what I'd love to do - I'd love to do a special blog post on my site using these photos and mentioning your blog giving you as an example of how one lives with antiques/vintage finds. The main point of my tours is that clients shouldn't buy things to put on a shelf - but to actively use in day to day living! You're an excellent role model for this! What do you think? DO you want to be profiled as a Diva of The Day?
    All the best,
    Toma (email me toma(at) if you're interested in appearing on my blog)!

  11. Hi again....just wanted to make sure you received my email responding to your question.

  12. Your desk is beautiful. I just love how you took all of the lovely pieces and made them incredibly functional for your office space.


  13. Nancy, this is so beautiful and creative! You did an awesome job. This makes me want to fix a cup of tea and just sit at your desk and relax and enjoy the beauty of it all. You inspire me. Now I have to regroup and think about redecorating my own desk/office!! Fondly, Pat

  14. those scissors are absolutely gorgeous...& so is the tapestry!!! lovely wishes

  15. Wow! Your desk is so pretty! I love transfer ware too! I just didn't know that it came in all those accessories too! So pretty! Have a great Pink Saturday and enjoy your weekend! Sherri: )

  16. To fulfill Beverly's challenge, your blog has been featured on mine. I was awed by your idea to use transferware as desk accessories. Sweet scissors attached with sweet memories. I adore the tapestry mouse pad which adds a touch of elegance. Simple. Lovely. Charming ideas for a ladies desk.
    Joyce M

  17. what a fab coillection I love the fact that you are using them everyday and not just keeping them behind glass happy pink saturday

  18. Welcome to Pink Saturday! Love your post and I know what you mean about the pens!!!!!


  19. Wow! What a creative use of transferware! I especially love the scissors! Happy Pink Saturday :)

  20. Welcome to Pink Saturday. A wonderful collection and used in such a nice way. There's lots of us collectors with you are in good company!

  21. I love transferware, too. You really use it beautifully on your desk! Looking forward to exploring your beautiful blog.


  22. Nancy, This is a gorgeous post! I love the use of our beautiful dishes for everyday repurposed use! Your desk is lovely. It must give you such pleasure to work there. I have very little transferware, but I am a huge fan. I need to correct my lack of it, don't you think? Very inspirational!

  23. What a gorgeous desk you have! I love all the pieces and how you've made them so practical for everyday use. Great idea!

  24. Nancy, I can see why you would be such a fan of is beautiful and beckons us to the past. I especially love the red. Joni

  25. Love,love,loved your post was just beautiful,and I loved seeing all the beautiful pieces you have. (I think my favorite piece is that sweet egg cup..I collect them)Welcome to Pink will love all the sweet people you meet. Happy Pinks and have a great weekend.

  26. Absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

  27. Welcome to Pink Saturday! I just love your transferware. And your desk. I am a transferware fan myself and I have a MAJOR dish addiction. I have so many its ridiculous but it doesn't stop me from continually adding more. :) I am so glad I discovered your site. Please stop by for a visit if you get a chance.

  28. I love transferware and I love how you used it on your desk! great idea!!

  29. Happy Pink Saturday Nancy Sweetie...
    I adore this post. OMG you have some of the most beautiful pieces that you have actually made work for your normal everyday life. I love it. Every little piece is useful. I love the little child's pitcher and I adore the butter dish. They are two of my favorites.

    I see you are an Okie. I moved to Phoenix 25 years ago from Enid, Oklahoma. My family is all still there. I love it here in Phoenix though and it is my HOME. I am just always tickled to meet some one from Oklahoma.

    Thank you so much for sharing with me sweetie. I am your newest follower. Please stop by and say hi. I would be so honored if you signed up to follow me as well. I so adore friends, and I love blogging with new people.

    Have a beautiful Pink Saturday sweetie. Country hugs...Sherry

  30. Your pieces are very lovely. Pretty scissors, too. Happy Pink Saturday.

  31. Love transferware! Lucky you to have so many beautiful pieces. Such a wonderful collection! Happy PS!

  32. Happy 1st Pink Saturday, Nancy! Welcome to the pink madness! ha!

    Your collection is fabulous! I love the way you use them in practical ways, instead of tucking them away in a display cabinet. Functional and beautiful, my two favorites! Brilliant idea!

    Enjoy your 1st Pink Saturday! Pop over for a visit when you get a moment!


  33. Welcome to your first Pink Saturday, Nancy. I am so glad you decided to participate.

    I do believe I would love working at your desk. A girl just have to love transferware, and red is my favorite.

  34. What a perfectly lovely place to work and feel inspired! I love your space!

    Happy PS!

    In Shoes We Trust,
    Maggie Mae
    "Do these shoes Match this purse?"

  35. Creative and beautiful office set.

    Happy Pink Saturday.


  36. Now I'm in trouble. I love transferware. I visited your shop and fell in love with oh, just about everything. Welcome to Pink Saturday!

  37. Love your desk - it's decorated beautifully - Happy Pink Saturday!

  38. What a beautiful desk area, a pleasure to work at I am sure. I love how you have used the transferware in your everyday life, great repurposing, and a perfect way to have items you love close at hand.

    Happy PS

  39. Baby Ashton is the best, I too love transferware and your collection is perfect. What a wonderful place to sit and work, just lovely. Please forgive my tardiness in visiting, Happy Pink Saturday, Char

  40. Transferware is definetly beautiful. What a beautiful place to have to sit and create.
    Lovely post.

  41. wow! thanks for sharing these beautiful transferwares and thanks for giving these ideas to us.. all of them are make to good use!.. Happy PS!

  42. What a gorgeous desk! I love the lamps that you have on each side and I adore how you used your transferware pieces for your desk items! I also really like your vintage scissors!

  43. Oh so clever!
    My husband would go nuts for your letter openers!
    Happy Mother's Day and Pink Saturday!

  44. I am red with envy. How Victorian. I love, love, love it.

  45. Very cool!! I love your desk! How awesome all those really great pieces work on a desk!! Well Done you!!
    Hugs, Lisa

  46. Good Morning Nancy~Thanks so much for sharing with all of us your great lookin' desk. I am particularly drawn to the covered butter dish and the small vase, just lovely.
    The picture of Ashton is just darling, those cute little teeth and such a big bow!!
    I hope y'all are all well in OK after that crazy, crazy weather.
    The Tattered Tassel

  47. I had no idea such cool pieces were made in transferware. I love that you use so many pieces on your desk. Really pretty.

  48. Your space is so charming, Nancy! I love that you altered the original purposes of your desk storage pieces(and such pretty ideas, too)! How clever. Thank you for linking to your space on my blog! :D

  49. Such a handsome desk! I like how you have it in front of the window - for daydreaming, perhaps? Glad you use your pieces - a place for everything, and everything in its place! I love the idea of the toast rack - I have a few pieces of Masons Vista red - my favorite!

  50. You've got alot of unique pieces that I've never seen before, and I really like how you surround yourself with the things that you love! It must be a real pleasure to work at your desk with all of those pretties to look at!
    Happy REDnesday,

  51. these are fab classy and inspiring!
    happy pink saturday!


  52. Hi Nancy,
    Scrumptious transferware! You have put all these gorgeous pieces to such good use. Thanks for sharing and Happy Pink Saturday to you.


  53. gorgeous! i want to work at a desk like that!

  54. Your red transferware is beautiful! And I especially LOVE your vintage scissors, but the link didn't work for Etsy! Maybe pop over to my blog if you have time and let me know the link again. Happy Pink Saturday! Suzie

  55. Your transferware collection is amazing!! And that enamel scissor cover is just beautiful. I've never seen anything like it!!

  56. Beautiful! Your collection is incredible. Love it.

  57. Hi Nancy, I think your blogging space is really pretty! I love how you use all the lovely transferware pieces to hold your everyday office supplies. Of course what I am really wondering is HOW did you break your arm? That sounds awful!

  58. I love your workspace! (Is that a doll house next to your desk? My girls would love it!) I really love how you've taken such beautiful items and used them to store your supplies instead of just letting them sit and gather dust. Great space! I'm visiting from Kate's "Where I Blog" party. Hope you'll stop by and say hi. :)

  59. Oh my I love all of your red transferware ! I have just a few pieces myself, aren't they wonderful ?? Thanks for the peek into your life, and for linking, this is such fun!

  60. What a pretty smile baby Ashton has, so cute! Love your desk with all the transferware accessories, Nancy. It looks so feminine and so comfy and so many beautiful things to see and admire...Christine

  61. Nancy, such a romantic spot to blog from. Just beautiful.

  62. A very lovely place! I would so enjoy spending time in this pretty spot!

  63. Oh goodness, I just love your blog! Not knowing it, I already had your shop saved as a favorite at Etsy, but didn't realize you also had a blog. I just recently started trying to collect transferware. I have an old set from my grandmother but due to my husband losing a job and starting a new one, I just haven't been able to start collecting anything more. But I'll be sure to add a bunch to my wish list! And loved your idea of the needlepoint piece for a mouse pad - very unique!


  64. I'm over the top with envy of all your special pieces of transferware. What stunning and useful pieces! Happy Pink Saturday.


  65. What a lovely collection you have. Happy Pink Saturday.

  66. Hello! Happy Pink Saturday! I am in awe and enthralled by your beautiful collection of transferware! I had no idea there were so many fascinating pieces! Will have to check these out!
    God Bless,


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