Sunday, March 14, 2010

From Boring Block Glass Window To Amber & Amethyst Showcase

Have you ever noticed that when one light bulb goes out, they all do?  Maybe it's just my house and we're cursed but it seems to always be the case with us...only this was appliances.  I went to iron a tablecloth at the beginning of the week, plugged in my iron and a flame blew right out the bottom of the cord where it comes out of the back of the iron.  It literally made a mini explosion noise and then caught on fire!  
Two days later I was making a batch of cookie dough for one of my sons to take along on his Spring break ski trip.  After putting all the ingredients in the mixing bowl and turning that baby on to mix it all up...the motor burned up.   Then today, Sunday, I'm looking at the bathroom thinking about Metamorphosis Monday, hosted by Susan at Between Naps on the Porch and realized "Wait a second...I bet Metamorphosis Monday is like Tablescape Thursday and Foodie Friday, which means I need to get my post done NOW...TODAY...the day before".    I thought "I can do it!  I can get this whole bathroom looking so -s-a-w-e-e-t- today and ready for Met Monday by tonight".  Then, the inevitable happened.  You know how they say things always happen in threes???  Well, appliance # three went out like a lightbulb...that is my husband decided to take a nap on the bed which is oh, about 10 feet away from the door to the bath.   Fooey I can't use my hammer and nails to hang all those plates because I'll wake him...and he now, conveniently for him,  isn't available to hang my curtain rod.   This little snafu led to my quick decision not to morph the entire room and to tackle the block glass window all by its lonely little ole self.  This will have to be a Metamorphosis-ing in the making.

This is my first time to (almost not)  participate in Metamorphosis Monday and Show off your Cottage Monday hosted by The House in the Roses.

In our Master bath we've got a jacuzzi tub which sets under a window of block glass.  I really do love that it lets all the light in,  the more the better as far as I'm concerned, but the window was just too boring.  I decided to dress it up.

Here's the lower part of the window before the morph.

 I've got a thing with amber glass and have some of that color in my bedding along with purples.   I decided to add lots of amethyst and amber vintage bottles, decanters, etc to the window sill to dress it up and give it some color.
First, I hung this transparent glass painted angel plaque that my Mom gave me from inside the upper portion of the window so it would hang above my display.  

I then put these stained glass window plates I bought about 10-15 years ago from the Smithsonian Museum store in the window sill.  I can't remember which famous stained glass window these are supposed to represent but I believe it's found in one of the antique European churches (if anyone knows, please do tell).  I used a large one in the center and two at either side.  They are mainly a purple color with shades or red and amber.  Here's a close up of one.  These will be the backdrop for this display.

Next, I placed some clear etched clear glass bottles filled with bath gels and dried flowers.  

I draped an amethyst beaded cross necklace from one of the bottles

I then began layering with various amethyst and amber glass items I've collected through the years.
On the right is a silver overlay decanter with a port scene:
To the left I added another vintage, amber glass decanter with a pewter overlay and interesting pewter soldier stopper

On either side of the purple and amber decanters I added two small cut glass filled with bubble bath and one I wrapped with a lavender colored beaded flower ponytail holder my girls wore when they were little.  I love using things that remind me of my children...especially when they were little (and I controlled the wardrobes).  I can look at some of the old hair bows and pins and remember the outfits I dressed them in with that particular one.

I also added this brown, gold and amber crackle glass candle holder my sister gave me for my birthday one year

Here is how it's looking so far:

 Extending out on either side of the two shorter amber decanters I used purple, silver overlay shot glasses that came with the ship and port scene decanter, and a teeny tiny lavender perfume bottle.  

Next to last I added  two ribbed amethyst purple glasses with clear glass stemmed feet.

I finished the window sill by filling the ribbed glasses with a glass grape bunch of amber, lavender and amethyst beads which I took apart.

I have to thank all you bloggers who shop at TJ Maxx because after seeing so many posts with neat finds from this store I realized I had forgotten all about TJ Maxx and had not been there in at least 15 years!  I dropped in this weekend and found the glasses and the grape bunch...they are the perfect finishing touch.  I love the way the sunlight radiates through each piece.  I like the purples and ambers together.

Again, before:

And after.
What do you think now that I'm finished?

 Next Met Monday I'll be working on this area of the Master Bath which is directly across from the window:

I hope you'll join me again next time for Met Monday (and all the blogging in-between)! 


  1. Very pretty! Metamorphosis, indeed! :-)

  2. What a gorgeous vignette. I love the colors you worked with. Unusual and remarkable together.

  3. Such gorgeous glass. Just beautiful.

    - The Tablescaper

  4. This is so beautiful! I can imagine the light shining through.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  5. How pretty, I love what you did at the window, and can't wait to see what else you do in the bathroom :)

  6. Just stunning. You couldn't have done better. With the sun shining through, its going to be spectacular.

  7. Nancy, Your windowsill vignette is beautiful, a nice sunny window with all the light and purple glass must be delightful! Bella

  8. I can just imagine soaking in the tub while gazing at the different beams of light shining thru your creation. How could a person forget all about TJMaxx or Marshalls. Love both of those stores...for clothes and home items.


  9. I love art glass in most any color.

  10. Wow it's stunning now! The colors are gorgeous.

  11. I have the same window, over the same type tub and I know it's a pain to work with. I used bottles and the like in front of my window too. :)
    Thanks for visiting my blog, I'm glad you liked my kitchen makeover, it was tons of work, but SO worth it! I LOVE everything about it!
    Have a great week!! :-D

  12. I think you did a great job on your last-minute emergency Met Monday transformation :-) The purple & amber glass pieces look beautiful with the sunlight shining through them. And I LOVE those purple & amber grapes :-)

    Thanks for stopping by my kitchen makeover post. I'm really happy with how it came out -- the backsplash and the pendant lights are my favourites too :-)


  13. You have a great collection of beautiful ornaments and bottles.

  14. You have a great collection of beautiful ornaments and bottles.

  15. Nancy, Your amethyst window decor is so gorgeous. You did a beautiful job of displaying it all. I wanted to be sure and come by and say thank you for such a sweet comment you left me and I am very glad you stumbled onto my blog. I think there was one reference to transferware in the Easter blog post where the table is all set with the pink transferware and even the eggs have a lacey design done in the same pink. Just wanted to say hello and welcome, Kathysue

  16. WOW Nancy.
    That really shows off the glassware.
    Beautiful transformation.

    Thanks for coming by to visit.

    Glad to meet you.

    off to look around now.


    barbara jean


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