Thursday, March 11, 2010

A quick, easy and delicious Mexican-Spanish Meal!

Ahh, it's Foodie Friday again.  I am enjoying participating in this wonderful party each week.  It is hosted by Michael Lee West and her ever gorgeous blog Designs By Gollum.  Once you're done here, do go over and see all the wonderful treats there.  You're sure to find something you'll just love! I haven't been let down yet!

This is such an easy, easy meal and it is, as my Ethan would say, sooooooo tasty.  It’s also quick and requires so little preparation.  With six children always on the go it’s nice to have some really quick and tasty meals.

Cheesy Chicken Chorizo w/ Spanish Mexican Rice and Mexi-Salad

Remember I usually cook for eight so you may want to ½ this recipe.  We had a guest and I cooked for nine tonight and there were leftovers. 

3 packages Chorizo sausage (I used 2 pork and one beef)
9 boneless, skinless chicken breasts cut into small chunks or bite sized pieces (you could use tenderloins too and leave them as strips)
1 tblsp butter (optional)
About 8 oz. shredded Monterey Jack cheese

Add chorizo and chicken to a non-stick (preferable) skillet and cook on medium to medium-high until chicken is cooked through.  Garnish liberally with shredded Monterey Jack cheese.


I admit, I used store bought rice here…I’ve sprung and prepared homemade Spanish rice before but this is sometimes just too easy…especially when the kids are coming and going to their various jobs, school, sports and music activities.

2 packages Knorr Fiesta Sides Mexican Rice
1 package Knorr Fiesta Sides Spanish Rice
(Mix and cook according to package directions, it’s just water and a tad of butter)

We all decided that plain rice would be just as delicious, especially if you want to serve the chicken chorizo mix over it as it creates juice and is somewhat spicy. Another idea may be to use 1/2 plain rice and one package of the flavored rice...just suit your taste.  This rice mixture as I made it was a bit spicy.

Mexican Salad

I mix this up a lot when we have Mexican food because generally there are not many greens with Mexican and I like getting them in whenever possible…plus this is really good!  All my kids and Shawn love it.

Romaine or Iceburg Lettuce
Fresh Spinach leaves
(really whatever greens you’ve got on hand)
Ranch dressing
Mexican seasoning (found in the spice section at the grocery store)
Shredded Cheddar/Jack Cheese
Crushed tortilla chips

I make homemade Ranch dressing (bottled is fine too) and add that to the greens to toss.  I then sprinkle generously with Mexican seasoning, toss in the shredded cheeses and chips and you’re ready to go.
You could also add tomatoes, corn, green onion…whatever you like.  It’s the Ranch mixed with the Mexican seasonings and crushed tortilla chips that give this basic salad a Mexican flare.



  1. Nancy, that looks like a delicious meal! I would love to dive into that plate right about now. Thanks for sharing this with us. I think my husband would be wild over the chorizo.

    Happy Foodie Friday...


    Sheila :-)

  2. This looks really good, Nancy! I plan to make the salad - we love our salads and our vegetables! Happy Foodie Friday!

  3. I could literally lick this plate clean! I love Mexican food and this looks fabulous!

  4. Looks yummy - but what is the liquid in the meat mixture - did I miss something?

  5. That meal looks delicious!

    I love all your transferware. And, the hand at the top is awesome! I collect transferware and hands but I've never seen the two combined.

  6. Those recipes look wonderful - especially the Mexican salad!

  7. This sounds perfect for a big family! I am going to try the Mexican salad next time I make the tamale casserole! So nice to "meet" you! Love your header!

  8. How delicious! I might even be able to get my own picky eaters to try this - and they're 34 and 65, and I'm convinced it's more difficult to get them to try new things than it would be if they were kids! Thanks for sharing!

  9. This looks really wonderful and perfect for the weather at this time of year. This is my first visit to your blog and I loved what I found Here. I'll be back often.

  10. I'm new to Foodie Friday, And after looking at all the post of recipes etc. I'm loving every minute of this. I really like you blog alot. You've done a great job with it.

  11. This entire meal looks absolutely delicious and it seems pretty easy to make.

  12. I'm so glad you found my blog this week and left a comment. I quickly visited your blog and instantly loved it! I was working on a list of nominees for a blog award that I had just recieved and knew right away that you needed to be added to the list. You can visit my blog to pick up your reward. :-)

  13. Looks delicious! I really like the idea of the Mexican salad!!!

  14. YUM looks good! Thank you for stopping in to visit & your sweet comment about my painting of my sweet Reba(painted by Violet Skiles). I see you are from Tulsa. My hubby & I LOVE Tulsa! We stayed there at the Cedar Rock Inn B&B for an anniversary trip & had so much fun. Since then we have been back every fall to see the leaves, the vintage homes with the fall decoarations & this past year we stayed downtown at The Ambassador. I see you sell transferware. I am off to look at your goodies. When out antiquing today I saw some Johnson Brothers (red & white) with Strawberries & Cherries. LOVED THEM. Charlene

  15. Oh, I love the Mexican Salad. Can't wait to try this next weekend! Trish


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