Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My Spode Abode


That pitcher there, with quaint device,
Upon the shelf, a curious bit,
I know it is a thing of price
Because I paid for it.

She calls it Spode, my loving wife;
Just what that means I cannot say;
It is a joy that lights her life;
She dusts it every day.

Like a devoted worshiper
She speaks of it in tender tones;
It is a precious boon to her,
I feel this in my bones.

'Twould be from it a pain to part;
Without it what were this abode?
I often wish with all my heart
My middle name were SPODE!

~Clinton Scollard from the New York American

Although John Sadler and Guy Green of Liverpool invented the transferware process in the mid 18th century it is, without question, Josiah Spode whose name is perpetuated in the development and perfection of underglaze printing on earthenware. In large part, Josiah Spode's advances in underglazed blue printing and the production of bone china, which rivaled that of the finest wares brought over from the Orient, are what greatly contributed to the establishment of England as the worlds foremost producer of fine dinnerware.  

The Spode brand is practically a household name.  Even those not interested in china or dinnerware know the Spode name.  Spode is to dinnerware what Porsche is to cars.

There is so much history to cover in the Spode, Spode-Copeland  wares that it will be an ongoing topic of posts on my blog.

I'm going to let you all browse around to see some of my Spode pieces I have at home.

A large, 20",  1880's platter depicting grazing cattle and a rural farm sits beside a polychrome transferware lamp at the kitchen planning desk.

 A circa 1862-80 fluted dish in blue stands on a bookcase in our upstairs tv room

 An early Spode plate with an Aesthetic pattern and polychrome accents on green transfer ware.

I'm drawn to many of the patterns that Spode produced.   One of, if not my all time favorite patterns was produced by Spode and is called Byron.  I've featured this pattern in the past HERE with some history about the artist, J C Horsley.
Here, a thin area of wall between the kitchen cupboards and the nook offer just enough space to display some of my favorite Byron pieces:

This huge platter is the piece I first saw in this pattern...I was hooked:
Mixed pieces, including Spode, on the hutch in the breakfast room

Spode Mayflower is the backdrop for a decorated perfume bottle in the Master Bath

A huge 1830's Spode platter hangs above a mirror in the bedroom
This Spode plate serves as a tray which displays vintage beaded gloves and an embroidered, beaded antique purse.

I use lots of transferware on my desk to hold office supplies.  This Circa 1880 toothbrush (left) holder contains some white roses (which hide my favorite pens)

In the powder bath I have a few Spode pieces. 
One of my favorites is this razor box, circa 1850 (front)

Antique Spode plates (top and bottom) in the powder bath:
 A grouping of plates and platters frame a Baroque portrait in the powder bath (Spode bottom and bottom right)

And soap dish with a drainer insert sits on the back of the toilet.

A French bombe' chest holds tea service in Spode Bryon (Post is HERE)

Spode Royal Jasmine Marina Table Setting

I have some of my favorite, two color transfer pieces displayed in the den.  All of the rusty red and black pieces are Spode Morocco, Beverley and May.

I display a grouping of red transfer ware plates and platters on my dining room wall.  The center three are all Spode.  I like the unusual shapes of these Aesthetic Movement pieces.

In my office I have two tables on either side of a sofa.  I dipslay Spode meat drainers on each with a collection of dog figurines.
I could post many more Spode pictures...but I won't...not now anyway.

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  1. Nancy, I found your blog at Table Top Tuesday and I am so happy I did! Your home is just beautiful and your spode pieces are stunning! Thanks for sharing.


  2. Oh my goodness. I can't even begin to tell you how beautiful it all is. I love that you've used your gorgeous pieces in every room of the house and I absolutely love our decor. I could just move in and be in heaven. Every vignette is more lovely than the other. Thanks so much for joining the party. This is one post that I will definitely bookmark and come back and drool over often. Hugs, Marty

  3. Nancy, Marty's right- this one will have to be viewed MANY times! Just lovely. I smiled at your purse and gloves as I have an almost identical vignette in my bath- my great grandmother's antique beaded purse ( I display some others in my master closet) and vintage white silk beaded gloves. I just love it all
    xoxo Pattie

  4. Simply beautiful- inspiring to see the way you have displayed your collection throughout your lovely home-very well done-love it!!!

  5. OMGSH!! I am so in love!! Your collection is just AMAZING!! XXOO

  6. I didn't even know that this post was here. What a happy surprise. I came over to say something about your comment. Now, what was - Oh, I remember! I THOUGHT about you at Old Sturbridge Village! They had beautiful antique transferware in the parsonage and, especially in the general store. I bet the Great House has some super wonderful china but it was closed for renovations. =( OF COURSE, it made me think of you!

    I love this post. My favorite is the blue Mayflower! It's sooooooo pretty! Speaking of a feast for the eyes......

  7. You have an awesome collection of Spode...my favorite is the platter/tray hanging over the mirror in the bedroom...wow, what a stunning piece. Thank you for sharing your dishes!

  8. Just beautiful Nancy! Your entire collection and all of your vignettes and displays are a feast for the eyes. I love the display on the back of your toilet. I am in awe of your talent Nancy. And reading your blog always brightens my day and inspires me greatly! xo

  9. Hello Nancy...Wow what a fantiastic collection! I love the purple Spodes.. I don't own any but they are a favorite of mine... Just gorgeous!

  10. Hi Nancy~I can not even begin to say which piece is my favorite...your home would have me acting like a kid in a candy store.:)
    I just love it when you show us the different patterns and colors.
    Thank you.
    the Tattered Tassel

  11. Nancy, Thank you for dropping by and leaving such kind comments. It is always such a pleasure to visit someone whose blog is as gorgeous as yours. You have exquisite taste and display all of your "treasures" so well. I will be back often to see what else you have to share.
    :-) Sue

  12. Nancy, I am just blown away from this post. I love your transferware. Your arrangements bring every piece to it's best look and that shows how many thoughts you have made before for your beloved pieces. And there are so many different fancy pieces, I haven't known what shapes all do exist. Really stunning. And I love to read all this interesting informations. Thank you so much.
    Greetings, Johanna

  13. you have quite a beautiful spode collection....Loved it thanks for sharing...Mica/The Child's Paper

  14. Goodness!! I don't even know where to start because what you have shown us today is purely spectacular!!

    I love the fact that you have hung the plates on your walls! They look great !!

    And everywhere else you have displayed your gorgeous dishes is just charming!!

    That hutch is to die for with all of those beauties in it!!


  15. It's always fun to stop over and see all of the designs, I really love the scenes! I keep looking for a pig on the plates... have a great day!

  16. Oh wow! What a gorgeous collection ... and you have a beautiful home ... cosy!

    Thanks for stopping by today, Caddie was pleased too!
    Warmest Hugs,
    Sandi @ Bearly Sane

  17. Really, would you like to come to NC and decorate my home for me?!?!?! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that narrow wall full of Spode pieces! My home is full of narrow walls (way too many windows in my house) and I just don't know what (and how) to hang things on these walls......now I'm thinking Spode plates!!

    ~angela @ peonypatch

  18. OMG!! I had to go back and look again and again. Your spode collection is just stunning! I am really starting to use more of my dishes on the walls too. I was starting to think maybe too much. But your ideas are inspirational and I think I will do more!
    :) !!!


  19. I'm in heaven! I'm so glad you found Rednesday to share your gorgeous pieces with us! (Do you have a maid come in and dust everything for you? LOL!)

  20. Nancy, you have the most amazing collection of transfer ware of anyone I've ever seen. I like that you collect all different patterns and colors. That makes a collect much more interesting. I've fallen in love with the Bryon pattern myself. I was smitten the first time I saw it on your previous post. I need to find a piece of this. :-)

  21. Just beautiful. I am amazed at your collection. Love it!

  22. Beautiful Nancy!

    Susan and Bentley

  23. What a beautiful collection! Thank you so much for giving us a tour of your gorgeous Spode.

    Happy Rednesday,

  24. Hi Nancy, Not only do you have a beautiful collection of transferware but you have such an eye for displaying it. I love that you use these gorgeous pieces to hold everyday objects.

  25. You amaze me every week with your tablescapes, but this week you have totally outdone yourself! What an amazingly beautiful collection, and it's all displayed so perfectly to show it off to it's best advantage. I think my favorites are the ones in the Byron pattern that you have on that narrow wall. Stunning!
    Happy REDnesday!

  26. "Spode Abode", that's cute. You've introduced me to a new Spode pattern: Byron. I really love yours displayed vertically down that teal blue wall. Happy REDnesday~

  27. You have the absolute, to die for collection.
    I love that platter with the ole mill

  28. What an amazing collection and beautiful home! I love Spode, we have the blue and white Geranium collection for our china with some of the Italian serving pieces. I did a post once about some of the plates on our kitchen wall, thought you might enjoy it,


    Happy Rednesday!

  29. From a fellow transferware lover (though I am just beginning to collect) your collection is truly amazing! I found you from It's a very cherry world and I am so glad I did! I will be back!
    Happy Rednesday!

  30. Your home is so beautiful and is filled with so many beautiful treasures. My favorites are the ones on your wall between the kitchen cupboards and your nook and in your powder room. All of your pictures should be showcased in a magazine. I'm a new follower of yours.

  31. What amazing displays these make on the walls...I really love that idea. Have a great VTT!

  32. I had no idea spode was so diverse. That Bryon is just gorgeous. You must have been collecting for years. Your home is just beautiful.

  33. Wow, what an amazing collection! I think my favorite thing is how you have found new uses for your red transferware as office supply holders- It certainly makes even boring things look lovely- and probably much more pleasureable to sit and pay the bills! Thanks for sharing your lovely home with us!

  34. this is truly vintage collection and your vast and beautiful collections of transferware, welp, no one could beat you! all so beautiful! thanks for sharing.. happy VTT.

  35. Wow, that's a lot of them, and they are all gorgeous.
    Happy REDnesday.

  36. Wowee you sure have a lot of beautiful pieces of Spode! I LOVE the Byron pattern, so lovely! :) I have to tell you, that is the first time I've ever seen a meat drainer from spode, how cool!
    Oh, thanks for linking up to my Treaures & Trinkets, as always it's good to have you!
    Blessings and have a great week!

  37. Wow, you've really got some pretty pieces! Now I want to collect it! :) I think the "meat drainer" and "soap dish with drainer" are especially ingenious! :)

    Have a wonderful VTT!


  38. WOW! What a marvelous post! You have so many unique pieces and love that you use them. Post some more pics anytime.

  39. A breathtaking post with such lovely dishes.

  40. I am just drooling, what a collection. How can there be even more photos? What you already have shown was impressive. I have never seen a meat drainer. I learned something new. Thank you.

  41. You have some truly outstanding pieces of tthe Spode dishes. I trust you have good insurance coverage with all those treasures.

  42. You have an amazing collection of transferware. That just happens to be one of my favorite things to collect. But, I only have a few pieces.

    I'm visiting from Coloradolady. Please stop by my place for a visit and take a look at the three linky parties I'm starting up the first week of June.

    Have a great Memorial weekend!

    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

  43. After finding your site last week, I found a butter dish at a yard sale that I thought was transferware. Please visit my yard sale post for 3/23/10 and let me know if what I found is transferware or not. Thanks. You have beautiful transferware.

  44. Wow, you have got a fabulous collection and it is so nicely displayed and used!

  45. As a collector of soft paste porcelain, I am overwhelmed by your collection of transferware. Absolutely stunning! Love every post.

  46. Your collection is breathtaking! I am in awe of how you incorporate your collection into the rooms of your home. VERY beautiful :)


  47. What a lovely collection! The detailing on the china is fascinating.

  48. Very beautiful & impressive Collection ! Such lovely Displays !

  49. Gorgeous!!...both your home and your Spode collection!

  50. Oh my goodness...even your header is beautiful! I've been on the hunt for red transfer plates for ages..and here I come! I'm in heaven!! Now if I could just find all those plates here where I live.

  51. I cannot comment on one thing because I absolutely love everything. The pictures, dishes and your home are beautiful. I am so excited about following you! Have a wonderful evening,

  52. Nancy, Your Spode is fabulous. You are such a great interior designer - everything in your home looks so regal and beautiful! Lovely home, lovely hobby/work, fabulous tablescaper! Your talents are amazing and I do love your blog!

  53. Nancy I found your blog through browsing and I am so glad I did. I have been in love with transfer ware for many many years. Your collection is outstanding. I had been collecting only the red but ran across the lavender and purple and now every chance I get I purchase a piece. Your home is just simply GORGEOUS!
    Peace and Blessings
    Cheryl...Snatch JOY!

  54. OMG!! I sat with my mouth open through this whole post! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE that wall with all the red transferware! I limit my collection to red but I so love all that you have and all the ways you display it! I would love to find some of the pieces that you have. Do you sell some online? I am now following you as well!!

  55. Ok so I had a few moments and was looking through your blog and I found your etsy listing. You will be hearing from me!!

  56. Wow, what a great post. I truely enjoyed seeing your beautiful transferware. I have recently discovered transferware, and I am dying to purchace some. Thanks for all the info. I can't wait to see more of your collection.

  57. Oh my GOSH. I don't even know what to comment on first. Your collections are outstanding and you have the perfect placement for everything!

    That green wall really drew me in. Those Byron pieces have a really unique look to them. Love it!


  58. And I was feeling guilty for having so many plates on the walls...you out do me by a long shot, but so beautifully. Oh my, thanks for sharing parts of your home and I so love the way you find to display all your collections. Terry

  59. I just looked at your profile! I lived in Tulsa for 10 years and loved it, but hubby is from Quincy, IL so we moved here 16 years ago. I still talk to my friends that live in Tulsa but haven't been back for 8 years. Terry

  60. Goodness Nancy... your transferware absolutely amazes me!! What a glorious collection you have and it is displayed so beautiful absolutely everywhere you place it! Just gorgeous! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family!

  61. You have managed put a new zeal into all visitors to your blog.Your display leaves one gasping its so beautiful.It would be wonderful to have some sort of guidance and advice on price and patterns.Sometimes when I get carried away by an item I really wish there was someone I could turn to.One never gets tired of visiting the same pages so many times.AMAZING!!!!


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