Sunday, May 23, 2010

Small Change Big Impact

Small changes can make a big impact.  Do you ever put something up just so you'll have something there until the perfect thing comes along for that space?  That's what I did below.  I had papered the room and had this one bare spot that I thought needed something.  I had this canvas print of  a peacock, and although I do like the picture the frame is pretty sad.  

 So I have looked around for something that would work and found an oil painting at Grace Fine Art entitled Stacking Hay.  The dealer was so sweet to work with and offers a gorgeous selection of hand painted oils, prints, lithographs and original paintings.  She has an Ebay store full of beautiful works in several genre's.   I chose this painting because I am so fond of bucolic scenery. 

 I added a plant stand that was in my home growing up and a tole planter with greenery below the painting.   To balance with the other walls in the room where I have curio cabinets to the ceiling I wanted a little more height and added a verdigris finished iron swag. 

A picture light adds the extra bit of lighting we wanted in the room and looks so beautiful at night.
If you're in the market for a painting be sure to visit Grace Fine Art...the prices are so reasonable. Grace has painting \s beginning at under $50 framed!

Robert Frost (1874-1963).
“The Exposed Nest” [extract]
from Mountain Interval (1924).
You were forever finding some new play.
So when I saw you down on hands and knees
In the meadow, busy with the new-cut hay,
Trying, I thought, to set it up on end,
I went to show you how to make it stay,
If that was your idea, against the breeze,
And, if you asked me, even help pretend
To make it root again and grow afresh.
But 'twas no make-believe with you to-day,
Nor was the grass itself your real concern,
Though I found your hand full of wilted fern,
Steel-bright June-grass, and blackening heads of clover.
'Twas a nest full of young birds on the ground
The cutter-bar had just gone champing over.

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  1. Just beautiful Nancy! I have to say though, I'm drooling over your curio cabinet- stunning!
    xoxo Pattie

  2. I love the light. Anything with a light is right up my alley, especially something beautiful.

  3. Nancy, your new painting and the vignette you created looks perfect for this spot. ~ Sarah

  4. I like your new painting and I like what you did to give height to the area -- and the plant beneath is perfect!

  5. I love the painting with the light on it. The difference is striking!
    Thanks for the nice comment on my front porch!

  6. Oh, the poor birds! Robert Frost's home was just up the way from here....we have a field full of nesting bobolinks....sniff! Somehow, I can relate to trying to save......oh, I know what I'm feeling! I'm feeling for the southern shoreline - I was just reading about all of the shore birds. My heart just cries out about that. Well, here, we wait till the bobolinks have all flown before we mow our hay!

    Anywaaaaaay, your painting is lovely. I like the sky in it. You must have a general sense of settledness from it all. Don't you love when it finally comes together like it should?!

  7. Hi Nancy! What a beautiful new painting. I'm in love with that wallpaper too!
    That cabinet in the corner is gorgeous!
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  8. Hi Nancy! The painting is beautiful. I love your toile wallpaper. I'm a toile nut and have some that's very similar in my house.

  9. Nancy, Your dining room is lovely and I adore the toile wallpaper. Great new painting and it looks great with the plant stand.

  10. Morning Nancy. You've definitely done a good job here. Happy Blue Monday.

  11. What a rich, elegant room. It looks so cozy and inviting. What time is dinner?

  12. It looks great. But I also love the peacock!! But what a wonderful change for that area.

  13. Isn't it wonderful when everything falls into place. I think that the framed picture is beautiful but the other additions really brought everything together. I love the plant stand and the ivy. It's perfect.
    Very, very nice...

  14. Nice project. I would love it if you would link this up in Modern Craftswoman Monday. Very well done. Rory

  15. What a beautiful painting!
    It adds so much to your room!
    Dee Dee

  16. Looks wonderful and I like the verdigris hanging above rather than below

    Stop over for a chance to win a Lantern from CSN

  17. Beautiful! I love the light

  18. Thanks for sharing your lovely home and helping to make the most successful Modern Craftswoman Monday so far! Rory


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