Thursday, June 24, 2010

Pasta YaYa ~ A spicy chicken and sausage combination~

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One of my favorite pasta dishes comes from a popular spot here in town called The Bistro.  It's a spicy cream sauce with chicken and sausage over fettucine noodles.  I love it, my family loves it.  I am hungry for it now!

I made my own version of the recipe...and my family likes mine better. 
I'd love to hear what you think if you decide to try it.


4 Chicken breasts (can be cooked already but I usually start with uncooked)
1 lb Pork Sausage (I like the flavor of Farmland for this's the cheapest around here to)
2-4 Tblsp minced garlic (I use the jarred kind)
About 24 oz heavy cream
4 Tablespoons blackening spice (Shawn's recipe below)
2 oz. olive oil
4-6 oz chicken stock, or use the jar called 'Better Than Bouillon', which is a thick, heavy paste you can dilute with a little water
white wine (1/2 cup, optional...last time I made this we didn't have any wine so I skipped it altogether and liked it every bit as well)

Saute chicken and sausage (you'll want to cut this into bite sized pieces or small chunks) in olive oil.  Once this is cooked, you'll want to drain alot of the fat...not all of it.  If you use white wine, add this to the pan and deglaze.  Add heavy cream and reduce slightly.  Add blackening spice to taste and chicken stock.  Stir and serve over hot fettucine noodles with a salad and crispy bread.  It's so good!

Shawn's Blackening Spice

3 T paprika
1/2 T dried oregano
1/2 T dried thyme
1/2 T cayenne pepper
1/2 T black pepper
1/2 T white pepper
1-2 T garlic powder
1 T onion powder

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  1. I say Yahoo for pasta Ya Ya! It looks so yummy and I am always looking for new pasta recipes...especially ones with cream and sausage! Thanks for the recipe...I know my family will enjoy it! Joni

  2. Don't you love recreating those fabulous restaurant meals at home??! This looks really good- I think my oldest boys would really enjoy it
    xoxo pattie

  3. Sounds like a winner Nancy! I am taking this on the road and trying out for a gang event in NH this summer. Thx!

  4. You just gotta love the name of this recipe!


  5. Nancy,
    I'm hungry for Pasta Yaya now. This looks absolutely wonderful!
    I also want to thank you for your kind words of encouragement regarding my daughter Heather. I appreciate you added her photo and linked her story from your sidebar. It's not an easy journey, but we are hopeful we can have a good outcome.
    Hugs, Cathy

  6. That sounds so good! Honestly, I never would have thought of using chicken AND sausage in a dish. I don't know why not, because it sure looks delicious! :)

  7. I love creamy pasta dishes. One of my favorite restaurants that had some amazing cream-based dishes has been phasing them out in favor of healthier, fresher recipes. It's so depressing. ;)

    I need to follow your example and figure out how to recreate their recipes!

  8. I came by looking for your Sorority Sister Project. When I saw the picture of the transfer ware hands my heart skipped a beat. I collect these hands but NEVER have I seen any like this. Well, I am following you so when you put your project up I will see it. Great sounding recipe I may try it.

  9. I love stove top recipes when the weather is so warm. this one looks really yummy!

  10. This looks so fabulous - I have never combined chicken and sausage but I will now!

  11. My word! That looks wonderful. I think DH would like that since it has the sausage, too. Will have to put this on the list to do soon.
    Beckie in Brentwood, TN

  12. Mmmmm.... no words needed.
    It looks scrumptious.

  13. Hey there Sorority Sister! I stopped by to see your "rush" project, but the recipe sounds great. Gotta give it a try!

    Hugs XX
    Moore Whimsies

  14. Love the pretty pattern on your dishes, blue and white passion, and your pasta, chicken and sausage rolled in a cream sauce amazing!

  15. i love the bistro, too. yours looks even better!

  16. Looks absolutley yummy.....your blog is great...and I always enjoy my stops here..

  17. That does look mighty good! I loved the tablesetting in the post down below. Those sugar cubes are just the cutest things and I LOVED the dishes (I'm such a dishaholic)!


  18. This sounds really good! Is the sausauge a breakfast type sausage or more like an italian sausage?

  19. I use a breakfast sausage in this recipe. I suppose you could use Italian sausage though if that's your preference. I just made this last night and used half and half instead of whole cream and it came out just as good. I let the sauce boil for a few minutes to thicken it up.

  20. now this looks interestingly good LOL I've never mixed chicken & sausage together

  21. We asked the Bistro (in Tulsa) for the recipe since we were moving to Georgia, and they wouldn't give it to us -- I now live in Georgia so don't get to eat there anymore -- I googled Pasta YaYa today as a long shot -- and here it is! I'm so excited -- I'm going to surprise my husband with it -- are you also talking about the Bistro in Tulsa?

  22. I don't know if you will find this interesting or not. I know of Pasta YaYa going back well into the 1980's. There was a place in Nashville - 12th and Porter - that was famous for it and I had it all the time. 12th and Porter went out of business for several years, but is back as a music only venue. Too bad they don't still serve this (and their blue ho cakes!)

    In any case, I own a 1992 cookbook "Nashville Cuisine" with recipes from many Nashville restaurants and the recipe for Pasta YaYa is included in the book. That recipe is very similar to the one you have posted, and is identical to the recipe that can be found elsewhere on the web.

    I believe 12th and Porter originated Pasta YaYa, but I can't swear to it (I knew some of the folks over there and have a vague recollection of a YaYa conversation - but it's been almost 30 years so.....)

    I still make it from time to time. It's sinful, but DELICIOUS.

  23. BTW, they used Farfalle - maybe Farfalle and something else - but definitely heavy on Farfalle.


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