Monday, July 12, 2010

Hand Made Lamp Shades

One of the things I like about selling on Etsy is that sometimes I'm able to trade some of the English transferware I sell for something from another shop owner.   Recently I swapped some pieces for these beautifully hand crafted lamp shades.  I was able to choose each of the fabrics and trim.  I love the unique shape of the shades, and the combination of various fabrics and trims, especially the burnout fabric on the larger side panels.

Here's a pic of the dining room with my old lamp shades, which I still like also.

The kids & my Mom, each individually, noticed the new shades and they all like them better than what was previously on the lamps.

You can view the tablescape here, if interested.

A Lady with a Lamp shall stand
In the great history of the land,
   A noble type of good,
   Heroic womanhood. 
~from Longfellow's  poem, Santa Filomena~

We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; 
the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light. 

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  1. very nice lampshade with unique shape too! now the room looks great..

  2. i'm a fan of etsy too, did a lot of my Christmas shopping there. it's lovely to be able to buy unique pieces.

  3. Those shades are perfect for your dining room!


  4. Nancy,
    I am swooning over these lampshades and how they look in this setting!!
    They definitely call out to this Victorian Heart!!


  5. nancy, those lampshades are super fab! I love Now they complement your decor. Really authentic looking victorian styling. Nice trade!

  6. I understand why you love these shades....they're gorgeous!! Trading is wonderful! Lovely room by the way!

  7. That is the most beautiful shade ever! I'm working on a crochet shade and now I'm need to really step it up a notch!! Just wonderful!!!!!

  8. Hi Nancy! Oh, these lamp shades are so gorgeous! What attention to detail and they do look stunning in your beautiful dining room.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  9. Nancy, those lampshades are gorgeous. BUT have I ever told you that the vignette on that wall just is the most gorgeous thing ever?! It really is amazing.

  10. Love this! I have to learn how to do this. Your whole room is beautiful.

  11. Hi Nancy, the lamp shades are gorgeous!


  12. Love all of your transferware and the new shades. I think they're the perfect touch. Such a pretty dining room.


    Sheila :-)

  13. I'm always afraid to walk into a home like yours for fear I might break something. :P

  14. I absolutely love that dinning room and I can see having some great meals in it. My own home would suit this just beautifully. That said I would not have it for my self. Still I would feel royal some how dinning in it

  15. Those lamp shades are truly gorgeous! I think they definitely enhance your dining room!


  16. The lampshades are amazing - adding a beautiful touch to your dining room decor. I love your collection/display of transferware platters! Amazing!

  17. Oh wow I love your dining room. And those red plates I am drooling ^_^ thanks for sharing!

    RT~Straw/blueberry pie

  18. Lovely shades - what a great find. Your dining room looks enchanting!

  19. Lovely dining room- amazing tureens on the server, accented by those gorgeous lampshades on the buffet lamps! Love your plate wall, too.
    :-) Sue

  20. Your dining room is absolutely amazing. Gorgeous. The lamp shades are unreal, how beautiful are they. Love them. I also really, really love the transferware on the wall. Your arrangement is just perfect. Thanks so much for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  21. Wow! Those lamps shades are seriously impressive.

  22. Beautiful Nancy! I love, love, LOVE the shades! What a statement they make and they go absolutely perfect with your decor...Wow! Simply gorgeous!! Your dining room table setting is magnificent elegant and warm. Thanks for sharing another Nancy spectacular!!xo

  23. Thanks for your kind comments. I'm in OKC. Do you have a store front in T-Town? I visit a dear friend there on occasion, and would love to shop in your store. Cherry Kay

  24. Oh, I bought the eggs around Easter, but maybe they'll stock them again. Cherry Kay

  25. Hi Nancy, I love your new shades. I've been considering them for some time too. You may want to stop over and see what's going on at my place.
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  26. So nice to hear that everyone loves my shades! I must say, they do look fabulous in your beautiful dining room!

  27. That look really classic. It adds drama and a classy feel to the space.


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