Friday, July 23, 2010

A Refreshing Take on Chicken Salad and one of my Poems

Here is a yummy Chicken Salad with a twist, so perfect for these hot summer days we're experiencing.   I used to make this years ago.  Do you ever have something you make a lot and then forget about it?  That's just what I did.   I made it again a few nights ago after re-discovering the recipe and everyone loved it.  Ashton asked if I'd make it again this week. 
What makes it unique is that it's got a dressing made with Hidden Valley Ranch dressing mix  and the addition of pineapple.

Super fast and super easy to prepare.

I made a little extra dressing and we served it over mixed greens with some crusty cheese bread.  It was light and refreshing and still hearty enough for a dinner meal.
Food always looks so good on blue transferware!

Pineapple Ranch Chicken Salad
(from a Hidden Valley Ranch brochure)

2 cups cooked, cubed chicken
1 cup sliced celery
1 20 oz. can pineapple chunks***
Separately combine 1 packet of Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing / Dip mix with 1/2 cup mayonnaise and 1/4 cup reserved pineapple juice.  ( I double this when serving over greens)

Add dressing to chicken, celery and pineapple mixture and toss to coat.

*** I mixed in fresh pineapple and if you have it to use instead of canned, let me tell you honey, there is NO comparison.  Next time I make this I will just buy a little can of pineapple juice and use fresh pineapple.  I think some toasted pecans might be good with this too.

So there it is...fresh, fast, easy as can be and most importantly, quite tasty!

So, you may be wondering what do Chicken Salad and my poem have to do with each other?  I'll tell you, absolutely not one thing.  I keep thinking I will start a separate blog for my poetry but each time I go to set one up the names I come up with are taken....arggh.  I've compiled enough poetry for a book which I intend/ed to call "A Poem for your Thoughts".    "That's the name I'll choose for my  poetry blog", I thought.   I thought wrong.  Somebody else had the nerve to use that name. Can you believe it? ;-)  So, I hope you all will indulge me and let me post some of my poems here and there, for no reason other than being random.  Hey Gay, how's this for Hodge Podge?

Hope you all stay cool this weekend!

A verbal composition characterized by the use of condensed language chosen for its sound and suggestive power.
American Heritage Dictionary

~by me, Nancy Roberts~

Poetry, I believe meant to be
through language, an inner stirring
A means to conjure memories;
A step back to their occurring

Poetry, I believe meant to be
with what time it takes to write
a means by which I slip away-
An invitation to minds flight

Poetry, I believe meant to be
through usage of my words
a way for me to speak to you,
Thus never really being heard

Poetry, I believe meant to be
with pen and paper on hand
a means to share through writing-
Just who it is I really am

Poetry, I believe meant to be
through its readers eyes
a chance to understand and see
its author without disguise

Poetry, I believe meant to be
when given, it is of myself
a way to find a part of me
placed upon my minds back shelf

Poetry, I believe meant to be
through imaginative allusion
the means to take me to a place-
where I am drawn to this conclusion:

Poetry, I believe, meant to be.

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  1. Hello and thanks so much for stopping by La Lamp Shade today!


    If the Lamp Shade Fits

  2. The salad sounds yummy!

  3. OMYGOSH....this sounds AMAZING. It so happens that our home fellowship group is meeting at our place this Sunday. We always "break bread" together with an evening meal. It is SALAD SUPPER this week and I am pretty sure I am going to make this for them. Sooo, your recipe came at the perfect time for me. :))
    O, and you are DOES look wonderful on a pretty blue plate..
    xo bj

  4. Nancy, the recipe looks fabulous and I'd LOVE to see more of your poetry- you're such a multi talented lady!
    xoxo Pattie

  5. So many talents in one person. Your chicken salad sounds delicious, and since my family loves anything with ranch dressing, I know it will be a hit at my house. I enjoyed your poem so much, and since I enjoy reading it, I'd love to keep seeing it on this blog. I can get my poetry and my china fix in the same place! Wonder if you could get away with combining the 2 blog names, "Nancy's Daily Dish And A Poem for Your Thoughts". So glad you linked all of this talent to Favorite Things Sat. laurie

  6. I have not made chicken salad yet this you made we crave it!

  7. Well, I know what I'll make for lunch tomorrow! Nothing says summer like a fruity chicken salad and fresh pineapple is so bright and fresh. Thank you for sharing. I really like your poem and will be anxious to read more, Nancy. I think writing is such a great way to express yourself, whether poetry or prose. Bravo!

  8. I agree with Laurie! So many talents. I am impressed you shared your poetry. Very nice, I enjoyed it. Your food is delicious too. I forgot to tell we made your Alfredo sauce a month or so ago and it got really great reviews from my children. Thanks for stopping by.

  9. The chicken salad looks yummy Nancy, great for a hot night! Hey, I was wondering if you ever sold your bird cage table? How do you sell large things anyways? Only out of your store location or do you ship to customers? I am getting some new frenchy chairs for my dining room that is going to inspire a new decorating scheme, so that will be fun (and of course a new post)! Hope your summer is going well. Did you know we adopted our dog dillon from a rescue in OK?? Yup, and he is precious. Nice "chatting" with you!

  10. Hi Nancy,

    What a lovely post! I will try the salad as soon as we get summer weather (it's raining right now). Your pome makes very nice reading. I hope you have a good time and a great summer.


  11. Hi Nancy, Thanks for joining the Rooster Party. I am delighted to have you with us.

    The chicken salad looks delicious and the poem is charming. So nice to meet you!

    Barb ♥

  12. We love chicken salad here and I often use mandarin oranges or grapes in mine, but never pineapple. I'll have to try this one.

    Your poem was very well written, I'm played a bit with random verse and prose, a little poetry and is much harder than it looks!

  13. I am passing along to you the Sweet Blog Award!

  14. Great post! I know exactly what you mean about finding an old recipe that you used to use all of the time - again! It's like having an old friend back.

    I love the poem. It makes you think in a way that traditional verse does not.

    Thanks so much for being a part of Summer Sundays! Looking forward to having you with us next Sunday too!

    - The Tablescaper

  15. If you had been in my English class, I would have given you an A+. Nicely constructed poem. Personal and universal simultaneously. Thank you for sharing. It takes a lot of courage to put something from within yourself 'out there' for the word to digest. Cherry Kay

  16. Hi Nancy, Thank you for stopping by and saying great things about our blog. You would be surprised what you can find at flea markets or garage sales. Just last week we found a great flow blue plate with two turkeys on it. But too bad it was only one plate. Have a good week....Julian

  17. Nancy, I just wanted to go back and find all of those who supported me and made comments when I had very first started blogging and thank them. I wanted those people to be sure to be included in my first giveaway, celebrating 100 and almost 200 now followers with a Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker. Be sure to stop by and enter.

  18. Hi Nancy,
    Oh Yummmmmmm...this looks soooo good!

    xo Sally

  19. Yum!! Looks delicious! You are right it looks beautiful on the blue plate. Love the presentation. I must try this out!!


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