Sunday, August 15, 2010

Telephone Table Makeover

This sad little table called out to me.  I saw some potential in it's weathered and worn bones.  Marked $2 at a garage sale, I figured I couldn't lose.

I paid for my purchase and then went to pick the tile up sitting atop and give it the the garage sale delightful (not) to find this was part of the deal and part of the table!  It had been somehow affixed to the table.  Nice, huh?

I decided that for $2 it was worth the effort to get the tile off.  Someone had used two sided, foam tape to stick this thing on.  It took a while to pry it off with a scraper and even longer to pull off the sticky tape and foam.

I let the table sit around the house for awhile until I decided it was time to finish it.  Timing was not my forte' as I chose to finish this baby outside when the heat index was about 113° and that sweltering heat did not leave me thinking to take pictures of the entire redo process.  Despite it being hotter than h-e- double hockey sticks outside, I finished this in a day and am really liking the outcome. 

I did a tad of sanding and then spray painted with an indoor/outdoor black matte paint.  I applied a couple of coats and allowed time to dry in between.    I finished it by accenting with FolkArt 660 Metallic Pure Gold paint.    Both paints were already on hand so I literally just spent $2 and some time.  I had the perfect spot for it and added a few antique books, an antique Aesthetic movement transferware pitcher and a reproduction Staffordshire bunny.  

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The Want of Write

If only I had sparsely enough time
To study mere words
and then to write-
to understand some articulation
to let a thought flow forth right-
I believe it quite probable 
that I should soar in ever-flight.
Instead, here am I,
trapped in the dead of night.
©Nancy Roberts

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  1. What a wonderful little table. What a great makeover!!

  2. That is terrific! What a great way to save the table. It looks better now that it did when it was brand new, I'll bet!

  3. Nancy, this little table is stunning. You sure do have the ability to see potential. I probably would have passed it up and it is fabulous. I also really like the gold detail that you added. The books, pitcher and the dog statue are just perfect. You also need to link this to Table Top Tuesday. I will have Mr. Linky up tomorrow evening, and this is such a perfect project for the party. Love it. Hugs, Marty

  4. Very, very pretty! I love how you saved that. It is perfect.

  5. Wow Nancy, the table turned out to be a winner!
    By the way....I want that bunny :o)

  6. Hi Nancy, You have been busy too! I sent you an email about your upright grand. Did you ever get it, I just hit the reply button on my email you sent thru the blog and maybe it goes nowhere...just check and see.
    Anyway this table could go anywhere right? You could even put it on top of a buffet and load it up with sweets at Christmas time!

  7. What an awesome redo Nancy and for only $2.00 its just great...Hope you have a GREAT Sunday my friend...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  8. What a beautiful little table and you have it dressed perfectly!


  9. Beautiful job on the table. The bunny is a charmer. I had no idea there were Staffordshire bunnies, reproduction or otherwise.

  10. Love this transformation! Great job!

  11. Hi Nancy! I love the little table and it looks wonderful!! Now that little bunny is calling my name! He's adorable!
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  12. "Hi Nancy"... LOVE,LOVE,LOVE this little table and WOW did you make it perfect. Your vignette is also talking to me... Hugs, Donna

  13. That's a heavy poem for such a cute post but I understand the wanting to express oneself and ,sometimes, the lack of finding a voice.
    That little table didn't lack articulation when it spoke to you. It knew that you would bring it back from the brink.
    What a charming little table it is now. I'm sure if you hear it speak to you again, it will be saying "Thank you."

  14. Nancy, what a wonderful finished table. It is hard to believe something in such poor condition could be give a new life. Kudos. Have a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary

  15. OMG Nancy! What an amazing transformation! Talk about from trash to treasure! That table looks so brand new after a few of your touches. L O V E it! I'm joining your giveaway by the way, and now your newest follower. Stopping by from SOYCM.

  16. I have my grandmother's telephone table, too. It's similar but has an enclosed area for the phone book under the table top and two shelves below that. Your choice of paint color and gold accent is lovely!

    My mother always said rooms need a touch of black. Well done!


  17. Oh Nancy, that turned our beautifully. I love black painted furniture with gold accent.

  18. OMGosh, wonderful makeover! I love how that table turned out. I have been painting everything black here lately. Love it. soooo elegant.

  19. Nancy_ I remember when every home had one of these! It looks wonderfulespecially with thee accessories! This old girl has lots of life left in her! Off to enter the giveaway!

  20. Cool! Thanks for giving the info. I also have the fruit salad set now. Stupid Webb's in Indiana I found a 12 peice placesetting of the same pattern..still no mark on it to tell who made it. It was way in the back of this's a huge place way over 10.000 sq ft well over 100 dealers.....I went up front with things I had in my arms and came back to get guessed, they were gone. For $15 I should've put em under something, but it was in the way back....not lit well....with odds and ends luck.

  21. The gold really makes it!And your choice of accent pieces is just right. Really a step up from the black painted furniture that I already like.

  22. Beautiful! Love the way the table turned out. Very nice. Thanks for sharing.

  23. Nancy, The little table turned out wonderful! Isn't it great to rescue a worn out piece and bring it back to life? xo, Sherry

  24. What a transformation, Nancy! Nobody would ever think you got that gorgeous table for $2...Christine

  25. Wow, Nancy! Amazing makeover! I'm sure that little table never looked so pretty in its life! I hope you are having a great week!...hugs...Debbie

  26. Oh my gosh - it looks like a totally different table. I've seen so many pieces that I liked but were in bad shape. Perhaps I should take a second look :)

  27. You amaze me!
    You've given it a whole new lease of life!

  28. What a bargain price for a great little table!! Also, love that sweet bunny on the top shelf.
    Good Job, Nancy. I love it all!
    The Tattered Tassel

  29. Sad no more, it is fantastic! Nancy you actually linked up to the before and after party....the garage salen party is the first really does not matter as both are fine:) Have a great weekend. Debbie

  30. What a cute little did a great job giving it a new life, Nancy.

  31. What a sweet table...and I love the displays you have on it...well done!

  32. You discovered a diamond in the rough. Gorgeous table and great makeover!

  33. Nancy!!! You did an amazing job with that table! Great work, and beautiful vignettes! Thank you so much for being a part of Vignette Friday! I'm so hoping you'll join up next week too! :)

  34. Nancy,
    How funny that tile was glued there! It must have been a handy dandy coaster!

    Thanks for the visit to my blog and taking the time to comment. So glad I found you... You must let me know when you have brown transferware for sale.. I can't find pieces here.. somebody is beating me to them!

    I became your follower... and you have six kids? WOW

  35. Nancy, you rescued this piece of furniture from the brink of death in a junk heap. The finished product is beyond expectation. It is a miracle. This only resembles it's former form... not even that! You transformed this into a truely beautiful piece!!! Kudos to you. You get a standing ovation for this one!!!!!! Painting gold accents really makes this table stand out!
    I would be proud to have this table anywhere in my home.
    Now I need to open my eyes a little wider and look at the possibilities!

  36. What a great redo! That table is so cute:-)

  37. Oooh, Is that adorable!! And no kidding I have that EXACT table. I too got it for $2. at GW. Mine is missing the top finial there is a bunch of little holes, I am thinking of just putting in small brad type wood nail covers...BUT I am sitting at it right now, as it is perfect for my laptop... I now need to re-do...think I will try & copy yours...
    Thanks for the inspiration!!


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