Wednesday, October 27, 2010

An Apple Unpicked ~ Harvest Time Tablescape

An Apple Unpicked

I took ride upon the tractor,
Bushel at my breast
Through fields of amber,
Past the birds empty nest.

On through leaves of crimson,
I arrived to look down the lane
Where apples should be upon the trees
But already had been slain

I could see no fruit was there,
Not one apple in the trees
I just stood there...still, and quiet,
Listening to the buzzing bees

Never did I pluck from the tree
A singe fruit, round and red,
Only of the ground I lifted
An apple bruised and fallen dead.

Never I got what I thought,
To pick my apple from the tree,
To taste a bite, deliciously ripe-
The experience was not meant for me.

Nancy M Roberts ©2002

Tonights tablescape features guess what????? Apples!  Harvest Time.  I know, the poem is a little depressing but hopefully the table will cheer you up! ;-)

Harvest Plates, Cups & Saucers, Platters, Soup Bowls and more are availalbe in my Etsy shop or click HERE:

Flatware is available by special order- $67.50 per 20 pc service for 4 (email me or contact me through Etsy)

Ribbed Taper Candles available at Zest Candles.  Zest is offering a discount code HALLOWEEN for special savings on beautiful candles of every kind, for every season

Centerpiece -  I created this with a garland and wound it around clear glass candleholders and added various sized apples throughout

Placemats, Napkins and Napkin Rings -  can't remember where I got these!

Topiary's made with matching china are available HERE or contact me for custom order

Bubble Tumblers - Walmart---very cute and very cost friendly...about $2 per glass

Country French Table and Chairs HERE

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  1. Bravo! Very pretty!!! I love the reindeer moss topiaries!

  2. Love it, love it, love it. But then again, I always love your tables. I didn't even know that that made transferware with apples. But... my favorite are those topiaries. You are whipping those up left and right. Where do you get the makings?

    - The Tablescaper

  3. I love your tablescape! The dishes are perfect and I love the coordinating colours in your placemats, napkins and centerpiece. So lovely!

  4. Nancy, this just takes my breath away, it's all so pretty and perfect for the season, Char

  5. Nancy, When I come to visit I know that I am always in for the most delightful treat. And your orchard tablescape is sublime!
    I love your centerpiece. It's slim long design fits your table and reminds me of an apple tree branch! Gorgeous.
    I must comment on your apple tureens. I would just love to have a set. They would need to be displayed! I am smitten!!!!!
    And of course no one in bloggland has the beautiful dishes you do. These Harvest plates are perfect for the table. I also find your creative topiaries captivating. What a delightful use for a creamer and sugar!
    I just love every little bit!
    Thanks for all the time and effort that went into this stellar table!!!!!
    xo YVonne

  6. Nancy, Another beautiful table! Gorgeous centerpiece and the apple tureens are adorable.
    xo, Sherry

  7. Gorgeous apple themed table, Nancy. The dishes are so pretty with the little tureens.

  8. What a beautiful table setting - I really love it! Those apple soup bowls are so cool. I especially love the centerpiece. Well done, Nancy!

  9. Another beautiful tablescape!!!! The square dishes are so very all of it!!! hugs...cleo

  10. The color combination if just fabulous and the apple theme is carried out consistently and in a most appealing table setting design!

  11. You have created a lovely tablescape. I love the garland with your apples. The apple soup bowls are darling. All of the colors flow. it is a pleasure to view. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Simply gorgeous Nancy! The colors are so yummy, and just love the fresh and beautiful! Another lovely tablescape! :)) *Hugs*

  13. This is so beautiful, Nancy! I love the apples in the center of the plates. So pretty.

  14. So pretty!
    How do you strap to the ceiling for that above table shot Nancy? LOL.

  15. Love this~ the hydrangeas with the apples centerpiece is perfect! This was my grandmother's pattern, I have lots of fond memories of eating off of it :-)

  16. Great colors, this table feels happy! I love the covered apple dishes, they are so cute. I've seen a cookie jar like them but never the small ones before:@)

  17. Hi Nancy, I love the centerpiece to your table, it is a beautiful garland! Hey, I ordered some purple transferware yesterday, so check your email!! I can't wait to get it!!

  18. My favorite color, apple green. I love this tablescape, its a nice refreshing change for the fall season. Who wouldn't love the dishes and those darling apple tureens. I also love the rustic topiaries that you have at the side of the table. Thanks so much for sharing.

  19. Always beautiful, Nancy. Of course the brown transferware is calling to me, but I'm also in love with the little apple compotes. Just darling!! Thanks so much for linking up with VIF!
    Have a great weekend,

  20. This is so beautiful, Nancy, so inviting! I love all your furniture too!...Christine

  21. Nancy, I think this is one of my very favorite tables of all the stunning ones you've set for us! The apple theme is carried out perfectly, and I love the china you've shown us here. Just wonderfully inviting!

  22. Lovely post ~ so inviting! Can I come for dinner?

  23. What a beautiful Fall Harvest tablescape!! The apples are so charming and I LOVE your dishes!!


  24. Nancy,
    This is a lovely tablescape. I love how the green apple compotes and napkins pop!

  25. I love this, it's so elegant! Gorgeous centerpiece!! Thanks for sharing, Betsy

  26. Hi lovely lady. Your tablescapes are so Beautiful ~~~I love the green table, May becouse I love the color green. I just became a follower of your Blog. I will be looking for your next tablescapes. sweet lady.

  27. Your table is so pretty. It did cheer me up with all those pretty apples. Love the centerpiece.

  28. Nancy, Hello! This table makes you feel.....warm, cozy and welcome! I could just sit with a beverage of choice and chat with old friends. A beautiful table! I just love those apple compotes! Andrea

  29. I think that you and I see color in much the same way. I love the apple green against the persimmon color and the rust of the mats. This is really lovely. I love every detail. Thank you for sharing your charming design. Cherry Kay

  30. nancy, this table is absolutely stunning. I love the dishes and the topiaries to match are really great.

  31. Beautiful! I love your apple dinnerware, the colors are georgeous. Thanks for showing us.

  32. What a wonderful table! I love the apple theme and the colors that go with it.

  33. This is so beautiful! The colors are just incredible! Your tables are pure heaven! Thanks!!

  34. Nancy, this is a stunning table. The long curving centerpiece is wonderful and I adore those little moss topiaries in the cream and sugar. Nice touch. Your orchard pieces are fun. The whole table is FUN. Thanks for sharing. ~ Sarah

  35. Hi Nancy,
    I love you autumn table-it is perfection!



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