Monday, November 15, 2010

A Beautiful Wedding at The Mayo Hotel

My nephew got married this past weekend at the recently renovated Mayo Hotel.
Listed on the National registry of Historic Places in 1980, the Mayo Hotel is  located in downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Built in 1925 during Oklahoma's oil boom, the Mayo played host to notable 20th Century visitors, including President John F. Kennedy, Bob Hope, Charles Lindbergh, Babe Ruth, Charlie Chaplin, Elivs Presley, President Richard Nixon, Will Rogers and Mae West. The Mayo hotel also served as residence to oilman J. Paul Getty.

Once the tallest building in Oklahoma, the hotel originally had 600 rooms. Ceiling fans in each room and Tulsa's first running ice water made the hotel a haven from summer heat.

A failed renovation attempt in the early 1980's left the building unoccupied and missing many of its original fixtures and interior ornamentation.  Abandoned for many more years, the Mayo was destined for the wrecking ball until June 2001, when the Snyder family purchased it for $250,000 and began renovation efforts. Initial efforts focused on restoring the lower floors.

As part of this renovation project, the Mayo became the first Oklahoma building to complete environmental remediation under a new brownfields program sponsored by the Oklahoma Corporation Commission.

After a $40 Million+ renovation, the Mayo re-opened less than a year ago and has been restored to its former glory, boasting opulence from the past and all the amenities of today.

Ryan and Rachelle were married in this room below.
Gold draperies hung over banister and mirror just behind the landing at the stairs.  A huge banner hung in the middle with their initials (R & R) back to back.
The rails were completely covered in fresh roses.  The steps also had rose petals all over them...but I took the pics after the ceremony and they'd already been swept up.

 My nephew Ryan is a V.P. for Evergreen Aviation and lives in Dubai, so my brother (his Dad) had this cake made for the rehearsal dinner. It is Ryan's chocolate lab with his suitcase stamped for Dubai, a map of Dubai and Ryan and Rachelle's passports.

Fresh cracked pepper, anyone?  Aww, isn't this sweet?  Ryan took time out from his evening to grind pepper over our Beef Wellington.  Have you ever seen a larger Pepper Mill?

Ok, back to the weddding.  Once the ceremony was over, the family was taken into a smaller room where a Persian ceremony was held and traditional Persian hors d'oeuvres  were served.  

The family members and other guests were escorted to the ballroom where dinner was served.  There were numerous tables set which held one of three centerpieces. 

The main course consisted of a grilled filet and herb crusted chicken breast along with Ghormeh Sabzi & Persian Rice...delicious!  I forgot to take a picture of the Ghormeh Sabzi & Persian was our favorite!   We Googled a few recipes so we will make it ourselves...I definitely recommend you doing the same!
 Enjoying our time at this special occassion...
Ethan, Michael, Ashton, me, Kalyn and Shawn
 Trev and his cousin Garrett..just being themselves!

I love cake~
 Congratulations to Ryan and Rachelle!


  1. Gorgeous Nancy!! How beautiful an all look wonderful! Thanks for time I'm in Tulsa I'll have to check out the Mayo!!

    Miss Bloomers

  2. It's so good to see the Mayo back in all its shining glory...the wedding was beautiful...the reception centerpieces were elegant. Thank you for sharing the wedding with us. Cherry Kay

  3. Nancy, I LOVE weddings! Thank you for sharing this beautiful nuptial! The wedding looks like it could have been for royalty. The rose covered railings are so over the top! You must have had the most wonderful time!

  4. Loved seeing you and your family Nancy! You look so pretty! What a grand hotel for a wedding!

  5. What a beautiful transformation of that old building! And oh my gosh, the bride's wedding gown is absolutely breathtaking! Coming down that staircase? Stunning! Thanks so much for sharing!


  6. Love the pictures of the transformation! How wonderful to restore such a beautiful building. Such history! Sounds like a great day!

    That pepper grinder? Holy cow!

    Off to google that rice dish!

  7. Hi Nancy! Im a blog newbie and JUST found you! LOOOOVE the pics, looks like FUN! THAT CAKE! Dying over it! I love your site and i will be following! I have an interior design business and doing 14 days of xmas trees and would LOVE and appreciate it if you could visit! Im luck to get 3 comments so when i do i get VERY EXCITED! LOL! I also have a GIVEAWAY! YAY!

    *ENTER PAMPERING Give-Away Here *


  8. What a beautiful place for a beautiful wedding of a beautiful couple, Nancy. The cakes are so sweet and adorable!...Christine

  9. Elegant and beautiful!!! I'm in love with the brides dress and she wore it well!!! Thanks for sharing this amazing event.

  10. What a glorious event! Stunning. I also really loved the cakes! Wow.

  11. A beautiful event! The wedding cake is amazing. Thanks for sharing photos of this elegant wedding.


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