Friday, February 4, 2011

My Two Right Hands

Since mid morning, we've accumulated another 5" or so of snow.  I decided, again,  to shovel our sidewalk and some of the least the portion where Shawn pulls the car up in the drive. Weird, I know, but I actually start pretending I'm preparing to go skiing while I put all of my winter garb long johns, my ski socks (yes, I have special ski socks), thermal glove liners...the whole bit.  I have that same feeling of anticipation I have just before hitting the slopes.  And then.  The reality of the situation sets in when I look at the shelf with my ski boots stored up high and instead I reach for grungy work boots.  Ok, that's a lie.. I don't own work boots....I grabbed  a semi-dingy pair of UGGs that have seen better days but are incredibly warm.  They will be my work boots today. 

To be perfectly honest the real reason I've decided to shovel snow is because I heard on the news that someone lost 3 lbs in just a couple of hours doing the same thing. 
I had one problem and that is that all of our gloves have been 'misplaced' by my kids and now I am left with not even a mismatched pair but instead a mismatched pair of right handed gloves.   I'm going for it anyway.
 So I go shovel snow with two right hands.   My left hand starting cramping about five minutes in and it had nothing to do with the work I was doing but rather trying to conform my left hand to an unnatural position.
30 minutes into the job and I am done.  Not with the actual job, just done with two right hands.
Warning: Don't try this at home.  Your hand will thank you.
And,  so much for minus 3 lbs.

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  1. Hi Nancy,

    We are digging out too!! Can't remember having this much snow since I've lived in OKC. Hope you stay warm and safe!

    Miss Bloomers

  2. Ha HA! Funny post nancy, I caught this heads up on twitter. Lookin good with your gloves backwards or not.

  3. 3 pounds shoveling snow? wow... I bet it's even more when you are wearing two right gloves!

  4. I always say the biggest problem with all these people losing 3 pounds here and there is, I keep finding them:@) Be careful out there!

  5. wow, that must have been hard to shovel with two right hand gloves! I am not sure who is doing it, but some of my neighbors have been shoveling my driveway since the beginning of winter. I am so thankful. I can't do it myself. Have a great weekend!

  6. I am starting to feel guilty because our weather is so mild and the only snow we have is up in the mountains. Take care, stay warm and blog on!!

    Susan and Bentley

  7. Hi Nancy...just stopped by to say hello! So true about the glove thing - which is why i never wear any because i am always losing one...although i am really psyched about my new pair of pink snow pants i have been wearing while i am out making a path to the shop... The guys are off snowmobiling in Maine this weekend so i think Mom & I will tackle your Chicken dish below.. Regards and stay warm!

  8. Hi Nancy,
    I laughed through your post.
    However, the days that I shovel snow, I take the day off from the gym!

  9. Hi Nancy!!

    Thanks for visiting me today!
    I see we have the same taste in china! I too collect Masons pink vista!!
    I'm a new follower
    Pamela :)

  10. Nancy, I do think, if it is really wet never know about losing 3 pounds. Joni

  11. Hi Nancy! Thanks for stopping by! So I have to ask did you lose 1/2 a pound? *winks* Because that glove thing has got to burn extra calories....I'm pretty sure.....Vanna


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