Monday, August 22, 2011

Adding Crystal Garland to Existing Light Fixtures

My kids started back to school today.  I had not bought even a pencil until late yesterday afternoon, and by the looks of all the crowds at the stores and mall, I don't think I was the only one!  Now that my kids are all in junior and high school they don't have the big lists with all the crayons and what not so I have to say it is much easier than when they were in elementary school.  I remember spending hours in one or two aisles at Walmart each year just gathering most of their school supplies.  Of course there were always those few things that required trips to special stores for a particular brand or style that was a 'requirement' by the teacher.   Those days I do not miss. Yesterday, Trevor, Ashton and I stood in one line for about 30 minutes and as we finally made it to the 'yippee,we're next' status a lady stepped right beside us and went to one of the registers to return something.  I had one item with me to return and only realized after all that waiting in line that returns were a separate line (though there was no sign).  Trevor was about to lose it!  Poor guy.

As you may know, we recently moved into a rental house.  We have been able to pretty much do as we please here so far as decorating and painting goes.  One thing I recently did in the powder bath was make the existing light fixtures a little more my style by simply adding a temporary fix.

There are two of these fixtures on either side of the mirror (which I changed out for one of mine), over the sink.  They aren't bad but not my choice and since this isn't my house I wouldn't want to invest in another light fixture.  I really wanted them to better co-exist with what I have in this powder bath.

  I also wanted them to appear longer/taller than they are.
I looked around the house for things I could use to try to achieve the look I wanted, or close to that look, without spending any money. These small mirrors (actually Christmas ornaments) were hung directly beneath the fixtures.

The fixtures still needed something, in my opinion.  I really would love to have small chandeliers on either side of the mirror but since that isn't happening,  I pulled out some more Christmas decor.  Ah- ha!  These glass beaded garlands may be perfect for what I have in mind.  They are about 6' long each.  I separated them at the connecting rings in about 10-12" lengths leaving one of the pointed crystals at each end.

Next I pulled out some pretty ornament hangers with adorned with glass beads.
I hung the garland strands on each of the ornament hangers and then simply hung them over the light fixture in staggered heights.
Blah to you agree?


  1. They look fabulous Nancy, who's a cleaver girl then?!

  2. Oh they go SO much better with the mirror!

  3. Oh Nancy, genius transformation! Bravo!

  4. Nancy,

    Those look so much better!! A little glam and glitz goes a long your idea!!

    Miss Bloomers

  5. Much better!

    p.s. I am so glad I home school! No lines for us!

  6. Love bling and glitz! Your idea is a great one and looks beautiful.


  7. WOW!! What a great idea!! The crystals made all the difference in the world!!


  8. They look lovely! And I love the wallpaper, too!


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