Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sign GIVEAWAY Ends Tomorrow! 20% OFF Transferware! Sir Walter Scott Plate

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And, if you've checked out my shop lately you can see that I've been on a listing spree.  I've added over 200 pieces of transferware over the past week or so to my online shop, and there are MANY more pieces to list.
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Of the things I've added recently is this plate depicting Abbotsford, the home of Sir Walter Scott.  I kind of, sort of, really want to keep this one!  I even walked around the house trying to find a spot for just one more plate... ;-(

 The Scottish poet and one of the greatest novelists ever, is one of few who authors who acquired much success and wealth during his lifetime.   He is the first English speaking author to have acquired an international audience during his lifetime.  As such, he was not only able to build this 'Conundrum Castle' but also able to fill it with rare and historic collections, particularly relative to Scotland.  The home today still houses items such as Rob Roy's gun, dirk and sword and a collection of over 9,000 rare books! 

Abbotsford, Scott's own creation was built with the same passion with which he wrote and embodies a physical representation of the Romantic Movement that he helped create.

Abbotsford is beautifully positioned above the River Tweed, which is known to have been one of Scott's favorite views.  Before Scott died, he had his staff move him into the dining room of his home where he was propped up so he could see his view of the Tweed.   He would pass quietly, by the window.
(photo credit:  Scotiana.com)
According to a popular story, Sir Walter Scott stopped at this point so often on the way home that his horses would halt without command. After his death in 1832, his funeral procession passed this way en route to his burial and his horses stopped at this very same spot to allow Scott a last look at the landscape.

Teach your children poetry; it opens the mind, lends grace to wisdom and makes the heroic virtues hereditary.

Discretion is the perfection of reason, and a guide to us in all the duties of life.
The race of mankind would perish did they cease to aid each other.  We cannot exist without mutual help.  All therefore that need aid have a right to ask if from their fellow-men; and no one who has the power of granting can refuse it without guilt.

To all, to each a fair good night, and pleasing dreams, and slumbers light. 
 ~ Walter Scott~


  1. How beautiful this castle is and the dining area. Love the plates, so pretty. Thank you for the story of Sir Walter Scott. Thank you for the giveaway chance, hope I'm the winner...just in case, I have an American address, so don't worry. Lol! Hugs, FABBY

  2. There is no other place on the blogs to see such transferware beauty! I just ordered 2 large brown trans. platters from your etsy shop. I can't wait to use them! I'l blog about them and link to your blog and shop!
    I am so thrilled to find such gorgeous platters!

  3. Lovely post, so very heart warming. I always learn so much here. I love that dining room. wow what a ceiling! thanks for sharing. xo marlis

  4. LOVELY images....thank you!...smiles.

  5. Such pretty dishes. I really enjoyed the story...I always tell my hubby I learn new things on blogs!

  6. Nancy,
    Your transferware is gorgeous! What a great story about Sir Walter, love that his horses stopped at his favorite spot! The castle, gardens and landscape are so beautiful!
    Thanks for visiting!


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