Thursday, September 8, 2011

Easing Into Fall 2011 Tablescape

...And I am more than the fallen leaf
That Autumn winds hath blown along-
I am more than the branch that breaks
When the wind proves itself too strong-
But I am like the tree that dances
To the music of the lilted wind song...
(from one of my many unfinished poems)

  The past few days have been so beautiful here, with weather that beckons everyone to go outdoors. The afternoons with gentle breezes make it almost easy to forget that we in Oklahoma just experienced one of the hottest summers on record.
 I've heard that people favor the time of year they were born and if that's the case, then it makes perfect sense that Fall should be my favorite season.  It is.

I set this table for Labor Day and then we changed our plans that very day and went to my sisters for a hamburger cookout instead.  
I think this table hints at the season to come, and would have been really cute set outside or better yet, inside a barn!  It does have a country farm feel. 

I used the same burlap fabric from last week as a long runner across the table.  I have set many tables with cloths that don't fully cover the table and leave some of the wood exposed.  I love this look. My table is worn and rugged but it did not start out that way.  I still run across this very table in magazines but it still looks brand new there.  I like that we've worn this baby in.  It looks like an antique now because it's been weathered naturally ( if you call a family of eight natural). 

Inexpensive dish towels were used in place of chargers or placemats.  They are tri-folded lengthwise and allowed to hang over the edge of the table. They help define each space.  I bought these at Tuesday Morning months ago for only a few dollars for a pack of six.  I now wish I'd purchased some of the other colors they had at the time; blue, green, and black.

I crumbled up a little Raffia at each place setting as I think it conjures up the image of hay, and I love the added texture.  This is easily removed before dinner as it may prove to be a little cumbersome to eat around (that is what Ashton thinks).

I began setting the table with these Royal Doulton plates...
 ...such a pretty pattern...
...with the sweetest little butterfly trying to hide amongst the fruits and flowers...
...and then I got to the last place setting only to realize I had seven plates, not eight.
Improv time.
Take away three of the Royal Doulton plates and bring in four of these Ridgway plates for a mixed table setting.  I like mixing it up anyway.
 Aren't these pretty?  I have one of each of the plates in my every day set of mix-n-match red transferware plates.  The rest of them are for sale in my Etsy shop, English Transferware.

This one has a pretty border as well.

I chose to use my faux bamboo flatware (Horchow)

 and old fashioned, mock bubble glasses (Walmart).

Believe it or not I couldn't find one of my napkins either.  I mixed them up and then wound up finding the missing you might notice this in some of the photos.  What is uniform is that I tied a few strands of hemp around each napkin instead of using napkin rings.  I love this stuff.  I've found so many uses for this as of late, including my demijohn project.

I've wanted to use these rounded twig forms as a centerpiece for a while now and this seemed a perfect match.  I scrunched up a gingham tablecloth, laid a leafy, fruity garland on top and then wedged the forms into the greenery so they would be stable and not roll around.  To further evoke the feeling of Fall, I placed a few apples here and there.  Simple centerpiece!  The twiggy forms are from Hobby Lobby, and if I remember correctly, they are only $2-3 (when you buy them half off).  

Shawn remarked a couple of times about how much he liked this tablesetting.  I hope you all like it too!

Update:    Sometimes you all ask if we eat at the tables I set and the answer is sometimes.  It really just depends on what we have going on as a family.  With my two oldest boys living on their own and my other four children being teens involved in extracurricular activities it is not as often as I'd like that we all eat together. Yesterday, September 11th, was Michael's 22nd birthday and we enjoyed his favorite meal at this table.


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  1. Such a pretty table! The natural tones of the burlap and twine raffia stuff are really a great neutral for showing off your beautiful dishes! The pink/rosey color of this pattern always draws me when I'm out shopping. They remind me of the set that has the castles of England on them.... I think it's castles??? I pick them up for my mother when I can find them; her favorite also.

    Thanks for sharing,

  2. OH OH OH OH MY! This is the most unique and fab table I have seen in a long time....I am not country, but this is just WoDeRfUl~ and I am truly seeing it done on my table in a shabby chic way...oooh la la! Did I say I loved it?
    Way way awesome!!


  3. I love, love, love this table. The raffia and the burlap, the wonderful dishtowel/place mats, the gingham in the center, all of just rang my chimes! Did I tell you I love this table? Dianne

  4. WOW! One word... Gorgeous!!!!

    Come by and say Hi! I'm having a giveaway.:)


  5. Fabulous, just the right mix of formal and country to suit my taste!

  6. Questa tavola è dolcissima!Rosetta

  7. Your table is adorable. Love, love, love the raffia under the plates.

  8. Next time I want to "pretty up" my table, I'm coming here for inspiration!

  9. love everything about it, N!! You've inspired me to get out my Fransiscan Apple dishes this weekend. :) Dish Love, DM

  10. Love the dishes and like use of the burlap table runner. Beautiful table. Laura from Cottage and Broome.

  11. What a lovely table Nancy! I love they way you used the raffia under each plate. Just a beautiful rustic yet elegant look!! I have got to find me some transferware!

    bee blessed

  12. What fun!
    Love this table -- it melds late summer and Fall very nicely, with its nod to the red checked picnic linens of midsummer. Thanks for sharing!

  13. This is one the prettiest tables I have seen, it just begs for someone to sit at it. The dishes match so nicely with the dish towel placemats, like they were made for each other. The centerpiece is fabulous, I love those large twig orbs. Have a great weekend, Nancy!

  14. Oh, my dear, I do LOVE your style! I have that same flatware: think I got it at Ross. Did you say Oklahoma? I'm moving to Tulsa next month! Whereabouts do you live? (You can email me on that one if you decide to.) I would love a new pal to go junking and hunting dishes with!

  15. I think it is gorgeous! Farmhouse, fall gorgeous...

  16. Oh this is so lovely - great mix of colors and textures.

  17. Oh you sure did! I love how versatile this flatware seems to be. I've seen several tablescapers using it and love it every time I see it too! What a great setting you have. I love the apple theme and really adore your centerpiece! All the raffia is just the perfect compliment to your linens as well. It applicious! :))

  18. I'm loving, loving, LOVING this tablescape!! The gorgeous dishes with their curves/pretty pattern in contast with the raffia/burlap/plaid is RUSTIC LUX PERFECTION@!@!!!!


  19. With every setting, you outdo yourself with your imagination. The table has a nice rustic Fall feel with so many details, and I do love the red transferware.

    I am so pleased that you linked to Potpourri Friday. Your participation certainly makes the party more successful . I appreciate you, Nancy ! I hope you will make this one of your regular stops each week!

  20. This is one my all time favorite tablescape yet...I think it is very homey, and has the love of family touch to it. The plates are awesome. Very nice touch.

  21. Hi, Nancy! You're right...this table would look great indoors, outdoors, or in a rustic setting like by the lake or in a barn! Beautiful! You added some really special touches that look great! I'm glad to see someone else is using grapevine balls. I just got some more a few days ago with a few different ideas in mind for their use. The way you used them here is really great! I love the gingham checks that repeat from the centerpiece to the end cap napkins. Great job!

  22. I love how your table came together! I love the rustic mixed with the fancy is charming.

  23. Thank you for your sweet comment. Your table is simply stunning. I love your dishes and the added touches of the burlap, dish towel placemats, napkins and your centerpiece is just inviting. Your collections are lovely.

  24. Oh I love this. Everything goes together splendidly. I love when I find dish towels that make great napkins. This is a wonderful transition table.

  25. This is so incredible and you make it look really easy! The towels as napkins are wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing with my Open House Party!

  26. I love your table setting - I might have to replicate it with my little spin of course. Oh, and I even have that same utensil set! I love them.

  27. Love, love, love it! It's beautiful!

  28. Nancy, this is just beyond beautiful!! There are so many great ideas here I have to try! I LOVE the raffia...never would have thought of that. I love the dish towels too. I just love it all really, and will be trying to copy it somehow with my Romantic England! Thanks SO much for stopping by and for you very kind comments!! I really appreciate it:-)

  29. Just absoulutely screams fall and fun! Every little detail is perfect. I love the uneven plate solution. I thought the same thing about eating with the raffia in the way. :) Don't change it till Christmas!

  30. Love your sweet and cozy farm friendly and inviting tablescape. Just lovely and fun!
    So many great ideas here.
    Blessings, Nellie

  31. WOW Nancy this tablescape is stunning! It looks like a picture right out of a magazine, LOVE IT!! Martina

  32. Hi Nancy,
    I absolutely LOVE this! It's one of my favorite tablescapes...ever. Of course, I adore red and fall is my favorite season so all the elements you've used are just perfect!


  33. love this.. reminds me of apple harvest, hayrides, chilly weather! so pretty and fun. I love the dishes..thanks so much for sharing.. xo marlis

  34. Wow I love it I have to say this is probably one of my favourite tablescapes I have seen I hope you dont mind if I share it on my page its beautiful you have made me feel totally ready for the season i will attempt to give this ago its blown me away. I am hosting a give away to celebrate Finishing Touch Interiors 1st birthday would love you to pop on over

  35. gorgeous! It looks so warm and inviting :)

    Coley @

  36. Your fall table is stunning with gorgeous plates and beautiful elements to create and stage such gorgeous autumn tablescape dear Nancy! I'm also visiting you from Pink Sat., see you later. Hugs, FABBY

  37. Wow Nancy!! This is one of my favorite tablescapes! Love those dishes ..I'm drooling! Of course the burlap is perfect and what a cute idea to use raffia under the plates. I'm going to have to copy this one ..I can see gourds and pumpkins and my burlap runner! Beautifully done!! Thanks for the inspiration!

    Miss Bloomers

  38. Okay...this is my alltime favorite!!!!
    Now I need to go home and get my red and white dishes out. They have been packed away all summer in favor of white ironstone.
    You did GREAT!!!!, and I'm glad that you are having decent weather. What parts of us that are not on fire this week, are back up in the +100+ temps!
    Blessings to you,

  39. This tablescape is spectacular! One of my favorites. Just pinned it!
    Nancy, I am having trouble with my computer. It is running out of charge. I have a call into my computer guy so I'm hoping it will be fixed by tonight. If not, I'll try to get a hold of you and let you know. I might have to postpone the giveaway for a week. So sorry... I'll update you.

  40. Nobody sets a table like you, Nancy. Even your "mismatched, casual" efforts are stunning.

  41. Happy Pink Saturday, Nancy. I am so glad you joined us this Pink Saturday.

    The table does look fantastic. I especially love how you used the towels as chargers.

  42. Nancy, this is such a wonderful combination of textures. And great fun to see your beautiful family enjoying the ambiance of it all. ;-)

  43. Of course I adore this tablescape! anything Fall always gets me excited, thanks for linking up with VIF! xoxo

  44. I love this! Ashton's comment reminds me of the Easter I used sphagnum down the center of the table. I had to keep using the dust buster on it!
    The colors and textures are just wonderful!

  45. Hi lovely lady.
    Your Tablescape is gorgeous for fall sweet lady.
    I love the way you put this all together, your Dishes and Centerpiece is also Beautiful.with all the Texture great job.
    XXOO Diane

  46. The raffia, the bamboo flatware, and the red it all! Thanks for linking up to The "Autumn Décor" Talent Scouting Party at WhisperWood Cottage!

    P.S. What is the hand-shaped transferware piece in your blog header? I've never seen anything like it!


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