Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Title to Follow

I love you deeply with all of my being
Your love rescued my heart, which lay bleeding
You are the compassion my eyes are seeing
You are everything I am always needing

I love you with all of my hearts passion
Your love rescued my spirit, which was crying
You are the man I didn't need to fashion
You are everything that kept my from dying

I love you with all of my innermost thoughts
Your strength rescued my body, which was weary
You are the one who leaves my stomach in knots
You are everything I have never been fearing

I love you enormously with all that I can size
Your love rescued my confidence, which was lost
You are true love before me with no disguise
You are everything I will buy at any cost

I love you happily with all of my smiles
Your love rescued my laughter, which was gone
You are the friend I never knew just awhile
You are everything to me of which I am fond

I love you like crazy with all of my pride
Your love rescued my zest, which was bored
You are the teammate I wanted on my side
You are the man I would've never ignored

I love you deeply with all of which is in my mind
Your insight rescued my life, which was lonely
You are the man I always dreamed I would find
But when all is said and done you are only

My Hero.

Happy 25th Anniversary Shawn!

That's Shawn and me.  Survivors of the big hair 80's:  Our engagement photo, 1986.

Last night Shawn and I were led to believe we were hosting a birthday dinner celebrate his Mom's birthday, which was on the 23rd.   As it turned out,  my sneaky Mother-in-law and sister-in-law schemed up a surprise Anniversary dinner for us. 

Shawn's Mom made this pretty cake to celebrate.  She is such a selfless person...this was supposed to be her birthday dinner and she completely turned it into something different.  The wedding couple figurine on the top of the cake was from her wedding, 51 years ago.  

She also handed down this hand made bedspread / tablecloth that her Great Grandmother made.  Isn't it gorgeous?  I bet you can guess where it will show up soon!  This is such a special heirloom, one that will be passed along, someday, to one of my children.  These are the most special things.

She brought her Great Grandmother's wedding dress.  We all sat in our living room as she told us about and showed us this exquisite gown.   Every bit of it was hand stitched.  I wish my photos had come out better because it was simply stunning!

My kids are not the only goofballs in the family...it runs in our genes.  That's my nephew, Jack, there on the right.  Hilarious.

Michael left us a little x rated note:

Roses from Noah and Monica
Our 10th anniversary photo

Thank you to our family for making this such a special evening.  We love you all so much!


  1. Oh Nancy...were you in tears? What a wonderful surprise. You sure look too young to be married that long!! Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby!!

  2. ongratulations on your 25th. loving Anniversary sweet and beautiful couple! May you have 100 more years of blisstful married life and may God bless you both. Lots of hugs!
    PS: I enjoyed your lovely post and loved your pictures and family ones too.

  3. Congratulations Nancy! Looks like it was fantastic and sweet party!! :)

  4. Happy 25th Anniversary, Nancy and Shawn...may you enjoy the next 25!

  5. How sweet was that!!! Everybody scheming together like that :)
    Your house looks so pretty and comfy.
    Happy Anniversary!

  6. Many, many congratulations to you both for your Silver Wedding Anniversary! Wishing you many more happy years together :o)
    Rose H

  7. Happy anniversary! i hope the next 25 are just as awesome! Love that table cloth!!


  8. Happy Anniversary and I wish you many, many more happy, healthy years together!

  9. Aw, how sweet! Happy anniversary! May the Lord bless you with many more!

  10. congratulations on being one that didnt take the easy road if times got tough. you should be proud. not alot of marriages last more than 6,7,8 yrs. i bet you were overwhelmed. i wouldve been for sure. your sons letter, now thats a KEEPER for later in life.lol... sounds as if you married into quite the family. lucky girl. many more happy days for you. enjoy your heirloom.wow fantastic. nice poem too. happy anniversary.......susy

  11. Happy Anniversary and congratulations!! I'm loving the big hair. Sure wish that would come back, lol. You both look great and looks like you had a wonderful celebration!!

  12. Oh Nancy....did you cry??? What a wonderful surprise and what a beautiful family!! You are one lucky girl for sure!!! Love that heirloom!!! Wishing you many more happy years...hugs...cleo

  13. Happy Anniversary! What a beautiful life you have created!


  14. Happy Anniversary~what an accomplishment! Loved the early pics, just adorable~!

  15. What an amazing accomplishment 25 years!!!! My hubby and I also celebrated our 25 th in August...1986 was a good year! Yep that big poofy hairs a giveaway. May you be blessed with many more!
    Be blessed,

  16. Happy Anniversary! What a thoughtful surprise and a wonderful way to celebrate. ~ Sarah

  17. Congratulations. You are such a beautiful couple with a lovely, thoughtful family.

  18. Congratulations on reaching this wonderful milestone in your marriage. What a wonderful surprise and a beautiful family!

  19. I've loved your dishes and site for more than a year. Now I love your family too! What a great bunch! The great grandmother's dress is amazing! And so is the note from your oldest! Lol :)


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