Monday, October 24, 2011

Patriotic America Transferware Exhibition Online Now

Just launched!

There is a wonderful, online exhibit I want to share with those of you who are transferware enthusiasts, like me.  Winterthur, the Transferware Collectors Club, and Historic New England have joined forces to develop this exhibition. It is called Patriotic America and offers a very comprehensive set of images of blue printed pottery with American depictions during the 1820's, which documents a great time of celebration in the country.  
Historical transferware is probably the most seriously collected and most expensive of transferware.  

From Winterthur:
"In 1815, when trade between America and England resumed following the War of 1812, Staffordshire potters were eager to regain access to one of their most lucrative markets. 
This virtual exhibition brings together the production of more than twelve British potters who created an aesthetic that would be desirable to Americans eager to purchase objects highlighting their growing nation.  
Many of the images were inspired by paintings and engravings depicting the new nation's remarkable landscape and notable architecture.  Succeeding generations have treasured these wares, and they survive as a testament to the skills of the Staffordshire potter and the patriotism of his American consumer."

You can view the exhibit here:


  1. Thanks so much for this link. The website is full of information on the Staffordshire potteries. It's all about American souvenir dishes and I've been collecting the Canadian dishes, but they were produced by the same potteries in England.

  2. I am a member of Transferware Collectors and have seen the exhibit which is fabulous & posted a link to it awhile ago. Thanks for mentioning is well worth the visit and I know your post will reach lots of interested people!

  3. Oh, I am going to enjoy perusing this link...thanks so much for giving us the heads up on this!

  4. Lovely Blog - lucky to have found it! Xx

  5. Hi, I love the pages so lovingly put together. Its like a what we in the UK call a lady's magazine page. Informative but also practical. I also own two of the American Poets plates by Rowland and Marsellus. Unfortunately due to the biting recession in the UK, they are to be put on Ebay UK to fund my childrens school uniforms. I have had these plates for almost 25 years, they were my elderly aunts before that. Now they will come in handy for my kids. Love the work carry on,it,s great..G


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