Sunday, November 6, 2011

Autumnal Thoughts

That quintessential, cool nip is today in the Autumn air of afternoon.
The sun is out, casting a warmth that penetrates my body even through the brisk winds. 
The weather is, by every definition, beautiful. 
A crisp breeze is in the air and leaves have begun their journey into various shades of amber and crimson in preparation for their release.
It is Fall. 
 It is this season that I most enjoy the outdoors, taking in the gift of Gods creation, the most beautiful of all art forms.  

We may perceive them as simple things, but they are not.  They are not.
 Myself, I don't dislike times of solitude.
I cherish time spent with myself.
 I like being outside listening to the sounds of Autumn;
 the sudden upheaval of leaves accompanied by a subtle breeze, 
 trees whose limbs dance to the music of the wind, 
and the commonly seen squirrel scampering amongst the trees then burrowing into the earth adding to his food cache.
Today I enjoyed my time alone with my thoughts.


Showcase Sunday


  1. A pretty tea set, love it. Laura - Cottage and Broome

  2. Coming over from Show Off Your Cottage your little spot here! xoox, tracie

  3. We really are having a lovely autumn. You have set such a lovely and restful tea table. Did that earthquake rattle your house this weekend? We felt it up here.

  4. HI Nancy, I like this kind of time too~I had a little bit myself yesterday in the garden! Lovely setting you have there and the purple tea cup looks like my pattern...I have the giveaway posted!!

  5. What a lovely setting, Nancy! This tea set is perfect for this time of year. You've set up a cozy spot here and it looks like a wonderful place to sip some tea and reflect.

  6. What a beautiful fall setting! A wonderful place to have tea.

  7. the colors are all so lovely together...the tea cups, the vine...really pretty.

  8. Beautiful spot to have tea...I love the red leaves on the vine as it cascades down the wall behind your tea table. That is a gorgeous teapot and cup set. Happy Fall!
    Miss Bloomers

  9. Nancy, that setting and tea could be so relaxing. Thanks for the porch might be calling me there, too. Helen

  10. Hi Nancy! Your pictures are beautiful and I love the tea set.

  11. Nancy,
    Thank you for sharing your special place to have some "Me Time"! Your table setting and tea cup is stunning! I'm enjoying how the purple hue of your throw on the chair blends harmonously with your setting!

  12. I agree with everything On Crooked Creek wrote.
    I add, I never thought about the sound of autumn before reading your blog today - you're spot on about the sound

  13. Nancy, your little porch spot looks like the place to be for quiet reflection. The tea set is lovely. ;-)

  14. oh nancy...i wish i was with you for that lovely cup of tea. i to enjoy the outdoors the most in the fall. god is great and abundant this time of year with is majestic paint brush. :)
    rebecca (i'm just a newbie)

  15. My first time to drop by...Your place is so cute and I really like all the Fall settings.

  16. Lovely, Nancy! Very cozy and peaceful. I like quiet moments too.

  17. Your setting for tea looks wonderfully inviting surrounded by all that lovely Fall foilage. Your transferware china is beautiful, I'd love to join you for tea... How did you know Constant Comment was one of my favorite teas?

    I truly enjoyed my visit, I hope you can stop by to visit me also:)

  18. Oh such a beautiful and inviting setting. YOur teascape is gorgeous, but the area is stunning. Thanks for joining the party. Hugs, Marty

  19. Nancy, what an absolutely gorgeous setting! You have captured the essence of the season beautifully! Thanks for sharing!

  20. FALL is so adorable. It's the fave time of the year. Looking around with all living things changing their lives and hibernate, for me, it's miracle.

    I love the way you set your nook and loving every details.

    Happy TTT...

    Greetings from Stockholm,

  21. What a pretty spot to sit. Doesn't the vine all turned colors look so pretty with your tablescape. Mom Grandmother used to drink Constant Comment all the time and I always think of her. I usually have it in my cupboard in the winter. Don't right I better go get some. Just lovely.

  22. So peaceful. so restful. Love the colors!

    - The Tablescaper


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