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Corn and Onion Casserole

It seems you hate it or you love it; Traditional Thanksgiving dressing that is.   Shawn doesn't do stuffing.  I do. And we both do Corn and Onion casserole.  My corn and onion casserole is the alternative for those of you who don't care for stuffing, and for those of you who do then make room on your plate for this because you're going to love it as much as we do and it may just make it to your list of 'must have' dishes for Thanksgiving. 

My Mom and my brother David make the best stuffing, completely homemade from Stove Top in my fam!    I've never made stuffing myself, as I figure "why should I?" when they make it so well, but several years back I decided to try something different that would still compliment the traditional Thanksgiving dinner.
  This recipe comes from The American Country Inn and Bed & Breakfast Cookbook Volume 1,  one of my all time favorite cookbooks.  I have both the 1st and 2nd volumes of this book and have turned to them for good recipes on a regular basis for about 15 years.  There are hundreds of tried and true recipes in each book and I don't recall one that I didn't like.  The recipes are mainly brunch and breakfast dishes but there is really something for everyone.   My chicken pot pie recipe was adapted from one I found in this same book. 

 I found it on Amazon in case you all want to order one.  The only downfall to this book is that the recipes are categorized by the Bed & Breakfast Inns that supplied them, rather than under categories like Soup, Sandwiches, etc.  However there is an index and you can turn to that to look up recipes or look up recipes by main ingredients.  The other downfall, for some, might be that there are no photographs of the food.  That doesn't really bother me because I enjoy reading each of the recipes and based on the ingredients it calls for, I can usually tell if it's something our family would like.  Anyway, here are links to both Cookbook volumes, I and II. 


  The first year I served this at Thanksgiving it became one of our 'Thanksgiving isn't the same without Corn and Onion Casserole" dishes.  It's now on the menu every year. 

BONUS:  this is easy peasy to prepare.

Corn and Onion Casserole
(makes about 8-10 servings)

2-3 tablespoons butter
1 large onion, chopped (I use a yellow onion as I like the sweet taste of them with the corn)

1 cup sour cream
1/4 teaspoon salt
1 tablespoon chopped parsley (dried is fine if you don't have fresh)
1 cup shredded cheddar cheese

1 1/2 cups corn muffin mix (one box of Jiffy)
1 egg
1/3 cup milk
1 15-16 oz can creamed corn
3-4 dashes hot sauce

1 cup (or more if you're a cheese-o-holic like me) shredded cheddar cheese

First you chop up a nice, large yellow onion (the bigger the better).
In a skillet combine this with about 3 tblsp butter and saute' until the onions are translucent and limp...I even caramelize mine a little allowing them to get golden brown which requires a little longer cooking time...but well worth it.

While your onion is cooking get out another bowl and combine the sour cream, parsley, salt and cheese (remember to reserve a cup of cheese for the top).

In another bowl combine the corn muffin mix, creamed corn and hot sauce.

Stir to blend thoroughly 

Give your onion mixture a little stir.

Grease a 9 x 9 inch pan and pour your corn mixture into it, spreading evenly.  

By now your onion is probably finished cooking so add that to the sour cream mixture.  It's okay to add it while it's hot.  

Stir the mixture until blended and drop it in spoonfuls over the cornbread mixture and then spread it out as evenly as you can.  Top it with more cheddar cheese and bake at 400 for about 20-25 minutes until the cheese begins to brown.

You're good to go!

I made this last week with fresh green beans seasoned with bacon and Shawn made the main dish, Fried Chicken.  I am a huge fan of any kind of potatoes, but honestly I can say that this is just as good served alongside Southern fried chicken as is a big fat spoon full of mashed potatoes.

Try it and tell me if you don't love it...or do!  I hope you do!


  1. That is one of my favorite cookbooks! I also have Volume 2, but don't care for it as much as Volume 1. I ♥ the quiche from The Stacked Arms B&B, Wiscasset, Maine!
    The casserole looks delicious, will have to try it.

  2. Oh my this is very easy and for sure taste really good. I am a cheese-a-holic too so a lot of that! Thanks for sharing the recipe I will make this for the Christmas party ^_^

  3. Wish I lived close by to just get the leftovers. This sounds so good, there probably will not be left over.

  4. Thanks for dropping by more blog and your link back here - so many more images of transferware to tempt me!

  5. Hmmmm, good! I know I'll like this as well as tempting my family with it. Thanks so much for sharing! Shawn's fried chicken is something to drool over.


  6. Looks quite tasty, but I absolutely hate canned cream corn. I bet I could use frozen corn and add a bit more sour cream. Dear hubby says that my dislike of the canned corn is because they cook the corn in the can and the metallic essence is cooked into the corn! (He's a FDA retiree.)
    Beckie, who is in charge of the cornbread dressing in our family

  7. Hi Beckie,

    I don't like canned corn by itself but I use it in Corn Chowder and this. In this recipe it really just moistens the cornmeal. You could substitute something else and add a little fresh corn even.
    I recently read some statistics about what is considered as acceptable levels of contamination in processed food. What a shocker!

    Happy Thanksgiving!


  8. Oh Nancy I am definitely trying this, it looks mouth watering LOL!

  9. Delicious!
    Dad in Pink, have a great Thanksgiving to you all!

  10. Adding it to my list of sides! Thanks for posting Nancy!!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Miss Bloomers

  11. I LOVE dressing! My Mom is the maker of the dressing every year. I have yet to perfect it to meet her standards, but I'm workin' on it! She always makes me a pan of my own that she slips in the side door so I can tuck it away until after everyone is gone. I love to have it for "dessert" with a cup of decaf or a glass of wine. Weird, huh? THAT'S how much I love dressing. This corn/onion casserole, however, looks delish! I am going to try it! I have to take a couple of side dishes to a Christmas dinner potluck, so I think this will be one of them. Thanks!

  12. Yummo!
    I will be trying this soon...It seems like an English dish I had when I travelled Britain...
    Love your pink transfer ware too.
    ill follow so I can come back and tell you how mine turned out...Thanx

  13. Hi everyone,

    I just heard from a reader this morning that they made this, loved it, and are making it for Thanksgiving! Good reviews thus far!


  14. Hi Nancy - I pinned your corn and onion casserole recipe.... and after reading about your mom and brother's stuffing. You should get take pics of them making it so you can share the recipe with us.


  15. This sounds yummy! I am going to try this. I am a new follower from the Tablescaper and I have pinned and stumbled this post. Vicky from Mess For Less

  16. Great alternative idea. But I can't imagine Thanksgiving without stuffing. I think I'd make this too!

    - The Tablescaper


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